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Faculty Senate Minutes #14 - May 7, 2013

                                                         FACULTY SENATE MINUTES #14

                                                                        May 7, 2013

 The fourteenth meeting of the Faculty Senate 2012-2013 was called to order by Chair Joy Hendrick on Tuesday, May 7, 2013 at 1:15 PM in Park Center, Hall of Fame Room.

SENATORS AND MEMBERS PRESENT:  J. Hendrick, J. Walkuski, C. Schubert, W. Miller, D. Miller, R. Kendrick, S. Sharma, E. Lind, B. Wodi, K. Polasek, O. White, L. Lin, R. Borden, T. Vigars, N. C. Paley, K. Pristash, D. Ritchie, M. Dodds,  E. Owens, P. Schroeder, R. Williams, E. Bitterbaum, M. Prus, G. Sharer, A. Fitz-Gibbon, G. Douglas, K. Pristash, S. Anderson

SENATORS AND MEMBERS ABSENT:  R. Grantham,  M. Gonzalez, V. Behr, H. Lindh, T. Slack, D. Berger, J. Reardon, S. Wood, K. Pietro, W. Shaut, B. Hodges, B. Burk, M. McGuire

GUESTS PRESENT: A. Thomas, C. Little

I.  APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES:   The minutes from April 23, 2013 were approved.


There was a vote to approve the nominations for vacancies on the Committee on Committees (Approved)

There was a vote to approve the Academic Faculty Affairs Handbook Changes Section 230.   (Approved)

There was a vote to approve the Academic Faculty Affairs Handbook Changes Section 220.05 and 220.06.  (Approved)

There was a vote to approve the CTE Committee Proposal Modifications to the Handbook 260.02, Section III. (Approved)

There was a vote to approve the CTE Committee Proposal Modifications to the Handbook 260.02 Section 1.  (Approved)

There was a vote to approve the Proposed Duties of the Long Range Planning Committee (Not Approved)

There was a vote to approve the SUNY Cortland Advisement Philosophy and Guidelines – Edits/Updates to the College Handbook. (Approved)

 III. CHAIR’S REPORT – J. Hendrick – The Chair encouraged senators to sign-up for one of the Standing Committees of the University (SUNY-wide) Faculty Senate. Direct links committee descriptions: and nomination form:

Committee chairs were reminded to send their annual reports to Barb at your earliest convenience, but please no later than May 31st.

In the SUNY Senator’s absence, the chair gave a brief report on some of the major events that occurred at the UFS Spring Plenary last week at Upstate in Syracuse.  

  • Peter Knuepfer from SUNY Binghamton was elected as President of the UFS for 2013-2015.
  • White paper on Making Diversity Count was presented from the Committee on Diversity and Cultural Competence
  • Three resolutions were passed (copies found at:
    • For a SUNY Shared Governance Award
    • For on the elimination of major types of political science research from support by the NSF.  It was also recommended that we contact our legislators and thank those who voted against it and explain to those who did not, why they should. 
    • In Support of SUNY’s Academic Health Science Centers and Hospitals 

An MTP went out last week regarding Guidance: Campus Grading Policies and Procedures.  It is important to know that the impetus for this originated with the University Faculty Senate, a resolution which was then adopted by the FCCC.  While I will include the link to the entire memo, the major focus is that administrators cannot arbitrary change student grades.  A copy of the memo can be found at: 

With the large agenda, senators were reminded of the operating procedures they approved in Sept.: 

  • Please raise your hand if you wish to speak and I will try to get to each of you in order
  • There will be 3-minute time allotted for each person’s comment or question.
  • There are no follow-up questions. 
  • All remarks shall be addressed through me as the chair
  • Please speak only to the motion/amendment on the floor at that time. 

Lastly, President Bitterbaum was thanked for supplying our snacks for today’s meeting.  

IV. VICE CHAIR’S REPORT  - J. Walkuski – The Vice Chair reported that he would be contacting the committee chairs to ask them to meet early in the fall to ensure committees are in place by the first meeting on September 3, 2013. 

V. TREASURER’S REPORTR. Grantham – No report (absent) 



Enrollment Deposits

  • Commencements
  • Budget
  • UUP
  • Formal Programs Abroad 


Student Affairs CommitteeE. Lind – No report. 

