September 21, 2004


1.CALL TO ORDER: The 2nd meeting of the Faculty Senate for 2004-2005 was called to order at 1:15 PM on September 21, 2004 in the Corey Union Fireplace Lounge by Chair Ram Chaturvedi.


SENATORS AND MEMBERS PRESENT: R. Chaturvedi, P. Buckenmeyer, K. Alwes, L. Anderson. J. Cottone, J. Hokanson, J. Rayle, K. Pristash, J. Peluso, E. McCabe, A. Henderson-Harr, A. Young, T. Phillips, P. Schroeder, E. Bitterbaum, E. Davis-Russell, R. Franco, B. Shaut, J. Governali, D. Kreh, M. Prus, T. Phillips, P. Schroeder, P. Walsh




GUESTS PRESENT: G. Levine, J. Mosser, P. Koryzno, R. Olsson, M. Prus, Y. Murname



There was a vote for the resolution by K. Alwes: WHEREAS Professor Bill Griffen has dedicated his life to both activism and teaching; WHEREAS He begins his 50th year of teaching at SUNY Cortland with this current school year; WHEREAS he is the longest serving and longest tenured professor in the State University of New York�s 64 campuses; WHEREAS Professor Griffen has received notice of congratulations from SUNY Chancellor Robert King for his lifelong efforts toward teaching issues of social awareness to more than 11,000 SUNY Cortland students during his years as a faculty member; BE IT RESOLVED that the members of the SUNY Cortland Faculty Senate do hereby recognize and honor the dedication and steadfastness that Professor Bill Griffen has shown to this campus and to the whole community during his 50 years as a faculty member in recognition of B. Griffen�s 50 years service and most senior faculty member status in the SUNY system. (Approved by Acclamation)



The Chair opened with a report that he attended the College Council meeting on September 13 and presented briefly the concerns that faculty have in filling various committee positions. He explained that these were similar to ones he presented in his opening remarks at the first Faculty Senate meeting.


He also mentioned that he has made appointments with the Deans of Schools of Education and Professional Studies to meet with the Chairs during a meeting on September 27. He stated the purpose, which is to seek help in filling various vacancies on committees.



No report.



President Bitterbaum opened by stating, in reference to the Laundry Resolution proposed by the Student Government Association that the overcharge for laundry was wrong but because it is on a debit card the students will be reimbursed.


He then went on to talk about the budget which will allow us as a campus to purchase things.


Bitterbaum reported that the campus has been having visiting scholars from Fullbright which has been very successful.These individuals have been guest lecturers all over campus, as well as have our visitors from Turkey.


We have also had Bellarusian Scholars which Craig Little initiated.


The dorms should be completed by July and the bottom of Miller is being renovated, although the Bookmark is a little behind schedule.


He shared statistics about our students from a survey of graduates: of the 92% of students who completed the survey, 50% were very satisfied with the quality of teaching in their major disciplines; 87% were satisfied or very satisfied with how their academic studies helped to prepare them for the workplace; 86% of the student body participated in one or more forms of experiential education (study abroad, internship, practicum, student teaching and volunteer work; 93% had a job within six months of graduating or were in graduate school, which he felt was very impressive.


His office will be inviting a Colonel from Cornell, due to a request, that ROTC be taught on this campus to facilitate students who would otherwise have to drive to Ithaca during the winter. He explained the history which occurred back in the early 90's where we decided not to have them teach here due to the Army�s �don�t ask, don�t tell� policy. He expressed his feelings that the Army has become more enlightened, however, it will take the full vote of faculty. He ended by saying, �If they don�t get permission, then they don�t.�


Our American Democracy Project is fully underway, being led by Richard Kendrick.


The New York Times has been purchased for students with 200 copies being used in classrooms and available in buildings.Eventually they would like to offer 500 copies, but although they don�t have the funds for them now that is their goal for the future.He said that if anyone is interested in using them in their classrooms to contact the Political Science department.


His next topic was about math and science education. He said, �Red Paige is very interested in how we educate or don�t educate our future math educators and science educators.� He explained that there is a national crisis where we are not producing enough high school teachers in that field.He expressed that since there were funds available during nursing shortage we have to look at how to get federal dollars for that initiative.



K. Alwes asked a question referring to the Student Survey about whether it asked specifically if students had a job in their related field. She felt the statistics sounded higher than the national average.


President Bitterbaum was not sure if the question was that specific or meant that they were employed, but offered to find out.



