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May 1, 2012


May 1, 2012

The fourteenth meeting of the Faculty Senate 2011-2012 was called to order by Chair Timothy Phillips on Tuesday, May 1, 2012 at 1:15 PM in Park Center, Hall of Fame Room.

SENATORS AND MEMBERS PRESENT:  T. Phillips, J. Hendrick, C. Schubert, D. West, W. Miller, D. Miller, R. Kendrick, J. Hartsock, O. White, R. Borden, K. Pristash, E. McCabe, T. Slack, D. Berger, E. Owens, P. Schroeder, J. Piperato, L.Weber, E. Durgin, E. Bitterbaum, M. Prus, G. Sharer, S. Anderson

SENATORS AND MEMBERS ABSENT:  R. Grantham, J. Alemzadeh, J. Walkuski, A. Dearie, B. Wodi, K. Polasek, J. Rayle, L. Lin, T. Vigars, M. Chandler, H. Lindh, R. Franco,W. Shaut, P. Ducey, A.Kuiken, R. Spitzer, G. Clarke

GUESTS PRESENT:  F. Pierce, B. Mattingly

I. APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES:   The Minutes from April 17, 2012 were approved.


The nominations from the Committee on Committees were approved (Approved)



The Chair thanked everyone for their services and participation in the Senate, which he stated is important.  He reported that the EPC Committee will be revisiting the course retake policy at SUNY Cortland, since they did not have time this semester.  The CTE Committee will be continuing more open meetings in the fall on course teacher evaluation at SUNY Cortland.

IV. VICE CHAIR:  J. Hendrick – The Vice Chair gave a report which is appended to the minutes (Appendix 1)

V. TREASURER’S REPORT  R. Grantham – No report (absent)

VI. SECRETARY’S REPORT:  No report (absent)

VII.  PRESIDENT’S REPORT:   The President gave a brief report.


Student Affairs Committee Allison Best was the recipient of the Faculty Senate Scholarship.  Plans are still being made for a faculty/staff talent show to be held during the fall semester, 2012.  The dates being considered fall between the last two weeks of October and the first week of November.  The talent show will serve as a fund-raiser for the faculty senate scholarship.  There will be a call for assistance with the event at the first meeting of the 2012-2013 Senate.

Academic Faculty Affairs Committee – E. McCabe – No report.

Long-Range Planning Committee –.No report (absent)

Educational Policy Committee –  R. Spitzer – No report (absent)

Professional Affairs Committee  –.G. Clarke – No report (absent)



Committee on Teaching EffectivenessJ. Walkuski was unable to attend the meeting due to illness and submitted a report (Appendix 2)

Committee on Committees – J. Barry – T. Phillips gave the report and nominations for committee vacancies were approved (Appendix 3)

College Research Committee  – P. Ducey – No report (absent)


General Education Committee – A. Kuiken – O. White gave a report which is appended to the Minutes (Appendix 4)

Graduate Faculty Executive Committee – J. Alemzadeh – No report (absent)


O. White announced that due to two class conflicts in his area there is an attempt to fill the vacancies for those seats in Education.


D. Miller gave a status update on the Colloquium Room in Old Main detailing the efforts being made to revert the room back to its former faculty usage.

XI. SUNY SENATOR’S REPORT – D. Berger – The Senator gave a report which is appended to the Minutes (Appendix 5)

XII. STUDENT SENATOR’S REPORTS:  The students gave a brief report.

XIII. OLD BUSINESS:  - There was no Old Business.

XIV. NEW BUSINESS:  - There was no New Business.


The President announced that Julian Wright, Jeff Walkuski, and Tiantian Zheng have been nominated for Chancellor’s Awards.