Academic Faculty Affairs Committee – A. Fitz-Gibbon – No report. 

Long-Range Planning Committee – G. Douglas – No Report. 

Educational Policy Committee – M. McGuire – J. Hendrick reported that an e-mail was sent on the Faculty Listserv by B. Kissel for a two week feedback period on the new GE 9 proposed policy change regarding the foreign language requirement.  Everyone was encouraged to provide feedback to EPC. 

Professional Affairs Committee  – K. Pristash –K. Pristash reported that the committee will be meeting on May 17 with G. Evans and he will be submitting a final report for the semester. 


Committee on Teaching EffectivenessJ. Walkuski – No report. 

Committee on Committees – J. Barry – J. Hendrick read the report for the Committee on Committees.  Items #1 and #2 were approved by the Chair in the absence of a Secretary. Item 3 was approved by the Senate.  T. Phillips was nominated for Student Affairs Committee, Soc./Beh. Sciences. 

College Research Committee  – No report (absent)

General Education Committee – B. Burk – S. Sharma reported that there was no report. 

Graduate Faculty Executive Committee – M. Dodds – No report. 

Review of Governance Committee – J. Walkuski reported that he would be submitting a report next week and the committee will be considering their work for next year, 

X. AREA SENATOR’S REPORTS:  There were no Area Senator Reports. 

XI. SUNY SENATOR’S REPORT – D. Berger (absent, but SEE report in Appendix 2) 

XII. STUDENT SENATORS’ REPORT – L. M. Weber provided the following report which was shared by R.Williams: SGA has a wonderful and successful year! They will be sending the video from Children's Festival as well as the plaque that is in the process of being made to Sandy Hook Elementary School as soon as everything is ready. SGA wishes their seniors luck in their future and thank Brendan Lowe and Jonah Reardon for all their contributions to SGA!! 


  1. The Academic Affairs Proposed Changes to the Handbook Chapters 230 and 220 were each discussed, voted on and approved.  {Refer to 04/23/13 Minutes #13, Appendix 1}
  2. The CTE Committee Proposal Modifications to the Handbook 260.02, Amendment One and Two were each discussed, voted on and approved. {Refer to 04/23/13 Minutes #13, Appendix 2}. 
  3. The Proposed Duties of the LRPC Committee was discussed, voted on and was not approved. {Refer to 04/09/13 Minutes #13, Appendix 4}.
  4. The SUNY Cortland Advisement Philosophy and Guidelines – Edits/Updates to the College Handbook were discussed, voted on and approved. {Refer to 04/09/13 Minutes #12, Appendix 6.} 

XIV. NEW BUSINESS- There was no new business.  


E. Owens announced that she appreciated the opportunity to serve on an ad hoc senate committee this year as a part-timer.  She would be interested in serving an on ad hoc committee for Part-Timers next year.  

The Chair gave a heartfelt thank you to everyone for their service this year on the Faculty Senate this year and/or for serving or chairing one of the senate committees.  It is because of that service, shared governance at THE State University College at Cortland is working for the betterment of the college, and for our students. 

She also reminded everyone to send in their vote for the proposed UUP contract and she personally urged them to vote YES.  As we heard from UUP VP and union contract negotiator Jamie Dangler, this is best we are going to get.  The governor is not willing to give in on certain items and there are a number of positive additions that the other unions did not get.  The one union who did not vote to ratify their contract the first time, actually ended up with less following a renegotiation and a new contract.  

Lastly, she passed the gavel over to incoming Chair of the Faculty Senate for 2013-2014, Jeff Walkuski who officially assumes his duties on the day following commencement.   

Respectfully Submitted, 

Barbara Kissel 

Recording Secretary 

 The following reports are appended to the minutes in the order that they are distributed: 

(1)  Committee on Committees,  J. Barry, Chair 

(2)  SUNY Senator’s Report, submitted by D. Berger/J. Hendrick 

                                                                  APPENDIX 1 

                                       Committee on Committees Report, J. Barry, Chair 

May 7, 2013

Item #1 

A call for nominations was re-opened for Senators.  One nomination was received as noted below: 

School of Education, 2013-15 – Orvil White 

Since the number of candidates is equal to the number of seats, the Faculty Senate Secretary can be asked to cast a single ballot for the nominations above. 

