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November 29, 2011

                                                           FACULTY SENATE MINUTES #7

                                                                      November 29, 2011

The seventh meeting of the Faculty Senate 2010-2011 was called to order by Chair Timothy Phillips on Tuesday, November 29, 2011 at 1:15 PM in Jacobus Lounge, Brockway Hall.

SENATORS AND MEMBERS PRESENT:  T. Phillips, J. Hendrick, C. Schubert, W. Miller, D. Miller, R. Kendrick, J. Hartsock, B. Wodi, K. Polasek, O. White, R. Borden, T. Vigars, M. Chandler, E. McCabe, D.  Berger, P. Schroeder, J. Piperato, J. Reardon, E. Durgin, E. Bitterbaum, M. Prus, G. Sharer, A. Fitz-Gibbon, S. Anderson, D. West

SENATORS AND MEMBERS ABSENT:  R. Grantham, J. Alemzadeh, J. Walkuski, A. Dearie, J. Rayle, L. Lin, H. Lindh, K. Pristash, T. Slack, E. Owens, R. Franco, W. Shaut, P. Ducey, A. Kuiken, R. Spitzer, G. Clarke, M. Connell


I. APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES:  The Minutes were approved from November 15, 2011.


There were no Senate actions.


The Chair opened his report by reminding everyone this was the last meeting. The first meeting of the Spring will be on January 31, 2012 in the Park Center Hall of Fame Room.  He also announced an e-mail from UUP that there will be a fundraiser for Liz Owens, who lost her house in a fire recently, in the Danby Fire Hall this Saturday, December 3, from 5:30 – 7:00 PM.  All donations received in the UUP office by Thursday 4:00 will be delivered to the family at the benefit.  Donations received after that will be sent separately.

IV. VICE CHAIR:  J. Hendrick – The Vice Chair gave a brief report which is appended to the minutes (Appendix 1).

V. TREASURER’S REPORT  R. Grantham – Chair Phillips reported in the absence of the Treasurer that she is still collecting Senate dues and encouraged payment of ten dollars since the fund balance is low.

VI. SECRETARY’S REPORT:  No report (absent)

VII.  PRESIDENT’S REPORT:   The President gave a brief report.


Student Affairs Committee  - No report (absent)

Academic Faculty Affairs Committee  – A. Fitz-Gibbon - No report.

Long-Range Planning Committee – No report (absent)

Educational Policy Committee –  R. Spitzer – No report (absent)

Professional Affairs Committee  –.G. Clarke – No report (absent)



Committee on Teaching EffectivenessNo report (absent)

Committee on Teaching Awards - D. West, Chair – No report.

Committee on Committees – T. Phillips read Item #3 from the Committee on Committee report. The report is appended to the Minutes (Appendix 2).

College Research Committee  – P. Ducey – No report (absent)


General Education Committee – A. Thomas – No report (absent)

Graduate Faculty Executive Committee – J. Alemzadeh – No report.

X. AREA SENATOR’S REPORTS:  There were no Area Senator’s reports.


XI. SUNY SENATOR’S REPORT –  D. Berger gave a brief report regarding the Conversations in the Disciplines Program posted on  the SUNY UFS website at: . The program put aside $30,000 for the opportunity to stimulate Critical Thinking and he encouraged everyone to check out the website.

He announced that the University Faculty Senate publishes a Bulletin. He further stated that SUNY Cortland has an opportunity to publish something in it about our local campus and have it distributed to all campuses and Senators, in case anyone is interested.

XII. STUDENT SENATOR’S REPORTS:  The students gave a brief report which is appended to the Minutes (Appendix 3)

XIII. OLD BUSINESS:  There was no Old Business.

XIV. NEW BUSINESSThere was no New Business.


Announcements – There were no announcements.

Respectfully Submitted,

Barbara Kissel

Recording Secretary

The following reports are appended to the minutes in the order they were submitted:

(1) Vice Chair’s Report, submitted by J. Hendrick

(2)   Committee on Committees Report, submitted by J. Barry, Chair

(3)   Student Senator’s Report, submitted by J. Piperato

                                                    APPENDIX 1

                   Vice Chair’s Report, submitted by J. Hendrick, Vice Chair

 Vice Chair Report – November 29, 2011

 1.      The University Faculty Senate (UFS) has created a Shared Services page to their web site which contains copies of all resolutions, correspondence with Provost Lavallee and a Board of Trustees memo.  It can be found from the website or more specifically at:

2.      As I reported here in September, the UFS will be sponsoring a SUNY- and CUNY-wide undergraduate research and creative works symposium in Albany on February 29, 2011.  The event is called Discovery: An Undergraduate Showcase. Chris McRoberts, as chair of the Undergraduate Research Council will be sending information out to our campus soon regarding the process for students to apply for opportunity to be one of our campus two (or maybe three) representatives.  All area senators are encouraged to relay this information to faculty and students in their respective areas to be aware of this and encourage their students to apply.  The deadline will likely be over break (or even earlier) so working with students now to prepare an abstract of the completed work may be beneficial. More information will be available on the URC website soon ( .

Respectfully submitted,

Joy Hendrick

                                                                    APPENDIX 2

                              Committee on Committee’s Report, submitted by J. Barry, Chair

                                    Committee on Committees – Report to the Faculty Senate

                                                             November 29, 2011

Item #1

Ballots were tallied for the Dean of Education search committee.  The results were:

*Thom Hanford (26)

Hailey Ruoff (17)

*denotes elected

Item #2

The full search committee for the Dean, School of Education, is:

Four members elected by & from the academic faculty in the School:

  • Brian Barrett (appointed by the Provost)
  • Ed Caffarella
  • Shufang Shi
  • Orvil White

One member elected by & from academic faculty outside the School:

  • Lorraine Melita

One member elected by & from the professional staff (within Academic Affairs):

  • Thom Hanford

One member elected by & from the classified staff (within Academic Affairs):

  • Pam Schroeder

One student member of the School (appointed by SGA): 

  • Rachel Pollard

HR representative (appointed by the President):

  • Joanne Barry

Item #3

A call for nominations has been issued for the Committee on Teaching Awards as follows:

  • Representing School of Professional Studies (term 1/1/2012 through 12/31/2014) replacing R. Grantham
  • Representing School of Education (term: Spring 2012 semester) replacing E. Kudela

Nomination deadline is 4:00 p.m., Monday, December 5, 2011.  (no nominations have been received to date)

The committee has already received two nominations for the Chancellor’s Award.  A fully representative committee is critical.

Respectfully submitted,

Joanne Barry


                                                                   APPENDIX 3

                                                   STUDENT SENATOR’S REPORT

                                                          Submitted by J. Piperato

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