Respectfully Submitted,

Barbara Kissel

Recording Secretary

The following reports are appended to the minutes in the order they were submitted:

(1)     Vice Chair’s Report, submitted by J. Hendrick, Vice Chair

(2)    CTE Committee Report, submitted by J. Walkuski, Chair

(3)    Committee on Committees Report, submitted by J. Barry, Chair

(4)    General Education Committee Report, submitted by O. White

(5)   SUNY Senator’s Report, submitted by D. Berger

                                            APPENDIX 1

                                            submitted by J. Hendrick, Vice Chair

Faculty Senate – May 1, 2012

Vice Chair Report

Several announcements and reminders from the SUNY-wide Faculty Senate:

All senators are encouraged to nominate themselves for one of the SUNY-wide senate committees.  The committees include: Diversity Committee, Ethics Committee, Governance Committee, Graduate Committee, Operations Committee, Programs and Award Committee, Student Life Committee and the Undergraduate Academic Programs and Policies Committee.  Please submit the self-nomination form by the May 4th deadline:



  • There is a call for proposals out for the Second Annual Critical Issues in Higher Education Conference sponsored by SUNY to be held November 8-9, 2012 in New York City.  The conference is titled: “HARNESSING SYSTEMNESS, DELIVERING PERFORMANCE: Charting a New Path for Higher Education”.  More information can be found at: 

As always, information regarding the activities of our SUNY-wide Faculty Senate can be found at the Faculty Senate web-site at: 

Respectfully submitted,

Joy L. Hendrick

SUNY Cortland Faculty Senate Vice Chair




CTE Committee Report

submitted by J. Walkuski, Chair

Committee on Teaching Effectiveness - the committee hosted two sandwich seminars regarding the assessment of teaching.  Participants in the seminars voiced concerns regarding the validity and reliability of the present system, it’s use and the appropriateness of the required questions considering the variety of forms classes can take (field experience-based, laboratory, activity, etc.).    During the second seminar, the CTE chair introduced two systems for the assessment of faculty teaching –the SIR II survey, an instrument from the Educational Testing Service to evaluate teaching effectiveness ( and the IDEA Center program (   More seminars will be planned by the CTE during the next semester to allow for more discussion and a deeper introduction into these two systems.  There will also be an on-line survey in the fall to glean faculty and administrative perspectives on the assessment of teaching.



submitted by J. Barry, Chair

Committee on Committees

                                              Committee on Committees– Report to the Faculty Senate

May 1, 2012

Item #1:


As a result of canvassing individuals who received write-in votes, the following individual has been elected to serve as follows:

             Jeffrey Walkuski, Faculty Senate Secretary, 2012-13

 Item #2:


The Committee on Committees recommends the following appointments which require confirmation by the Senate:


  • Committee on Teaching Awards, Arts & Sciences (1/1/12 – 12/31/14) – Larry Klotz (complete unexpired term)
  • Educational Policy Committee, Library, 2012-14 – David Ritchie
  • Long Range Planning Committee, Library, 2012-15 – Gretchen Douglas

Respectfully submitted,

Joanne Barry

Chair, Committee on Committees



General Education Committee Report

submitted by O. White

General Education Committee

AY 2011 -2012

Communicated to Faculty Senate 5/1/12 by Orvil White on behalf of Anita Kuiken, Chair


  • Finalized a proposal for a new GE Assessment plan 2011/12 -2014/15.
  • Submitted and received approval from Faculty Senate to adopt the GE Assessment plan 2011/12 -2014/15 (November 2011).
  • Revamped assessment notification letters and procedures in accordance with the new GE Assessment plan.
  • created a shared drive to aid sharing and editing documents
  • Notified and followed up with faculty whose courses are under Assessment Spring 2012 (includes explaining new procedures, syllabi review, & receiving embedded assessment submissions):
    • GE2/Natural Sciences (6 courses)
    • GE3/Social Sciences ( 15 Courses)
    • GE5/Western Civilization (6 courses)
    • Information Management
    • Distributed the results of last year’s assessment
    • Course Proposals for GE designation:
      • Accepted three courses for GE designation
        • GE12 Science Technology, Values, & Society/ANT 318 Medical Anthropology
        • GE8 The Arts/THT 260 Influences on the American Musical Theater
        • GE8 The Arts/AAS 206 Blues Appreciation in Culture
  • In final stage of consideration
    • GE1 Quantitative Skills/ PHI 111 Symbolic Logic
    • Participated in Middle States review. Feedback as follows(no recommendations, just questions): supportive of embedded assessment; have questions/suggestions about the rubrics and how to improve validity of self-scoring
    • Continue to discuss & brainstorm for ways to make GE Assessment results more meaningful to departments.
    • Details/minutes for each of our meetings (Sept 23 – April 13) are available on our committee website:
    • Looking for three more members to join the committee in AY 2012-2013 from the following areas (any takers?):
      • Education
      • Math/Science
      • Academic at Large




Submitted by D. Berger


As SUNY Senator I attended the recent Spring Plenary held at SUNY Genesco. Both the campus and the town are quite attractive.

