September 13, 2005


1.CALL TO ORDER: The 1st meeting of the Faculty Senate for 2005-2006 was called to order at 1:15 PM on September 13 in the Corey Union Exhibition Lounge by Chair Joseph Rayle.


SENATORS AND MEMBERS PRESENT: J. Rayle, M. King, S. Rayl, C. DeGouff, D. Berger, K. Rombach, B. Griffen, D. Ritchie, S. VanEtten, J. Governali, T. Phillips, N. Tirado, M. Gerty, M. K. Boland, E. Bitterbaum, D. Davis-Russell, R. Franco, W. Shaut, J. Cottone, G. Clarke, D. Kreh




GUESTS PRESENT: G. Levine, N. Aumann, J. Mosser, P. Koryzno, R. Olsson, M. Prus, E. Caffarella, Y. Murnane



There were no minutes to be approved.



There were no Senate actions taken due to a lack of quorum.



Rayle�s next topic was the administrative consultative search committees which will be discussed at a later time.An executive summary was passed around detailing the proposed procedure.He explained that it consists of two models, elected and appointed, for hiring of directors and above.He asked Senators to take them back to their constituencies and it would be voted on when as many people as possible could be involved.There were also full copies of the original proposal by Joanne Barry on hand if anyone was interested. He also thanked the President�s Office for providing the refreshments for the meetings.The Standing Rules were also distributed and will be voted on and approved at the next meeting.The Chair then introduced the student senators, Nicole Tirado, Mary Kate Boland and Mariah Gerty.



No report.



No report.



The Treasurer reported that there was $743.07 on hand in the checking account, thanks to the 13 people who sent in their dues .



The President reported about a �very aggressive� proposal which has to be submitted to the SUNY System.He said he expects that they are requiring CUNY to do the same thing.Bitterbaum announced that the number one priority the system is asking for is additional capital renovation.He also reported that thanks to our State Senators, including Jim Seward and Barbara Lufton,$100,000 has been donated to the library.He also discussed the Memo of Understanding, which is part of Mission Review II, is moving forward and will be on the web for review.His office is working with SUNY Delhi in their 2 + 2 program to get a branch campus established, and will benefit us in future programs.His office is also working with Corning Community College and has received additional funding for that initiative, which is under the direction of Nancy Aumann, to draft such proposals. Bitterbaum reported that Provost-Davis-Russell is on vacation.The President�s Office is working on long range planning, a separate committee under the Faculty Senate and he encouraged anyone interested to take part. He also reported that the campus has records of international students, and presently on our campus are four guests from Anadolu University in Turkey. He told the Senate that if anyone was interested they should contact Henry Steck. He announced that later in the semester we will also be entertaining five student guests as a delegation from Capital Normal University in China, a relationship which goes back to James Clark. He said we also have two graduate students visiting there.



An individual asked about building projects and Erik responded about the three major ones, one a renovation and the other two would be new buildings, in addition to Studio West.The other one is the New Student Life Center.He said it takes support from Senator Seward.They would like a complete renovation of Moffett as the fourth one, to be done in the next few years.



R. Franco opened by reporting on the very smooth opening which happened on a Friday, thanks to the cooperation by our faculty and staff. He also reported that the new residence hall opened on time. He reported that we do have some vacancies and the last time we opened up a new residence hall we had a 20% vacancy rate, explaining that it takes awhile to adjust to a new dorm, and that we will be closer to full occupancy next fall. He said that the opening week activities were well attended by students, with a number of officers including the judicial affairs office and members of the counseling center staff, involved in programs across the campus. He said CALS had tickets go on sale yesterday with bus tickets to New York, to see Sweet Charity. That night, he announced, Seymour Hersch would be performing from the Cultural Climate Committee at 7:30 and he asked faculty to bring their classes.


Nancy Aumann introduced herself, in her position of Associate Provost for Academic Affairs. She explained that the Provost had passed out the annual report with the reporting structure of the activities in which she has been involved, regarding curriculum. She said that if anyone is wondering where their proposal is, this position was facilitated for that purpose, and that she will also be dealing with the bureaucracies at SUNY Central, in case anyone has questions about curriculum.




Long Range Planning Committee - No report.


Educational Policy Committee � {SEE New Business}


Student Affairs Committee - No report.Philip Buckenmeyer is convening the committee in order that they may elect a chair so that they may conduct their business.Chair Rayle encouraged Senators to elicit support for the committee.


Faculty Affairs Committee - G. Clarke reported that he is the chairperson of the committee and that the committee will be meeting in the near future for re-organizational and planning purposes.He nominated Edward J. Moore, Associate Professor, Performing Arts (Music) which will be approved next time.  In addition, Clarke announced that his committee has two vacancies:  one in Social and Behavioral sciences (School of Arts and Sciences) and one in Health, Physical Education, Exercise Science and Sport Studies, and Recreation and Leisure Studies (School of Professional Studies). He indicated that the latter opening also apparently covers the School of Education.  Chairman Rayle asked about student vacancies on the committee, and Clarke explained that although students are not obligated to serve on the committee, there are slots and they are encouraged to be involved in the process.


College Research Committee - G. Clarke reported on behalf of the committee


General Education Committee - M. Prus reported that his committee has met twice and elected D. Barclay as Chair.They are working ondeveloping a plan to be submitted regarding campus based assessment which is due November 30.


XII. SUNY SENATORS REPORT: - T. Phillips announced that the University Faculty Senate will hold the first fall meeting on October 27 at ��




Committee on Committees - J. Barry had provided a list of committees with vacancies but due to a lack of quorum this business will be conducted at the Senate Steering Committee meeting and announced at the next Senate meeting on 9/27 for approval.



There was no old business.



The new business consisted of two EPC Proposals: 1) Proposed Structure and Operation of the General Education Committee as part of the Faculty Senate as recommended as part of the General Education Committee and the Educational Policy Committee; 2) Final Draft of Guidelines (Draft 5) Approved by the EPC in May 2005. The business was postponed to the next Senate meeting on September 27 for a lack of quorum.



D. Berger asked a question from his area regarding a full-time adjunct professor who was willing to serve on the Senate.Berger inquired if, according to the Senate bylaws, if the Senator could serve. J. Rayle answered that his understanding was the Senator would have to have a full-time tenured track position. D. Kreh read from the handbook, and after a discussion it was decided that due to Senate reorganization there was a slot for this individual.Rayle and Kreh offered any assistance and encouraged Berger and others to see them after the meeting about the matter.


XVII. SUNY SENATOR: T. Phillips announced that the University Faculty Senate will hold their first meeting on October 27, 28 and 29 in Saratoga, New York.



SGA President and Student Senator Mary Kate Boland reported that the SGA officers just got back from an SGA Retreat at Raquette Lake that was very successful.She said they are working on having ASC remedy the problems that students are having with the new meal system. SGA is also working on campus-wide relief efforts for hurricane Katrina victims and that many clubs are already planning events and programs.She finished by asking if any committees have student vacancies to please let her know so that they can be filled.��


The meeting was adjourned at 1:45 PM


Respectively Submitted,


Barbara Kissel

Staff Assistant/

Recording Secretary


The following reports are appended to the Minutes in the order reported and submitted by Senators and other members.


(1) EPC Proposals: 1) Proposed Structure and Operation of the General Education Committee as part of the Faculty Senate as recommended as part of the General Education Committee and the Educational Policy Committee;2) Final Draft of Guidelines (Draft 5) Approved by the EPC in May 2005



The Faculty Senate gratefully acknowledges the President's Office for providing refreshments.