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Faculty Senate Minutes #14 - May 6, 2014




May 6, 2014

The fourteenth meeting of the Faculty Senate 2013-2014 was called to order by Chair Jeffrey Walkuski on Tuesday, May 6, 2014 at 1:15 PM in in the Park Center Hall of Fame Room.

SENATORS AND MEMBERS PRESENT:  J. Walkuski, K. Lawrence, W. Miller, C. Schubert, D. West, E. Lind, R. Grantham, O. White,  J. Rayle, R. Borden, N. C. Paley, D. Harms, J. Hendrick, E. Owens, N. Finkle, E. Bitterbaum,  M. Prus, G. Sharer, A. Fitz-Gibbon, S. Anderson  

SENATORS AND MEMBERS ABSENT:  D. Miller, M. McGuire, S. Sharma, B. Wodi, K. Polasek, S. Shi, M. Seyfried, A. Dearie, H. Lindh, K. Pristash, T. Slack, R. Nauseef,  E. Durgin, S. Afari, B. Burke, M. Dodds, S. Wilson, G. Douglas, M. Connell  

GUESTS PRESENT:  There were no guests present.  

I.  APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES:   The minutes from April 22, 2014 were approved.  


The Committee on Committees vacancies were approved.  (Approved) {see Appendix 1} 


The chair reported on the present state of shared faculty governance at SUNY Cortland, and mentioned the fact that although faculty input is valued, there are still many positions open, and wondered why these seats are not being filled.  He also reported on faculty governance at the SUNY level, where there is more active participation and is considered to be valued more highly.  He stated that he had met with President Bitterbaum that morning and the President plans on giving a statement in the Fall in support of faculty governance and service on campus.  The chair further reported that the Review of Governance Committee is trying to look closely at shared governance in the long process, which will be ongoing.  The referendum proposals that were approved this year will now include standing committee chairs having a vote on the Senate, and the Student Affairs Committee chair serving on the Student Senate. 


Chair Walkuski went on to recognize K. Lawrence, who is presently serving as Vice Chair, and will be taking over as Chair for 2014-2015. 


IV. VICE CHAIR’S REPORT  - K. Lawrence – The Vice Chair thanked everyone for allowing her to come back and serve as Chair.  She expressed that it was a great time to return and she feels confident in getting people in to serve in support of the core that has been consistently here on the Faculty Senate.  She reported that she is looking forward to serving as Chair and was appreciative that

S. Anderson is still serving as Parliamentarian to aid her in supporting the protocol. 

V. TREASURER’S REPORT – W. Miller – The Treasurer reported that there is $580.00 in the Faculty Senate Memorial Scholarship Fund to help fund the scholarship winner.  She stated that it has been a wonderful experience and mentioned that the Senate is still looking for a Vice Chair and Treasurer (for the fall term.)  She encouraged someone to come forward to fill these important positions and thanked everyone for their support and contribution. 



  • Long Island Hospital
  • New York Jets
  • Moment of silence for the late Dr. William Shaut
  • Student Life Center
  • Retirements 


Student Affairs Committee – E. Lind – E. Lind reported that Natalie Finkle has been awarded the Faculty Senate Memorial Scholarship of $500 per semester, which was followed by a round of applause. 

Academic Faculty Affairs Committee – A. Fitz-Gibbon – The chair reported that the committee has had its last meeting and although the committee did not approve as many department policies as anticipated, they did have a very productive year.  They have been busy with a personnel complaint involving a grievance. 

Long-Range Planning Committee – No report (absent) 

Educational Policy Committee – Susan Wilson – No report (absent.)  

Professional Affairs Committee  – K. Pristash – No report (absent.) 


Committee on Teaching Effectiveness – J. Walkuski – No report. 

College Research Committee  – No report (absent) 

General Education Committee – B. Burk – No report (absent). Chair Walkuski reported that an e-mail has been sent online requesting input, since the GE Committee Proposal failed, and he encouraged everyone to respond and provide their feedback to the committee, so that they can review it in time for it to be brought forth early in the Fall.  

Graduate Faculty Executive Committee  – M. Dodds – No report. 

Review of Governance Committee – J. Walkuski – The Chair reported that the committee is still working and will be meeting involving proposals which will be brought forth early next semester.  


