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November 30, 2010

                                             FACULTY SENATE MINUTES #7

                                                     November 30, 2010

The seventh meeting of the Faculty Senate 2010-2011 was called to order by Chair David Miller on Tuesday, November 30, 2010 at 1:25 PM in Jacobus Lounge, Brockway Hall.

SENATORS AND MEMBERS PRESENT: D. Miller, T. Phillips, T. Vigars, K. Lawrence, D. West, D. Berger, R. Kendrick, R. Grantham, B. Buxton, J. Kim, E. McCabe, J. Walkuski, P. Schroeder, A. M. Rossi, E. Bitterbaum, M. Prus, G. Sharer, A. Fitz-Gibbon, G. Clarke, S. Anderson

SENATORS AND MEMBERS ABSENT:  D. Driscoll, W. Miller, J. Alemzadeh, I. Vincent, S. Rayl, S. Wilson, O. White, R. Borden, K. Hempson, M. Chandler, D. Harrington, K. Pristash, T. Slack, E. Owens, J. Campanaro, W. Michael, R. Franco, W. Shaut, A. Thomas, R. Spitzer, M. Connell, K. Stearns


I  APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES:  There was a motion for approval of the minutes from November 30, 2010, as amended. (Approved)


There were no Senate actions.


The Chair stated his appreciation to everyone for their participation and support.

IV. VICE CHAIR:  T. Phillips – No report.

V. TREASURER’S REPORTK. Lawrence – The Treasurer reported that she had met with former Treasurer D. Videto and thanked her for her work including advancements she made as Treasurer last year.  She further announced that 11 people have paid their dues and a call for dues will be coming out shortly on the Faculty Senate listserv. 

VI. SECRETARY’S REPORT: - T. Vigars –  No report.

VII.  PRESIDENT’S REPORT:   The President gave a brief report.


Student Affairs Committee  - M. Connell, Chair –  No report (absent).

Academic Faculty Affairs Committee  – A. Fitz-Gibbon, Chair –  No report.

D. Miller reported that the Academic Faculty Affairs Committee has had a number of discussions

regarding the exceptional clause in promotion to professor and looking at the CTE component

of the Teaching Evaluation System.  The committee will be making a formal report in the Spring.

Long-Range Planning Committee – No report (absent)

Educational Policy Committee –  R. Spitzer, Chair – No report.

Professional Affairs Committee  – G. Clarke, Chair –  No report.


Committee on Committees –No report.

College Research Committee  – P. Ducey, Chair – No report.

General Education Committee – A. Thomas, Chair – No report (absent)

XI. AREA SENATOR’S REPORTS:  There were no Area Senator’s reports.

XII. SUNY SENATOR’S REPORT – T. Phillips (SUNY Senator Alternate) – No report.

D. Miller reported that there is a vacancy for SUNY Senator and a search has been underway to fill it.

XIII. STUDENT SENATOR’S REPORTS:  The students gave a brief report.

XIV. OLD BUSINESS:  There was no Old Business.

XV. NEW BUSINESS: There was further discussion regarding the CTE’s and their use on campus.  The Chair reported that one of the recommendations the Academic Faculty Affairs Committee is considering is that each department will be explicitly clear on how often CTE’s are administrated and how they are to be used in personnel matters.

Chair Miller also stated that as a result of reviewing the history of the CTE’s on campus a copy of the Course Teacher Evaluation Manual will be posted online.

D. Van Hall took a formal group pictures and candid photos to be posted on the Faculty Senate


Respectfully Submitted,

Barbara Kissel

Recording Secretary