Franco reported that campus government organizations are getting organized putting on programs, such as the Clothesline Project in front of Corey Union, to enlighten people abut the tragedy associated with rape and sexual assault. There will be a �Take Back the Night� march on campus, as well as small groups who have gone up to Raquette Lake over the last few weekends. He said, �People are taking the power of Raquette Lake to heart bringing students up there,� with a lot of good activity going on.If anyone is interested in �Take Back the Night� it meets on the steps of Corey Union.


The Provost shared an item related to the budget that we were able to search for replacement faculty for faculty from Arts And Sciences, about 8 in Education, as well as some in Professional Studies.She hoped to have all successful searches.


Vice President Mosser shared news from Institutional Advancement. Alumnus Kevin Rossel, class of �83, will be coming to campus on September 30 to serve as Executive in Residence. He will teach in T. Phillips� classes. The Faculty Staff Campaign still underway. TheAnnual Donor Recognition Dinner was conducted. There are a number of people in these new lifetime giving societies, and the campus has been recognizing donors.Through their lifetime givingthe college has exceeded $100,000 with a goal of 500,000. He ended by saying, �There are lots of good things happening there. CPA�s gave the foundation an unqualified opinion in their view, which is their highest rating. Financial results for the school fiscal year just completed. The Foundation raised $1,000,240 with over a million dollars in interest income so revenues for the foundation during the school year was 2.24 million.




Long Range Planning Committee - Cottone announced his committee had their first meeting last week. Presently, they have only two voting members. They are discussing the extension of this current planning session as well as talking about the next planning session. They were still in need of additional committee membership when he checked on it recently. In response to a question proposed to him whether any faculty can sit on the committee, someone responded that it did not necessarily have to be a Faculty Senator.


Educational Policy Committee - Governali reported his committee�s work on the proposal to reconfigure summer session. They haven�t had much response as they have only had one discussion.There was a question about the summer session which Governali responded to.


Student Affairs Committee - No report.


Faculty Affairs Committee - No report.


College Research Committee - The College Research Committee met last week to establish the deadlines for four programs that will be undertaken this year.The first is a mentoring program in part funded by the LRPC process from last year.The Faculty programs are supported by the Provost.The Research Program is supported by Institutional Advancement. Both have a spring deadline.The Summer Research Fellowship Program for non-tenured faculty is support by the Provost�s Office and the proposal will be changed to meet the time-line so that it is closer to summer. It will be funded in the same way.


General Education Committee - No report.



No report.




Committee on Committees - College Research Committee; Marc Wildman, to replace fall �04 sabbatical for Dave Ritchie; Facilities and Oversight Masterplan Committee, B. Wisch replacing J. Hartsock, fall �04; College Curriculum Committee, Math Science, George Feissner.(Approved)


There are a number of vacancies: College Curriculum Review Committee, Educ./ Professional Staff; as well as the Committee on Teaching Effectiveness elections.


Vice Chair and Treasurer�s nominations: Vice Chair, Joseph Rayle. Treasurer, Colleen DeGouff, German Zarate.


The Committee on Committees wants to make certain structural changes: A) HPER representative changed to School of Professional Studies representative. B) Speech Path./EDUchanged to School of Education.(Approved)


The Committee on Committees wants the Faculty Senate chair to require all committees to review the composition to allow for the School of Education representation.



K. Alwes presented her resolution for B. Griffen and read it to the floor of the Senate.



D. Vegas, President of SGA and Student Senator, presented a Laundry Resolution from Student Government for discussion and vote next time.



Governali mentioned, from the Steering Committee, the Senate Reconfiguration Survey which is being circulated to obtain feedback. He explained that there were not many responses yet. It was sent out on the Faculty Senate mailing list electronically and to all departments in hard copy.The deadline is September 29 at 4:00 PM.


Pristash reported from the professionals that an election is being held to fill Mary Angela Chandler�s unexpired term of one year.


The meeting was adjourned at 1:51 PM.


Respectfully submitted,


Barbara Kissel

Recording Secretary


The following reports are appended to the Minutes in the order reported and submitted by Senators and other members.


(1) Resolution for Bill Griffen submitted by K. Alwes.


(2) Laundry Resolution submitted by D. Vegas.



The Faculty Senate Reconstruction Survey is available for anyone who is interested.�� For more information contact: Barbara Kissel, Memorial Library, x5487 (x5484) or BarbaraK@em.cortland.edu.