E. Owens gave a brief report. 


Senator Hendrick reported on the highlights of the UFS spring plenary that took place last weekend at Empire State College in Saratoga Springs.  She indicated that A. Fitz-Gibbon made a presentation on ethics to the entire senate and it was very well received.  Her report appears in Appendix 3.  

N. C. Paley gave a brief report as follows, including a link that President Bitterbaum had forwarded from the Department of Justice and the Department of Education. This memo speaks to New York State's reaffirmation of their existing positions regarding race conscious admissions practices, which can be found at the links in the memo. She also suggested that we all re-familiarize ourselves with those positions and that perhaps the Senate body could have a conversation about admissions and affirmative action in the fall. {See Appendix 2} 

XII. STUDENT SENATORS’ REPORT –  N. Finkle –  No report.   

XIII. Committee on Committees – The Committee on Committees report was read and the vacancies were approved by the chair, in the absence of a Secretary.  D. West reported that there have been glitches in the online voting process and J. Walkuski announced that he would contact J. Barry to find out more about the problem, since the proposal involving a referendum in GE Committee proposals had not sent online for voting yet.  

XIV. OLD BUSINESS: - There was no Old Business.

XV. NEW BUSINESS:  There was no New Business. 

XVI.  ANNOUNCEMENTS:  There were no announcements. 

Respectfully Submitted, 

Barbara Kissel

Recording Secretary 

The following reports are appended to the minutes in the order that they are distributed:  

(1)    Committee on Committees Report, submitted by J. Barry, Chair  

                                                      APPENDIX 1

Committee on Committees – Report to the Faculty SenatApril May 6, 2014

Submitted by J. Barry, Chair

Item #1

The call for nominations was extend for Senators.  Nominations received are noted below:





SENATORS – Terms Expiring




Sonia Sharma

Arts & Sciences at large


Bob Spitzer


Fine Arts/Humanities


John Hartsock

Since the number of candidates is equal to the number of seats, the Faculty Senate Chair (since there is no Secretary) can be asked to cast a single ballot for the nominations above.  

Item #2

The call for nominations was extended for officers and committee vacancies on elected committees.  Nominations received are noted below: 






Regina Grantahm

Auxiliary Services Corporation (at large)


Jena Curtis

Committee on Committees (Professional Staff)


Hailey Ruoff

Since the number of candidates is equal to the number of seats, the Faculty Senate Chair can be asked to cast a single ballot for the nominations above. 

Item #3

The Committee on Committees recommends the following appointments.  These require confirmation of the Faculty Senate:            

College Curriculum Review Committee:

            Education, 2014-16:  Ji-Ryun Kim

            Professional Studies, 2014-16:  Susan Wilson           

College Research Committee:

            Fine Arts/Humanities, 2014-17 – Andrea Harbin 

Educational Policy Committee:

            Arts & Sciences at large, 2014-16:  Tim DeLaune             

Long Range Planning Committee:

            Professional Staff, 2014-17 – Abby Thomas 

Student Affairs Committee:

            Education, 2013-15 (complete unexpired term):  Orvil White 

Item #4

An election is currently being held for

  • SUNY Senator -  the following nominees are on the ballot:  Noelle Paley, Jeff Walkuski
  • Professional Staff Senator – the following nominees are on the ballot:  Sonya Comins, Kevin Pristash                       

Item #5

The following vacancies received no nominations:

At Large:

Faculty Senate Vice Chair

Faculty Senate Secretary

Faculty Representatives to the Student Senate

General Education Committee 

School Arts & Sciences:

Academic Faculty Affairs Committee (Social/Behavioral Sciences)

College Curriculum Review Committee (Math/Science)

Committee on Committees:

 (Fine Arts/Humanities)

(Social/Behavioral Sciences)

Committee on Teaching Awards (Arts & Sciences)

Committee on Teaching Effectiveness (Arts & Sciences)

General Education Committee:


(Social/Behavioral Sciences)

Long Range Planning Committee:


(Social/Behavioral Sciences) – previous nominee withdrew

Student Affairs Committee:

(Fine Arts/Humanities)


School of Professional Studies:

Committee on Teaching Effectiveness

Long Range Planning Committee

Student Affairs Committee 

Professional Staff:

Professional Affairs Committee:

(Academic Affairs, 2 seats)

            (Information Resources) 



Respectfully submitted, 

Joanne Barry



Letter from ED and DOJ on Diversity

submitted by N. C. Paley

 From: U.S. Department of Education []

Sent: Tuesday, May 06, 2014 11:06 AM
To: Erik Bitterbaum
Subject: Letter from ED and DOJ on Diversity

Dear Colleague:

The U.S. Departments of Education and Justice strongly support diversity in elementary, secondary, and higher education, because racially diverse educational environments help to prepare students to succeed in our increasingly diverse nation. Today, the Departments are issuing a letter confirming that the decision of the United States Supreme Court issued on April 22, 2014 in Schuette v. Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, et al., leaves intact the Court’s prior holdings recognizing that institutions of higher education and elementary and secondary schools may use all legally permissible methods to achieve their diversity goals. These include, absent any restrictions in state law, appropriately tailored programs that consider the race of individual applicants as one of several factors in an individualized process to achieve the educational benefits that flow from a diverse student body.

We appreciate your interest in these matters and your commitment to help students succeed. Our offices stand ready to provide technical assistance should you or your colleagues need it on this important topic.

Thank you,

The U.S. Departments of Education and Justice


SUNY Senator Report

submitted by J. Hendrick

SUNY Faculty Senate Spring Plenary – Empire State College

Friday, May 2, 2014


Voting for VP/Secretary – Gwen Kay from SUNY Oswego was elected.


Introduction and some announcements – Peter Knuepfer, UFS President


  • Resolution regarding LICH – There have been some negotiation issues with SUNY’s selling of LICH.  Things will be announced on Monday.  The first bidder has sued.  Suggesting to postpone the resolution until Summer Planning meeting until the LICH deal is more settled.  The executive committee does not what to make things worse than they already are.


Sector Meetings Issues – Comprehensive Campuses

  • Budget (the impact of stagnant budgets with contractual salary increases)
  • Working on revising General Education
  • Undergraduate research funding
  • Where has shared services savings gone?
  • What will the final LICH tax on campuses be?


Sector Reports to Chancellor Nancy Zimpher

  • Statutory Colleges
    • SUNY IT – concerned with lack of consultation with aligning NANO and SUNY Albany. 
    • Ceramics – website information still not updated.  Concern for incoming students.
    • Linda Jones is moving on to a different institution. She is the unit head of ceramics at Alfred State University. There were issues with Ceramics at Alfred.  A task force will be created to review MOU for them.  Peter Knuepfer will be asked to serve. 
    • Cornell – Chancellor will be meeting with individuals there.  The President there will be transitioning out. 
    • Maritime – Full search for new President there. 
  • Technology Sector
    • Open SUNY – funding for competing courses.  How will tutoring for courses be funding? Chancellor believes there is much room for experimentation.  And this will be receptive consideration of issues like these. Not sure about on-line mentoring, but said that Cortland is a model for other campuses about this. 
  • Health Science Sector
    • What will Chancellor do with large number of medical education programs downstate that have been put on probation? 
    • Ongoing trend of clinical revenue, what will she do to help reduce the negative effects of this?
    • Chancellor, via SUNY System is been providing academic support for overseeing these issues down there (since they currently have no provost).  She was not aware of the other issue conflicting with education and shared governance involvement, but understands how that can happen.  She will help to raise the issue on the agenda list for next year.
  • Campus Governance Leaders
    • CGL’s concerned with communication issues between administration and CGLs. Would like to receive copies of more communications. 
    • What resources can SUNY provide to campuses to help?
    • SUNY Guide to Campuses, search committees for Presidents,  what is the role consultation on these committees
    • How will she deal with Presidents who refuse their own evaluations?
    • She keeps asking, “how do you know shared governance when you see it”.  At recent shared governance conference she gained great insight.
    • She sends SUNY adm reps to state-wide meetings of all administrator groups.  Many of them hear different things. MTP’s are now copied to CGL’s.  She will try it on more things going forward. 
    • Have one person, Bill Howard to oversee all president searches to make sure they are following procedures, etc.  Encouraged campuses to contact SUNY if they think that half of search committee is not faculty.
  • Comprehensive Colleges
    • What is her vision for comprehensive colleges for 5 years down the line and can we have a dialogue about that?
    • Concerned with how SUNY can help campuses fund our campuses to fulfill our mission?
    • Believes that the sector that has greatest potential for shift is comprehensives… due in part to decreasing H.S. enrollments.  But campuses are as different within the sector as we are from other sectors.  Some have admission issues, some not.  On-line commitment is not going away.  How campuses participate in it is their choice. 
    • State funding should return, but will never be as good as before.  Unlikely that lobbying state legislatures to return funding will work.  They may be more receptive to other ideas…  like SUNY 2020 initiatives, Start-Up NY.  Research foundation wants to be more involved with this sector.  She said we should really consider the future role of the comprehensives.
  • University Sector
    • Concerns with promotion/tenure process for trans-disciplinary studies. 
    • Discussions with presidents on
    • Lack of legislation for campus budgets.  What is she doing?
    • Upgrade and funding for graduate assistantships
    • She says it is difficult to give full contribution to two departments and two disciplines.  Students are cross walking by getting two degrees.  She has resistant to taking on the reward structure.  We have been resistant of change in this.  Let’s put this on the docket with Provost office and discuss with the senate.
    • Every year we have to lobby for rational tuition increase.  She thinks, but not 100% sure, they will support it.
    • Good news in Washington is to incentivize states to support education but needs to go through congress.


