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Minutes #10 - March 4, 2014


March 4, 2014

The tenth meeting of the Faculty Senate 2013-2014 was called to order by Chair Jeffrey Walkuski on Tuesday, March 4, 2014 at 1:15 PM in in the Park Center Hall of Fame Room.

SENATORS AND MEMBERS PRESENT: J. Walkuski, W. Miller, C. Schubert, D. Miller, S. Sharma, D. West, B. Wodi, O. White, J. Rayle, R. Borden, A. Dearie, H. Lindh, D. Harms, J. Hendrick, N. Finkle, E. Bitterbaum, M. Prus, M. Dodds, S. Wilson, S. Anderson

SENATORS AND MEMBERS ABSENT: M. McGuire, R. Grantham, K. Polasek, S. Shi, M. Seyfried, N. C. Paley, T. Slack, E. Owens, R. Nauseef, E. Durgin, S. Afari, K. Pietro, G. Sharer, W. Shaut, B. Burk, A. Fitz-Gibbon, G. Douglas, K. Pristash, M. Connell

GUESTS PRESENT: J. Wilson, B. Buxton, P. Knuepfer

I. APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES: The minutes from February 18, 2014 were approved.

II. SENATE ACTIONS: Due to a lack of quorum there were no Senate actions.

III. CHAIR’S REPORT – The Chair reminded everyone that the next Senate meeting would be on March 25. The two EPC proposals under Old Business, the Proposal for Changes to Academic Standards in Academic Programs and Proposal to "retire" the TEC Curriculum Committee are in the process of a two week campus feedback and review period, and according to handbook rules, requires another two weeks, so that will be postponed until March 25.

The Chair suspended the meeting to conduct an open meeting with Peter Knuepfer, President of the SUNY Faculty Senate to discuss issues, provide updates and answer questions regarding what is going on in SUNY. Due to time constraints there was a lack of quorum and no reports or business were conducted.

IV. Committee on Committees – The Committee on Committee’s report was not read. The chair approved the committee vacancies due to a lack of quorum.

V. OLD BUSINESS: - The two items on the agenda, Proposal for Changes to Academic Standards in Academic Programs and Proposal to "retire" the TEC Curriculum Committee, were postponed to the next Faculty Senate meeting on March 25, due to a lack of time and quorum.

VI. NEW BUSINESS: There was no new business.

VII. ANNOUNCEMENTS: There were no announcements.

Respectfully Submitted,

Barbara Kissel

Recording Secretary

The following reports are appended to the minutes in the order that they are distributed:

    (1) Committee on Committees Report, submitted by J. Barry, Chair


submitted by J. Barry, Chair

Committee on Committees - Report to the Faculty Senate

March 4, 2014

Item #1

Elections were held and a search committee has been formed as follows:

Director of Physical Plant search committee:

    • Four members elected by and from the faculty/professional staff Mark DePaull, Katie Ingraham, Lisa Kahle, Glenn Wright
    • One member elected by and from the classified staff reporting within the area – Tom Hingher

    • One student member – Megan Chakmakian

    • Special consideration members – Juanita Larrabee and Adam Levine (recommend by Vice President Shaut) – Requires confirmation of the Senate

Item #2

The Committee on Committees recommends the following appointments which require confirmation by the Faculty Senate.

Policies for Online Final Exams ad hoc committee:

    • One Associate Dean – Eileen Gravani
  • Three faculty members (one from each school)

      • Arts & Sciences –Judy Ouellette

      • Education – Chris Widdall

      • Professional Studies – Helena Baert

    • One representative from Information Resources – Hailey Ruoff

    • One representative from Registrar’s Office – Thom Hanford

Respectfully submitted,

Joanne Barry