March 23, 2004


1.CALL TO ORDER: The 11th meeting of the Faculty Senate for 2003-2004 was called to order at 1:10 PM on March 23, 2004 in Rm. 301-303 Corey Union by Chair Jeffrey Walkuski.


SENATORS AND MEMBERS PRESENT: J. Walkuski, B. Jackson, P. Buckenmeyer, P. Walsh, G. Beadle, J. Cottone, J. Hokanson, L. Anderson, J. Rayle, J. Peluso, K. Pristash, A. Johnson, S. VanEtten, P. Schroeder, A. Young, M. Barone, D. Walker, D. Stevens, E. Bitterbaum, R. Franco, W. Shout, C. Plunkett, E. McCabe, C. Poole, A.Young


SENATORS AND MEMBERS ABSENT: K. Coombs, B. Mattingly, M. Friga, M. Chandler, T. Phillips, T. Fay, M. Ali


GUESTS PRESENT: J. Moser, P. Horizon



There was a motion for the Senate to participate in the search for the Director of Facilities and Planning.(Passed)



Minutes #10 was delayed since many had not had the opportunity to review them and will be voted on and approved at the next Faculty Senate meeting on April 6, 2004 (Open Meeting).


IV.CHAIR=S REPORT: Chair Walkuski opened with a report about the Search for Director of Facilities and Planning and whether or not the Senate wanted to participate.Bill Shout explained that it is not a new position but because of the new and on-going construction on campus this full-time position has become a necessity and would benefit us financially.The search would be fast-tracked so that it could take place after commencement.The motion carried.








VIII.PRESIDENT=S REPORT: The President shared information about the NCATE team which had arrived on Saturday. He expressed that they were impressed with us and other things although there were some concerns they wanted to clarify and discuss with us.


President Bitterbaum had been in Albany for SUNY Day within the last two weeks.


He announced the Capital Plan is moving along with 40 million dollars.


On April 1 Attorney General Elliott Spitzer will be here speaking at 12:30 about Corporate Ethics in America, along with Marty Mack, regarding Alton Parker (Parker Elementary School) who ran for President against Theodore Roosevelt and lost.

Mission Review is moving forward although we have to respond to a series of 49 questions, due June 30.


The last item of business was about an initiative to look at searches processes to see how we can streamline them. He expressed his disappointment at learning from Muriel Howard, President of Buffalo State, at how we lost a candidate to them.


His finishing words were to welcome back Gordon Beadle, saying, �Glad you are here. You look well.� There was a loud round of applause for Beadle.


IX.QUESTION=S FOR THE PRESIDENT: There were no questions for the President.




Long Range Planning Committee � No report.


Educational Policy Committee � No report.


Student Affairs Committee B The applications are being reviewed for the Faculty Senate Scholarship and the deadline is April 1, 2004.


Faculty Affairs Committee - No report.


XI. SUNY SENATOR=S REPORT:Bernard Jackson gave the report for Tim Phillips, who had a class.It was about the issue regarding SUNY Central and assessment.Phillips wanted to make sure the campus was informed.Walkuski and Jackson were copied from the last meeting of the Campus Based Assessment Committee and Jackson read the first paragraph. The assessment meeting met last Friday, March 19, with Joe Hildreth, Chair.There was a plan attached to the Minutes and both plans will be discussed and voted on April 27.He encouraged people to talk to Patty Francis on Monday and Friday when she is on campus, because she is on that committee. He encourages everyone to express their feelings to her on how the campus stands on this issue.The minutes will be condensed and distributed along with Gear and Campus Based Assessment.Phillips welcomes anyone to contact him in the Economics Department.




Committee on Committees � Jackson reported that the vote for the Reconstruction of the Senate failed by 4 votes so it is �back to the drawing board.�His closing words were, �Jeff, let�s get it done before I get on board.�




XV. NEW BUSINESS: Three motions were introduced and will be discussed and voted on at next meeting on April 6.


Philip Walsh handed out a proposal to discuss change in bylaws [SEE Appendix]


The third item of new business consisted of an effort to change procedures for consultative committees [SEE Appendix]


The third item of new business involved materials handed out by the Committee on Teacher Effectiveness. Philip Walsh gave some background. The committee worked very hard late December and early January attempting to obtain feedback from chairs, deans and the Faculty Development Committee regarding the CTE Manual.There is going to be a Sandwich Seminar Friday 3/26 at Jacobus 12:30.The charge was to review and approve materials for course teacher evaluation, sensitive to the overall college mission and external mandates.He sent around an interim report, a preliminary review of progress [SEE Appendix]


Walkuski made a point of information that the preliminary report distributed at the meeting was also distributed to chairs and asked for additional feedback on the document.


Beadle asked if research has been done because he had and found it very depressing, discriminating against women, handicapped and older people.He said one idea is to not put quite so much into student evaluation.Walsh concurred.Beadle also stressed that with 49 temporary people on campus it is not fair to them be judged simply by such a grading system. Walkuski applauded Beadle on his input and urged him to attend the Sandwich Seminar. Karla Alwes agreed saying that there is, �definitely a difference between how our part-time faculty are perceived by our students�.�


XIV. STUDENT REPORTS:Student Senator Dan Walker gave a brief talk about Festivus, a Community Outreach Program for every elementary student, a �day of fun,� to �give something back to the community. He indicated he would be directing and moving it forward.He urged anyone who wanted details to stop by SGA, Saturday, April 25, 12-4 and �come down and see what really happens in Student government.�




The meeting was adjourned at 1:45 PM


Respectfully submitted,


Barbara Kissel

Recording Secretary


The following reports are appended to the Minutes in the order they are submitted by Senators and other members.


(1) Administration=s report to the Senate submitted by Dr. Bitterbaum.


(2) Proposal to amend college by-laws concerning the current successive term limits on Faculty Senators.


(3) Motion presented to the SUNY Cortland Faculty Senate 3/23/04: Proposed Change in Procedures for Consultative Committees


(4) Preliminary Report from the Committee on Teacher Effectiveness submitted by J. Walkuski on behalf of M. Richardson, Chair.