Chancellor’s Presentation – Power of SUNY 2020

  • Never felt agreed with debate of its either economics or education.
  • Extend the Power of SUNY from 2015-2020.  Caused us to get more focused on the student experience
  • Measuring success  - SUNY Report Card
  • it is the decade of transparency
  • Concentrated on value of being a system
  • How can we add accountability and outcomes to the plan – it centers around metrics
  • Have hundreds of metrics that can use.  Need to be used as a proxy for
  • Campuses should own their own metrics – CGL’s should be involved
  • Guiding Principles – 4 metric areas
    • College readiness
    • Degree completion
    • Success/quality/value-add
    • Increase in research and innovation
  • Obama – rating (not ranking) system on how are colleges doing in educating low income students.  How can we better distribute college aid.  These campuses should receive more.  They will likely only come up with a handful of metrics – one will be on the number of completions.  Success is based on if they get jobs.  Also considering how much money they will earn (1- 5- 10- 20 years later).  They may be looking at reduction of remediation. This should not negatively impact campuses that their ratings will go down if they serve these populations.
  • Hope to solidify the process by December.  Just like legislatures have added $$ to community colleges to link with jobs, New dollars were added to reduce remediation. 
  • So, she thinks we may get new dollars based on meeting these 4 metrics. 
  • Concerned with how this will put more emphasis on STEM and not on humanities and other areas (STEAM – putting arts in STEM).  Many people in humanities do not get job in area right away.  Should also reward graduate school. 
  • Thinks that metrics will be on growth for the campus.  Perhaps focus on the metric where their campus strength may be.
  • Enrollment Growth – performance reward by the state.  We tend to legislate based on precedent.  This may be a way to get on this wagon.
  • SUNY Support for TAP? – She reminded that some also goes to the private colleges.
  • Is she satisfied with progress on OPEN SUNY?  She is thrilled.  We have 150 on-line programs on thousands of on-line courses.  She added sizzle – better meet demand.  Capital investment, but then they cut our capital.  She chalked it up to an election year.  Wants to try again next year.  Many things to not get funded the first year. 
  • Metrics leave out growth in diversity – Should not consider it as a fifth metric and try to infuse it into the other four.


Faculty Council of Community Colleges – Nina Tamrowski, VP

  • SUNY Voices conference last week on Shared Governance was a huge success.  Resolutions from their recent plenary.  EdTPA – they endorsed our resolution from winter.  Gave overview several other committee resolutions. 


Executive Committee Report – Ed Feldman

  • Discussed the Executive Committee meeting yesterday – 1) Talked about presenting a budget and how the UFS president can allocate funds, 2) spent time discussing resolutions, 3) some Start-Up NY proposals were returned to campuses because they did not have campus governance support, 4) with CUNY executive committees discussed preparing a document on the role of faculty, and 5) changes in Middle States standard on role of faculty governance    These will be voted on tomorrow. 