In his opening report on April 20th Senate President Kenneth P. O'Brien said that being a member of the SUNY Board of trustees has been beneficial. He indicated that, with the continuation of state funding at last year’s levels, the budget news is relatively good. “ For the first time in a long while, we have a degree of fiscal stability, a window that allows for multi-year planning.” Presently, SUNY is using this opportunity to recreate the formula by which state dollars are distributed among the various campuses. He talked about the Chancellor’s and SUNY Administration’s focus on fostering accountability, making certain that the “Power of SUNY” student mobility issues involving “seamless transfer” of AA/AS degrees to parallel baccalaureate programs, a long-time goal that is still unrealized, full evaluation of issues regarding SUNY-wide general education program requirements, and shared services.

President O'Brien also mentioned the success of the February 29th exhibition of undergraduate student work, crediting the extraordinary work of the Senate Undergraduate Committee chaired by our own Professor Joy Hendrick. Finally, he noted that 257 students were presented with the new Chancellor’s Awards for Student Excellence at a meeting hosted by Chancellor Zimpher on April 4th.

Later in the day the chairs of the various standing Senate committees reported on their current work and progress towards their assigned goals. Here I am highlighting two of those reports. The first is by the Programs and Awards Committee, of which I am a member.  The Senate passed two resolutions from this Committee (see below) before adjourning on April 20th.  We worked on allowing clinical faculty to receive Chancellor’s Awards for Excellence in Teaching, amending the criteria for Distinguished Librarian eligibility regarding length of service and to increase the eligibility for community college librarians. The resolutions were to establish a new Chancellor’s Early Career Award, and a new Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Shared Governance (a definition of shared governance is being considered). The Committee is continuing its work on the Conversations in the Discipline awards, and the possible establishment of the Chancellor’s Distinguished Academy, a mentoring and sharing effort by SUNY distinguished faculty.

The report by the Graduate and Research Committee included their work on the Sustainability Conference to be held at SUNY/ESF this May 17-18. As of now there are still four conference presenters.

Provost Lavallee spoke via Skype on forming working groups, including faculty, on needed majors, where students would like to get needed courses, and programs designed to match students’ needs. He is forming a group of about 12 people to look at online learning and the effectiveness of online courses. They want to make sure that online courses are up to date. That includes what courses students need to transfer within the SUNY system. Towards that end, there is also a student mobility committee. Another group is working on remediation needs. We want to bring students up to speed in reading, math, etc., for their fully accredited college-level courses.

A provost’s group plans to survey faculty on pre-tenure and tenure issues. Other groups are also looking at libraries across the system to implement shared services. Libraries are trying to use common resources. Core courses in majors like psychology may not be available on some campuses. We need to have the comprehensive colleges willing to offer these core courses online for transfer purposes.

Later in the day Chancellor Nancy Zimpher answered questions from the various sector representatives (university centers, medical schools, comprehensive colleges, community colleges). She said that we have short- and long-term issues with medical centers and hospitals. We can use presidents’ 3rd year evaluations and beyond to get a look at their efforts on shared governance/services. She separated shared services (like supplies and resources) from shared governance and presidencies. An issue on her table is that SUNY needs to be more responsive to career training and employability programs at community colleges. They may be granting 4-year and even master’s degrees. We need clearer definitions of cooperative education, service learning, internships, and work-study. We have left the door open on whether campuses want shared presidencies (e.g. Cobleskill and Morrisville). We also want to look at shared services on larger campuses, and are trying shared administration on three.

The Chancellor also spoke about issues with online courses, like who is at the other end taking them. Once a course is online, will they need me? Can the course be sold or taken over by someone else?

She announced a search for a Research Foundation president who will also be the vice chancellor for SUNY research. She also promised that every dime in tuition increases would go to improve programs. We promised that to the state legislature, and the governor did not cut SUNY funding.

In response to a question about students’ writing difficulties the Chancellor said that SUNY should send a signal to high schools that writing is important. Remember SUNY trains elementary and high school teachers.

Submitted by David F. Berger, Professor of Psychology, SUNY Senator, 5/1/12.