��������� ����������������������������������������������� ���MINUTES # 14

����������������� ����������������������������������������� �������May 9, 2006


CALL TO ORDER: The 14th meeting of the Faculty Senate for 2005-2006 was called to order at 1:15 PM on May 9, 2006 in the PER Park Center Hall of Fame Room by Chair Joseph Rayle.


SENATORS AND MEMBERS PRESENT: J. Rayle, M. King, S. Rayl, D. Driscoll, P. Quaglio, R. Spitzer, D. West, K. Alwes, L. Anderson, J. Casciani, J. Governali, J. Hendrick, S. Stratton, D. Sidebottom, V. Marty, B. Tobin, D. Ritchie, S. VanEtten, J. Governali, P. Schroeder, S. Brown, J. Clark, E. Bitterbaum, E. Davis-Russell, R. Franco, W. Shaut, J. Cottone, G. Clarke, D. Ritchie, D. Kreh


SENATORS AND MEMBERS ABSENT: C. DeGouff, D. Berger, G. Zarate, B. Griffen, J. Sitterly, T. Phillips, P. Buckenmeyer


GUESTS PRESENT: J. Walkuski, D. Barclay, I. Jubran, C. Hall, C. Hahl, W. Zajkowski, Jr.



There was a motion to accept the report from the Faculty Affairs Committee regarding departmental review of personnel policies and scholarly review of promotion and tenure.



The minutes from April 25, 2006 were approved.



Chairman Rayle welcomed the Senate back with wishes of hopes for everyone that the semester was ending on a good note. He stated that he felt it had been a marvelous year and expressed his gratitude for everyone�s contribution.�� He read a resolution for the late Clayton Alcorn:Be it resolved that the Faculty Senate, in memory of our late colleague Clayton Alcorn, professor of French at SUNY Cortland for 39 years, recognize his devotion to the college, his students, his discipline, and the community.  His commitment, service, and contributions to internationally-oriented education make him a role model for us all and a friend whose presence we will deeply miss. (Approved by acclamation)



No report.



No report.



No report.




The President opened his report expressing what a good year he felt it had been and thanked everyone. He reported on the budget, which was vetoed by the Governor and overridden by the Assembly and Senate, which could mean some positive things for SUNY and our Cortland campus. He stated that we do have 20 million dollars for the capital budget and reported that an architect has been selected for the renovation of Bowers. The MOU was accepted that day by the SUNY System which will be put up on the Web.DSI information has been distributed. The following day would be the clocktower building reception in recognition of police officers, firefighters.Wednesday night the midnight breakfast for cleaners and servers would be held.


The lacrosse NCAA playoffs will continue and baseball begins next Wednesday.




Long Range Planning Committee � D. Ritchie reported a meeting his committee would be having with the Provost�s Cabinet on Wednesday from 9-10 to discuss review of the Academic Affairs Strategic Plan.


Educational Policy Committee � J. Cottone reported that the EPC has finalized its business with the last meeting that morning. He stated that they are still continuing on the proposal which will continue next fall. The committee continues to have two vacancies and they are still missing one person from Arts and Sciences to replace Mary McGuire�s term which has expired.


Chairman Rayle urged the Senators to recruit interested people for these positions.


Student Affairs Committee � No report.


Faculty Affairs CommitteeSEE Old Business.


College Research Committee � No report.


General Education Committee � No report.



No report.




Committee on Committees � D. Kreh reported that Joanne Barry submitted the following report that the GE proposal was mailed to faculty for a referendum on May 5 with ballots due back on May 17. The Faculty Senate approved the nominations for vacancies on Committee on Committees.




Chairman Rayle opened by reviewing that on November 1, 2005 the Faculty Senate charged the Faculty Affairs Committee to look at scholarly activities involving the requirements of various departments. Rayle introduced Glen Clarke, who is the chair of that committee, and asked him if his report went out on e-mail. Clark responded in the affirmative saying the report was sent out the previous day in two venues. Clarke listed the members of the committee: Judy Bentley, Regina Grantham, Casey Hahl, Alan Haight, I. Jubran, Edward Moore, Lorraine Melita, Jeff Walkuski, William Jackowski and Clarke. He then made a motion that the Faculty Senate accepts the committee report.


Rayle stated that the Senate would be voting to receive the report but not endorsing its contents. He reiterated that this action did not mean the Senate agrees with the report but they are we are just voting to receive it.


D. Kreh said, �Since there�s nothing in that report that requires action. The motion would be to receive. The chair will move whatever has been moved.�


J. Rayle asked if anyone had any questions.


G. Clarke clarified that several committee members were present and available to respond to any questions.


R. Spitzer asked, referring to the matrix, �What is the difference between policy versus criteria?�


G. Clark responded that policy is the whole list of rules and regulations as how to manage issues as related to the college handbook. He said, for instance, one thing that would be in policy and not criteria as to how a department would be handled. He stated that criteria specifically relates to change, which is standardly introduced by the department in judging faculty in that department for concerns such as promotions.


R. Spitzer asked, �So the best thing to do�designation �p� means you received the document but the document didn�t specifically stipulate how policy pertains to personnel decisions?�


G. Clark stated, �No �p� would represent a full set of policies which were approved by criteria. �C� is criteria only�there are probably more policies we didn�t receive.�


R. Spitzer asked, �But you didn�t request the whole thing?


G. Clark responded, �No we requested the policy only.�


J. Rayle added, �They got what they got, in other words.�


G. Clark said, �The reason we want to make the distinction. The major charge from the Senate was that the Faculty Affairs Committee was to review each department�s policies every three years. We are going to use these �p�s� starting next fall�The review has been 9 years we are going to review now�.rotating schedule so that it makes every department review every 3 years and then its done.�


R. Spitzer said, �Thank you.�



The new Senate officers were installed.Chairman Rayle handed over the gavel to the oncoming Chair, Melvyn King. Rayle asked the new officers to rise so that the Senate could recognize them: K. Alwes, Vice Chair, D. Berger, Treasurer, E. McCabe, Secretary. There was a hearty round of applause for those present.


R. Spitzer said, �Mr. Chairman, I move that the senate extends greetings and solicitations to Joseph Rayle and thanks him for the outstanding job he�s done this past year. There was a generous round of applause for Chairman Rayle.



J. Clark reported that the Student Government Association elected three officers, Katie Boyce, President, Vice President, Mike Scala, Christine Schacht, Treasurer. The appointed positions will follow in the fall.


S. Brown asked a question regarding the speaker from the prior week, David Horowitz, reporting that some faculty discouraged students from attending. He reported that the students were dissatisfied with this outcome.


R. Spitzer said, �I think the speaker offered that himself. Is that true?�


S. Brown responded, �I have heard of some e-mails being sent out��


J. Rayle said, �This professor encouraged his students to go. I�m about as liberal as they get. The speaker in question is real good at lighting fires without necessarily having his facts straight. As I say, I encouraged everybody to go, so I think it is a good thing for our campus.�


The meeting was adjourned at 1:34 PM

Respectively Submitted,


Barbara Kissel

Staff Assistant/

Recording Secretary


The following reports are appended to the Minutes in the order reported and submitted by Senators and other members.


(1) Faculty Affairs Committee Report to the Faculty Senate: Review of Departmental Scholarly Activities for Reappointment, Promotion and Continuing Appointment, April 13, 2006, G. Clark, Chair, Faculty Affairs Committee.