President’s Report – Peter Knuepfer

  • edTPA issues – NYS Board of Regents decided that edTPA would be initial requirement for new teachers.  Many disagree with this plus students have to pay Pearson for this and also pay again if they want to take the exam again.  UUP and other groups are trying to work to oppose this.  State Ed has agreed to back off.  They still have to take the ed-TPA.  If they fail, they can take the current exams… at least for the next 2 years. The unions will be working on this; we share their view.
  • Four upcoming events – 1) Orientation for new CGL and student leaders June 5-6, 2) Sustainability in the curriculum workshop in Syracuse, June 2-3, 3) Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Conference, November 12-13 in Albany, and 4) Applied Learning conference in the early fall.


Resolutions – To be voted on tomorrow

  1. Executive Committee passed the edTPA resolution.  So, will ask for our endorsement.
  2. Evaluation of Presidential Commitment to the Principles of Shared Governance
  3. Student Life Committee’s Resolution for the textbooks for students (make copies available in library that does not come out of library budgets)
  4. Presidential searches


Provost Report – Beth Bringsjord, Interim Provost - 2013-2014: A Year in Review

  • Ongoing commitment to shared governance
    • SUNY Voices Shared Governance Conference
    • Fredonia received inaugural Shared Governance Award
    • SUNY Learning Commons – SUNY Seamless transfer  update
      • The transfer path faculty review is completed
      • 1239 disciplinary faculty nominated to be involved (844 participated)
      • 232 recommended changes (94% were approved as submitted)
      • All new and updated Transfer Paths are now on the SUNY website
      • Full implementation is Fall 2015
  • Data-informed policy making
    • Where is SUNY in the rankings of all colleges/universities
    • Want our input on the metrics
    • Looks for continued involvement from the UFS.  Wants to continually be transparent
  • Renewed focus on Access, Completion and Success
    • Universal PSAT in NYS (or something like that) to determine if HS students are on track for college.  If ready, encourage to take college classes or AP courses.  If not ready, then provide intervention.  Richer districts already do this.  They want to see all districts to this. 
    • Would like to see a 4th year of math… not all districts require this. But do not have enough math teachers in NYS, but can use community colleges to help with this.
    • Want to help educate parents while kids are still in elementary to see that college can be in their child’s future.
  • Effective use of technology
    • One suggestion was to have campuses partner on offering of courses to keep students from getting tripped up due to insufficient course offerings
  • Expanded focus on research and innovation
    • Networking faculty and collaboration
    • Understanding of the Science of Teaching and Learning – TeachNY  the 6th network of excellence
      • Want to bring in all the expertise from our education faculty to enhance our own teaching
  • Office Updates – shared some of the new people and/or promotions within her area


SUNY Finance and Budget Report – Robert Haelen, Interim CFO

  • Reviewed Budget Process
  • Now some language clean up and then hope to present budget to campuses in June
  • Net increase of state support $7.6 million
  • As for $82 million for union approved, but got only $7.2 million
  • Now need to allocate the funds - done through the Board
  • Increase in support for state hospitals
  • Community colleges saw increase of $75 funding for each credit FTE
  • Increase in TAP ceiling, but still under discussion. 
  • New STEM scholarship program – for students in top 10% of HS class
  • Rational tuition increase $300
  • SUNY is still affordable – tell this to legislatures.  We are still comparable with other good schools
  • 2020 challenge grant program
  • Start-up NY – 21 campus plans approved
  • Capital Budget – critical maintenance amount approved, restricted to existing facilities (except for a few exceptions)
  • LICH Update – Reviewed time-line.  But may not reach agreement and will have to go to 2nd highest bidder


Ethics Forum – Given by Cortland’s Andrew Fitz-Gibbon who is a member on the UFS Ethics Committee


Saturday, May 3, 2014


Resolutions [these should be posted on the University Faculty Senate website soon]

  1. Executive Committee Resolution on edTPA.  – Endorsed
  2. Evaluation of Presidential Commitment to the Principles of Shared Governance – Endorsed
  3. Presidential searches – reaffirmed support for the process of the Selection of campus presidents, even if they are called CEO’s.


Respectfully submitted,


Joy L. Hendrick, PhD.

Distinguished Service Professor

SUNY Senator