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Faculty Senate Minutes #2 - September 18, 2012



                                                                  September 18, 2012 

The second meeting of the Faculty Senate 2012-2013 was called to order by Chair Joy Hendrick on Tuesday, September 18, 2012 at 1:15 PM in Jacobus Lounge, Brockway Hall.

SENATORS AND MEMBERS PRESENT: J.  Hendrick, J. Hartsock, R. Grantham, C. Schubert, W. Miller, D. Miller, R. Kendrick, D. West, E. Lind, B. Wodi, K. Polasek, R. Borden, T. Vigars, H. Lindh, K. Pristash, D. Harms, D. Berger, P. Schroeder, B. Lowe, E. Durgin, L. M. Weber, E. Bitterbaum, M. Prus, G. Sharer, A. Fitzgibbon, S. Anderson

SENATORS AND MEMBERS ABSENT:  J. Walkuski, J. Rayle, V. Behr, N. Paley, T. Slack, E. Owens, K. Pietro, W. Shaut

GUESTS PRESENT:  J. Stanton, H. Wilson 

I. APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES:   The Minutes from September 4, 2012 were approved, as amended.


The Committee on Committee nominations were approved (Approved)


·   Steering committee still collecting ideas for discussion topics at this year’s senate.  So far, ideas include: 

o   Rigor in the classroom 

o   Value of Faculty service 

o   Obligations of Faculty 

o   Poor reading skills of students 

o   Poor writing skills of graduate students 

o   Faculty Senate vs. UUP: How are their missions the same and   how do they differ? 

o    Future of online courses (including Massive Open-Online Courses (MOOC’s) and online programs 

§   Please email me or any other member of the Steering committee if  you have other ideas and we will try to schedule some discussion. 

§   Faculty Senate Sandwich Seminar is scheduled for Thursday, October 18th for others on campus to provide input.  

§   Thursday and Friday, September 20-21, in Syracuse are the UFS Fall Planning Meetings.  Noelle Paley and I will be attending.  We can report back at our next Senate meeting if your involvement is needed in any of the UFS Committee’s work this year.  I will also be able to report on any action(s) of the UFS Executive Committee. 

§   Committee on Committees will be canvasing for members on the Consultative Committee for the Executive Director of Alumni Affairs.  As outlined in the College Handbook, the membership of the 8-person committee will be: 

o   Four members elected by and from the faculty/professional staff (any combination of academic faculty including librarians, and/or professional staff including management/confidential) 

o   One member elected by and from the classified staff reporting within the area 

o   One student member 

o   In addition, the Senate shall appoint two additional members, with special consideration of the areas with a direct reporting relationship. The appointments are recommended to the Senate by the appropriate vice president.  

All were asked to encourage their colleagues to serve and provide input.  

§   Barb Kissel is working on getting the names of all Faculty who have retired since 1997 so that the Senate plaque located in the Old Main Colloquium room can be updated. 

§   All Senate committees have been contacted and either they have met to elect a chair and are beginning business or are scheduled to do so soon.   

§   Senators and Committee chairs were reminded that all reports should be submitted to Barb Kissel electronically if possible and preferably prior to the Senate Meeting (or within 24 hours after the meeting) so that she can include them in the minutes. 

IV. VICE CHAIR:  J. Hartsock – No report. 

V. TREASURER’S REPORTR. Grantham – The Treasurer is still accepting contributions for student scholarships/awards and plaques for retired faculty.  The contribution is $10. 

VI. SECRETARY’S REPORT:J. Hartsock gave the report for the Committee on Committees {SEE Appendix 1} 

VII.  PRESIDENT’S REPORT:   The President gave a  brief report {SEE Appendix 2}  


Student Affairs CommitteeE. Lind – No report. 

Academic Faculty Affairs Committee – A. Fitz-Gibbon – The chair reported that the committee has written to ten departments requesting review of personnel policies. 

Long-Range Planning Committee – No report (absent) 

Educational Policy Committee –  No report (absent) 

Professional Affairs Committee –.K. Pristash – K. Pristash reported that the committee met last Friday and he was elected chair.  



Committee on Teaching AwardsD. West reported that C. Benton has been elected chair and the committee will begin meeting shortly. 

Committee on Teaching Effectiveness R. Grantham gave the report for the CTE Committee {SEE Appendix 3) 

Committee on Committees – J. Hartsock gave the report for the Committee on Committees during the Secretary’s Report {SEE Appendix 1} 

College Research Committee – No report (absent) 

General Education Committee – No report (absent) 

Graduate Faculty Executive Committee – No report (absent) 

X. AREA SENATOR’S REPORTS There were no Area Senator’s reports.


 XI. SUNY SENATOR’S REPORT – The SUNY Senator had no report. The report from the last meeting on September 4 was that the next UFS meeting will be at SUNY Oswego on October 25th.  SUNY Senator Berger also distributed the Spring 2012 Bulletin publication from the UFS. 

XII. STUDENT SENATOR’S REPORTS: The students gave a brief report {SEE Appendix 4)  

XIII. OLD BUSINESS: - There was no Old Business. 


1)  Nominations for the University Police Advisory Board were taken from the floor with the results as follows:  Kevin Pristash, Joy Hendrick, Howard Lindh, Ben Wodi; 

2)  The topic of Printing Costs for SUNY Cortland was discussed; 3) President Bitterbaum introduced the topic of reconstituting the Parking Committee as follows: 3 faculty, one from each school, 1 student officer, 1 nominee from the Faculty Senate. D. Miller nominated himself {SEE Appendix 5}



There were no announcements.

Respectfully Submitted,


Barbara Kissel

Recording Secretary

The following reports are appended to the minutes in the order they were submitted:

   (1) Committee on Committees Report, submitted by J. Barry, Chair

    (2) President’s Report, submitted by E. Bitterbaum

   (3) CTE Committee Report, submitted by J. Walkuski

    (4) Student Senator’s Report, submitted by L.M. Weber

    (5) Student Printing Costs at Selected SUNY Institutions

                                                                 APPENDIX 1 

Committee on Committees Report, submitted by J. Barry, Chair

                                                               September 18, 2012

Item #1:

The Committee on Committees recommends the following appointments which require confirmation by the Senate:

Academic Faculty Affairs Committee, Education, 2012-14 – J. Rayle

Academic Faculty Affairs Committee, Library, 2011-13 – G. Herrmann

College Research Committee, Professional Staff, 2010-13 – S. Colombo

Committee on Teaching Awards, Professional Studies, Fall 2012 – J. Murphy

Committee on Teaching Effectiveness, at large, 2012-15 – D. Pittman

GE Committee, at large, 2012-14 – Y. Lee

GE Committee, Education, 2012-14 – J. Duncan

GE Committee, Math/Science, 2012-14 – S. Sharma

Long Range Planning Committee, 2012-15 – K. Halpin

Student Affairs Committee, Fine Arts/Humanities, 2012-14 – J. McNamara

Student Affairs Committee, Math/Science, 2012-14 – A. Carmichael

Student Affairs Committee, Soc/Beh. Sci., 2011-13 – T. Phillips

Item #2:

A call for nominations was issued for the following elected seats.  Nominations received are noted below:

SUNY Senator (Alternate), At large – 2012-15 – T. Phillips

Senator, Professional Studies – 2011-3 – E. Lind

Auxiliary Services Corporation, At large, Fall 2012 sabbatical replacement- C. Hines

Faculty Representatives to the Student Senate (2 seats), At large, 2012-13 – R. Grantham, B. Tobin

Committee on Committees, Library, 2011-13 – J. Kronenbitter

Since the number of candidates is equal to the number of seats, the Faculty Senate Secretary can be asked to cast a single ballot for the nominations above.

Item #3:

A call for nominations was issued for the following committees, and nominations received to date are noted below:

Review of Governance Structure

Two voting academic faculty from the School of Arts & Sciences

Two voting academic faculty from the School of EducationE. Caffarella

Two voting academic faculty from the School of Professional Studies

One voting academic faculty from the LibraryD. Harms

Two voting professionals – S. Cunningham

Two voting professionals – S. Cunningham

One contingent faculty member (part-time or full-time lecturer)R. Borden

Executive Assistant to the President (ex officio, non-voting)

Academic Grievance Tribunal Consultative Pool (6-member committee; 3-year staggered terms)

Two voting academic faculty from the School of Arts & SciencesM. McGuire, C. Schubert

Two voting academic faculty from the School of EducationJ. Mosher, O. White

Two voting academic faculty from the School of Professional StudiesG. Birren

Nomination deadline is Friday, September 21, 2012.

Item #4:

There were no nominations received for the following 7 committee vacancies:

I.     At Large (1 vacancy):

Educational Policy Committee – appointed, 2012-14

II.    School of Arts & Sciences, Social/Behavioral Sciences (2 vacancies):

College Curriculum Review committee, appointed, Fall 2012 sabbatical replacement

Committee on Committees – elected, 2011-13 (complete unexpired term)

III.    School of Education (2 vacancies):

College Curriculum Review Committee – appointed, 2011-13 (complete unexpired term)

Student Affairs Committee – appointed, Fall 2012 sabbatical replacement 

V.    Library (1 vacancy)

Committee on Teaching Effectiveness, 2011-14 (complete unexpired term)

Item #5:

There were no nominations received for the following 5 senator vacancies:

Fine Arts/Humanities, 2012-14

School of Arts & Sciences, 2012-14

School of Education, 2011-13

School of Education, 2011-13

School of Professional Studies, 2011-13

Respectfully submitted,


Joanne Barry

Chair, Committee on Committees

                                                                              APPENDIX 2

                                               President’s Report, submitted by E. Bitterbaum

     1.   I briefly discussed the letter from Craig Little, and I gave an overview of the printing allowance that       students receive.  I will speak with Amy Berg about coming to a future Senate meeting.

     2.   I asked for a member of the Senate to serve on the Parking Committee (David Miller accepted).

     3.   I reviewed the request from the Senate Chair to have an administrative consultant serve on the following two committees: a. Ginny Levine on Long Range Planning, and Mark Prus on Academic Faculty Affairs.

     4.   Offered to answer any questions

                                                                  APPENDIX 3

                                                               CTE Committee Report

                                                          Submitted by J. Walkuski, Chair

                                                      Minutes of the Committee on Teaching Effectiveness

                                                                    September 14, 2012

Members present: Regina Grantham, Shufang Shi, Jeff Walkuski

New Business

1. The committee selected Jeff Walkuski as chair of the committee for the 2012-13 academic year.

2. Upon review of the committee’s responsibilities as outlined the 2012-13 SUNY Cortland College Handbook; the committee set the following priorities for the Fall 2012 semester:

           a.     Revisit the required eight questions from the Purdue Cafeteria System found in chapter 260.02, section III 3.3 of the SUNY Cortland College  Handbook.  Discuss these required questions in light of their appropriateness and utility in classes that are not in the traditional lecture format.

     b.     Introduce the campus to the teaching evaluation system from the IDEA Center (  Propose the piloting of the system in the spring semester, 2013.

     c.     Each member of the committee will contact three higher education institutions regarding their particular evaluation system of faculty teaching.   

          d.     Examine the  role of the CTE system as a part of the evaluation of our teaching.  In particular, how this system can be used to mentor new faculty and assist in the development of their teaching.

3. The committee directed the chair to:

          a.     Contact the Faculty Development Center to initiate conversations regarding teaching on campus.

     b.     Review and collate the comments and information from the two sandwich seminars held by the Committee on Teaching Effectiveness during the spring, 2012 semester for dissemination to faculty.

Respectfully submitted 9/18/12:  JJW

                                                                    APPENDIX 4

                                                            Student Senator’s Report

                                                             submitted by L.M.Weber                                                   

SGA is fully getting underway. We are having an all E-board senate meeting tonight where we will be explaining the rules that SGA enforces because a lot of the clubs do not always understand where we are coming from so tonight we hope to clarify everything. 


Student Printing Costs at Selected SUNY Institutions 

submitted by J. Hendrick as prepared by Craig Little


                                   Student Printing Costs at Selected 

      SUNY Institutions 

Cost per 


Institution   B&W Page

Brockport   .10*

Buffalo (college)  .02

Cortland   .20

Fredonia   .03

Oswego   .05

Potsdam   .05

Purchase   .05

Albany    .10

Binghamton   .05 (.04)**

Buffalo (university  .05

Stony Brook   .05***

TC3    .08

OCC    .05

*Students are provided $45 “free-of-charge” printing equal to 450 pages/semester.

**Students initially have their account credited with $9.75, equal to 175 pages.  Thereafter, their account is credited $2.25 or 55 pages per week.  Thus, the initial 175 pages cost is .056/page; the additional 55 pages per week cost is .04/page.

*** “As part of the Stony Brook technology fee, students are allocated a $2.00 daily balance which equates to a daily quota of 40 single-sided pages (25 double-sided sheets) when printing in a SINC Site.”

Note:  It appears that in most cases, except SUNY Cortland, printing is provided and managed by the local campus.1  Students at most campuses appear to have a printing allocation from their local campus “technology fee.”  For example, at SUNY Brockport students start with 450 “free-of-charge” pages per semester; at SUNY Cortland students are now allocated $24/semester at .20/page equivalent to 120 pages per semester. 

1 One exception, for example, appears to be SUNY Purchase.  Its Web site says, “In fall 2008, Campus Technology Services (CTS), in cooperation with the Purchase Student Government Association (PSGA), instituted a print management system for public printers on campus. The goal of the system is to reduce the financial and environmental impact of printing activity. 

All currently enrolled students receive a $25 per semester print allocation, with any remaining balance carried forward in their account. The agreement was intended to allow each student to print 500 b/w pages per semester at $0.05 per page. 

CTS also installed duplexers with lower rates that allow you to stretch that allocation to approximately 1200 b/w double sided pages each semester.”