Item #2 

A call for nominations re-opened for committee vacancies on elected committees.  Nominations received are noted below: 




Auxiliary Services Corporation (2 seats)


Mary Kate Boland, Cheryl Hines

Committee on Committees (Library)


Jennifer Kronenbitter

Since the number of candidates is equal to the number of seats, the Faculty Senate Secretary can be asked to cast a single ballot for the nominations above.

Item #3 

The Committee on Committees recommends the following appointments.  These require confirmation of the Faculty Senate:

College Curriculum Committee:       

            Education, 2013-15 – Cindy Benton 

            Social/Behavioral Sciences, 2013-15 – Jeff Swartwood 

College Research Committee: 

               Social/Behavioral Sciences, 2013-16 - Kim Kraebel 

Educational Policy Committee: 

            Education (2 seats), 2013-15 – Mary-Jo Morse; Chris Widdall 

Social/Behavioral Sciences, 2013-15 - Flavia Dantas 

General Education Committee: 

            Professional Studies, 2013-15 – Brooke Burk 

Long Range Planning Committee: 

            Education, 2013-16 – Shufang Shi 

Item #4 

The following vacancies received no nominations:  

At Large

Faculty Senate Vice Chair 

Faculty Senate Secretary 

Faculty Senate Treasurer 

Committee on Teaching Effectiveness 

Faculty Representatives to the Student Senate (2 seats) 

School Arts & Sciences

Academic Faculty Affairs Committee (Social/Behavioral Sciences) 

Committee on Committees: 

 (Fine Arts/Humanities) 

(Social/Behavioral Sciences) 

Long Range Planning Committee (Math/Science) 

Student Affairs committee (Social Behavioral Sciences)  

School of Education

Student Affairs Committee  

School of Professional Studies

General Education Committee  


College Curriculum Committee 

General Education Committee  

Professional Staff

College Research Committee 

Professional Affairs Committee: 

 (Student Affairs) 

(Academic Affairs)  

Respectfully submitted,  

Joanne Barry, Chair                                   


SUNY Faculty Senate Spring Plenary 

May 3-4, 2013 at SUNY Upstate 

Submitted by D. Berger/J. Hendrick  

Friday, May 3 

President’s Report (Ken O’Brien) 

  • Budget – State-defined performance based budgeting (although a small percent) will be part of state funding in next several years.  Resource allocation model being used was broken.  We needed to come up a new model.  State dollars should follow enrollment, but some schools were allowed to grow more than others and thus they benefitted more.  So, the model is being relooked at.  Schools can only lose 10% of their previous allocation.  NYS will be reluctant to spend more money on state-operated campuses.  Community college support will increase over coming years; counties have been hit hard.  The metrics are still to be determined. 
  • Hospitals – We will find a way to adequately fund the teaching hospitals so that they can continue to pursue roll of education and service.  Funds saved from temporary furloughs across the system will be transferred to the hospitals.  Ken will be at B of T meeting next week and ask where the funding is coming from to fund the hospitals.  NYS should pick up a large part of the bill because of the public service these hospitals provide. 
  • Student Mobility – Resolution based by B of T in January; the MTP regarding its implementation should be out to campuses this month.  All campuses will need to review all their programs, including general education, to make sure they comply.
  • Campus data – working to develop core principles so that system-wide data that is made public be limited and only some groups (i.e. B of T) be allowed to see comparative data on other metrics. 
  • Open SUNY – One of the biggest initiatives undertaken by SUNY in recent years.  Communication will be critical.  A the end of day we need to come up with something we have not had.  Serving new populations and serving them better.  A consultant has been hired to develop a plan.  The actual role of how the steering committee, the chancellor, etc. will play and how they work together. 
  • Ken announced that this is his last president’s report, but not his last word.  

Vote for new University Faculty President 

Peter Knuepfer, from SUNY Binghamton won 23 votes to Ron Sarner 21 votes 

Executive Committee Report (Ed Feldman) 

  • White paper on Making Diversity Count will be shared 

Resolutions were presented (to be voted on Saturday) 

  1. For a SUNY Shared Governance Award
  2. For elimination of major types of political science research from support by the NSF
  3. In Support of SUNY’s Academic Health Science Centers and Hospitals 

Faculty Council of Community Council – Tina Good 

  • Several of the FCCC resolutions from their last plenary were shared: to support our resolution on adjunct faculty Chancellor’s award, for 64 credit 2-year degrees, and urging implementation within open SUNY of Principles of Academic Freedom and Faculty Control of Curriculum
  • Tina was reelected as President of the FCCC  

Open SUNY Presentation – Associate Provost Carey Hatch 

  • Approved by B of T in March 2013 and empowers Provost to work with campuses, UFS, FCCC and Student Assembly
  • Advisory/Steering team created (includes 6 faculty and others)
  • Consulting Firm contracted to assist with implementation, communication and financial plans
  • Working on Degree Completion component via Empire State College
  • Several campuses working together to create new IT degrees sharing a common core set of courses
  • Stony Brook having conversations with MOOC platform provider (although likely not as other MOOCs)
  • SUNY Learning Commons soft roll out on new SUNY.EDU website in January 2014
  • In conversation with library community
  • SLN Advisory Council addressing issues of student verification and proctoring
  • More Innovative Instruction Tech Grants
  • Conference on Instruction and Technology, SUNY IT, May 21-24.
  • Incentives will be in place. Researching now as to what they might be. 
  • Webinars and face to face instruction will be available to assist faculty with on-line course development (they will not all come out of Albany, but qualified instructors available across the state.
  • Not everyone in upstate NY has access to broadband.  These are usually poor communities who need the education.
  • There will be a market analysis for joint degrees. Some may be existing programs changing format.  They will be developed and brought forward like any curricular proposal.
  • Have not had much conversation yet on 3-year degrees (currently, motivated students, can complete degree in 3 years).
  • SUNY 142 on-line programs now.  14,000 on-line courses with some campuses not even recording correctly so number is likely higher.
  • Some feedback from MOOC’s – students would like to talk to someone.
  • SUNY Policy- Faculty own content unless it was created in a work for higher agreement  

Video Conversation with Provost Lavallee 

  • Student Mobility Committee – MTP incorporating feedback now and will be sent out soon. Will need to develop FAQ’s to work towards implementation
  • Open SUNY – Advisory committee being formed, chaired by Ken O’Brien as a provost fellow next year.  Engineering – on 3 campuses, had to be approved by all 3 (Stony Brook, UB and Binghamton).  Courses coordinated and offered across the campuses.  Students can sign-up for program at any one of the 3 schools.  Advisement will need to be offered at a central location.
  • Campus Grading Policies and Procedures MTP was sent out.  The more visible the policy it will be able to monitor better.
  • Faculty Awards – Adjunct faculty and proposed shared governance. 
  • Data Reporting Policy – how to implement B of T resolution - want data to be transparent, but not misused.
  • Talked about what he will do in his transition back to New Paltz (after his study leave beginning in July)
  • Support given for conversion from Banner to DegreeWorks, but not for PeopleSoft.  Will develop batch for PeopleSoft and Cam and Sansabar (?).  Campuses will switch over when contracts are over.  What is the cost of freedom of choice? 
  • Provost was thanked for his work with Ken over the last 4 years.  A formal appreciation will be given at the Fall plenary.  

SUNY Financial Report- Brian Hutzley 

  • Budget Highlights
    • Continues maintenance of effort
    • No additional state tax support for 3 SUNY hospitals
    • Some monies coming from yet to be ratified UUP contract (furlough days)
    • Downstate plan – needs to be approved by June 15
    • Challenging year for capital.  We were hoping for 5 year capital plan, but because of bonding cap, there is no room for new capital. 
    • Providing $55 million to round III of NY-SUNY 2020
    • Residence hall capital funding 
    •  Shared Services
    • Conversations occurring campus to campus regionally, system-wide…
    • Goal – shift 5% spending to direct instruction and student services, resulting in $100 Million being reinvested.  Monies going to new hires, scholarships, etc.
    • Campuses being asked to report on their 5% savings in next round of budget reports.
    • Communication – regional showcases, website, newsletter, blog posts, series of webinars
    • NYSUNY 2020
    • What are expectations for PBF? With state-op campuses, since no new funding, it did not happen this year.  Campuses were asked for suggestions on the metrics.  Results not being made public yet.  Do we provide rewards for performance or for showing improving?
    • Resource allocation model is on pause currently.  What is time-line?  Downstate issue sapped available funding.  Current model does not work.  Something will have to be done.  

Chancellor Zimpher responses to Sector Q & A 

  • Special and Statutory Colleges- Taken back by budget issues this year.  Several priorities working on for 2013-2014 budget.  Gyrodyne property at Stony Brook – working to pay it back over time; trying to protect everyone from that expense.
  • University Colleges- SUNY System been squirreling away money to support student mobility (lowest cost of adm. of any major university system).  Reallocating moneys.  Secured major sponsor for the IT costs of Open SUNY.  Not working too fast … 2 years to develop and then 16 months for another committee to review…. 3 ½ years so far.  Need to get on with it.  Need an oversight function 3 green visors – impact on enrollment (can lose campus numbers), credentials (online and MOOC), oversight of curriculum development. Need to deal with remediation in HS – fix it there, not when they get to college level.
  • Colleges of Technology – She will advocate for broadband access across the state.  Sixty percent of adults have some college, but did not finish.  Is not looking to replace residential campuses.  Six campuses in sector had a total of 14 presidents in recent years. Thinks Cobleskill will search for new president next Spring.  Working to get other campus presidents.  Interims at Canton and Potsdam are good and hopefully can search for new presidents soon. 
  • Campus Governance Leaders - Response – with seamless transfer, may eliminate these agreements.  The rules are more generic. Comprehensive policies should make it easier.   Two years ago visited with each president one on one.  Beth game them…   Gave them very candid feedback.  No increase in pay in 5 years, so incentives are limited.  Need to develop the metrics for assessing shared governance. Cost for on-line courses will be the same.  The rational tuition will need to be renewed next year.  Advertise that can save money in the long run, if graduate early. 
  • University Centers- Academic researcher is finally heading the Research Foundation.  Confident that many of the issues can be dealt with. 
  • Health Sciences – Sustainability plan for Downstate being developed.  Even closing hospitals cost money.  Need to maintain academic component of health centers, but it is costly.  Every campus should be concerned.  The issue is consuming them – need a partner in the state.
  • Other comments – Resource allocation – Run the gauntlet of SUNY 2020.  Beginning in the fall, need a new idea – around an investment fund.  Job creation, entrepreneurialship, Need to put a finer point as to what NY needs – and use that for PBF and incentive for presidential leadership.  Reward campuses for collaboration.  Need to nail our return for our investments.  So, we can’t cut campus budgets, but should provide incentives for increased funding.  State needs to invest in behaviors that Focus SUNY on viability of NY – be collaborative, and some cross institution ….  

Saturday, May 4  

SUNY Student Assembly Report – Kevin Rea 

  • Trey Price will be the SA president next year.
  • Pushing for veterans. GI Bill no longer cover out of state tuition so they are working on a bill to ask Governor to allow all veterans to be charged in-state tuition regardless of state of residency.
  • Mentioned a Fredonia study regarding savings for going trayless.   

CUNY University Faculty Senate – Terrence Martell 

She reported that the graduation rate from city high schools moved up from the mid 40% to the mid 60%. This produced a need within CUNY for remediation resources. She said that things are going relatively well at CUNY. They are hiring new faculty and are looking for a new Chancellor. Ken O’Brien said that the SUNY and CUNY executive committees meet together cooperate with each other.  

Resolution Results 

  1. For a SUNY Shared Governance Award - PASSED
  2. For elimination of major types of political science research from support by the NSF - PASSED
  3. In Support of SUNY’s Academic Health Science Centers and Hospitals - PASSED  

Committee Report Summaries  

(Note: the committee report summaries will be added by Senator Berger at a later day)  

Respectfully submitted,  

Joy L. Hendrick, Faculty Senate Chair 

David Berger, SUNY Senator  

(Due to an essential teaching commitment Senator Berger did not arrive until Saturday morning. Tim Phillips, the alternate senator, was unable to attend this meeting).  

Copies of all resolutions and PowerPoint presentations at the UFS Spring Plenary can be found at: