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Faculty Senate Minutes #10 - March 5, 2013



                                                                      March 5, 2013

The tenth meeting of the Faculty Senate 2012-2013 was called to order by Chair Joy Hendrick on Tuesday, March 5, 2013 at 1:15 PM in Park Center, Hall of Fame Room.

SENATORS AND MEMBERS PRESENT:  J. Hendrick, J. Walkuski, W. Miller, D. Miller, R. Kendrick, S. Sharma, E. Lind, B. Wodi, K. Polasek, O. White, L. Lin, M. Gonzalez, R. Borden, N.C. Paley, H. Lindh, K. Pristash, M. Dodds, D. Berger, E. Owens, P. Schroeder, J. Reardon, R. Williams, S. Wood, M. Prus, G. Sharer, B. Burk, S. Anderson                                                                                                                                   

SENATORS AND MEMBERS ABSENT:  R. Grantham, C. Schubert, V. Behr, T. Vigars, D. Ritchie, T. Slack P. Schroeder, E. Bitterbaum, K. Pietro, W. Shaut, B. Hodges, M. McGuire, A. Fitz-Gibbon, G. Douglas, M. Connell

GUESTS PRESENT:  There were no guests present.

I. APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES:   The Minutes from February 19, 2013 were approved.


The Vice Chair cast a ballot, as approved by the Senate, in the absence of a secretary, to approve a nomination to the Committee on Committees {SEE Appendix 1)

III.  CHAIR’S REPORT:  J. Hendrick  

  • The Faculty Retiree plaque in the Colloquium room in Old Main is in the process of being updated with the 168 names that have not been added since 1997. 
  • I attended the Concerned Faculty Meeting last Friday on behalf of the Faculty Senate since Shared Governance was one of the agenda items for the meeting.  One issue that was included under this heading was transparency as it relates to curriculum.  When probed deeper, it related to General Education and some of the more recent SUNY-wide changes relating to seamless transfer.  I reminded all eleven faculty at that meeting that curriculum is the responsibility of the faculty and that there will not be any changes in our GE requirements without an all-campus referendum.   Just 3 weeks the senate steering committee charged the GE Committee with reviewing Cortland’s policies relating to transfer students to see if we are in compliance with SUNY.  A few other items were brought up at last week’s meeting which will be discussed with the steering committee at our next meeting.
  • Ginny Levine was publically thanked for all her work on behalf of the senate in organizing all the committee meetings and in preparing all the reports for campus Chancellor Award winners and faculty recommended for promotion to Distinguished rank. 

IV. VICE CHAIR:  J. Walkuski – J. Walkuski read the report for the Committee on Committees.  He cast a ballot, as approved by the Senate, in the absence of the Secretary, to approve the following: GE Committee, Fine Arts & Humanities (2012-14, complete unexpired term) – Jenn McNamara {SEE Appendix 1} 

V. TREASURER’S REPORT:  R. Grantham – The Chair reported, in the absence of R. Grantham, that there is $622.37 in the Faculty Senate Memorial Scholarship account and encouraged people and their constituents to contribute. 

VI. SECRETARY’S REPORT:  No report (vacant) 


M. Prus gave the report for President Bitterbaum who was absent: 

  • Stock Market
  • GE transfer mobility
  • Faculty Searches
  • Budget 


Student Affairs CommitteeM. Connell – Eric Lind indicated there was no report. 

Academic Faculty Affairs Committee – No report (absent) 

Long-Range Planning Committee – G. Douglas – Chair Hendrick reported, in the absence of G. Douglas, that the committee met on Thursday, Feb 28th and concluded the best use of their remaining time this year would be to look at the duties of the LRPC as listed in the college handbook and rewrite the duties to fit the committee's new charge and responsibilities. They will be meeting weekly in order to bring this to steering committee expeditiously.  

Educational Policy Committee – M. McGuire – J. Hendrick reported, in the absence of M. McGuire, that the EPC Committee is getting ready to bring forth the Retake Policy to the Senate for approval.

 Professional Affairs Committee  – K. Pristash – No report. 


Committee on Teaching Awards No report (absent) 

Committee on Teaching EffectivenessJ. Walkuski – The chair reported that the committee will be meeting on Wednesday and Thursday of this week, as well as after break. 

Committee on Committees  – The Vice Chair gave the Committee on Committees report during the Vice Chair’s report. 

College Research Committee  – Chair Hendrick reported, in the absence of Bonni Hodges, the College Research Committee recently made decisions on the awarding of Faculty Research Program monies. An announcement of the awardees is forthcoming. There were 12 applications that collectively requested almost $50,000 in funding. The CRC had $25,000 to award. The CRC will be reviewing the nominees for the Outstanding Achievement in Research Award in March.

General Education Committee – B. Burke – The chair reported that the committee is working on a draft for the handbook changes reviewing policies. 

Graduate Faculty Executive Committee – M. Dodds – No report.  

Review of Governance Committee – J. Walkuski reported that the committee is in the process of meeting on the 18th and the committee will be following up on Bill Buxton’s comments about governance, the structure on campus and what it will be like in ten years, hoping everyone on campus will share in the process of the governance review. 

Ad Hoc Committee to Review the Diversity StatementN. C. Paley – N. Paley reported that the committee is working on meeting after break and will review the final draft of the Diversity Statement to bring back to the Senate for approval.  

X. AREA SENATOR’S REPORTS:  E. Owens reported that SUNY Albany allows part-time people to participate on committees. This information was passed along to the Review of Governance Committee.  

XI. SUNY SENATOR’S REPORT – D. Berger – No report. 

XII. STUDENT SENATOR’S REPORT – R. Williams, S. Wood and J. Reardon gave the following report: 

SGA is in full gear!! We are preparing for elections. LeighMarie Weber and Erin Durgin will be running again for reelections. Josh Figura will also run with them in hopes to become the new SGA treasurer. Elections will take place on Thursday March 28th and Friday March 29th on myreddragon. 

Natalie Finkle and Sarah Wood are preparing advertisements for students to pass and vote on election days. Jonah Reardon will be chairing the election committee for the second time around. 

Erin Durgin and Rashad Williams are busy planning the leadership conference. We have a taste test for possible dishes later on tonight. Khalia Brown is in full swing of planning Festivus. This year we will dedicate Festivus in honor of Mrs. Mary Joe Sherlach an alumni from SUNY Cortland. 

Brendan Lowe and Josh Figura are preparing for budget hearings which will take place on Sunday April 7th. LeighMarie Weber and Brendan Lowe have their first meeting to discuss the applicant for the Mike Holland Scholarship. They plan to give out this award at the leadership banquet in April. 

The entire executive board is still trying to put the final details on how they would like to send some love over to Newtown Connecticut. They are all also busy determining the recipients for the SGA Leadership Banquette Awards as well as revising their Constitution. 

Upcoming Events for SGA 

Senate is tonight at 8:00pm in the function room 

Thursday April 18th is the Leadership Banquette at 6:00pm in the Corey Union Function Room 

Saturday April 20th is Festivus in Moffett Gym from 11:00am-3:00pm 

Thursday April 24th is the Building a Better Future Dinner for the newly elected officials in at 6:00pm in the Corey Union Function Room 

XIII. OLD BUSINESS: - There was no Old Business. 

XIV. NEW BUSINESS:  - There was no New Business. 


R. Kendrick reported that the Institute for Civic Engagement announced that SUNY Cortland earned a spot on the President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll for the seventh year, and it is our third year “With Distinction”. This award is an institution-wide award for the work we do collectively connecting our students, faculty, and staff to the communities of which we are a part.  The Institution for Civic Engagement would be happy to learn about the various projects going on around campus through which the campus is providing service to the community for inclusion in future Honor Roll applications and our upcoming Carnegie reclassification. 

 M. Prus reported on the NCAA Men’s Basketball game on Saturday, March 9, at 3 PM in Corey Union gym against Middlebury College. 

N. C. Paley reported on the Student’s Diversity Conference on April 14. 

J. Hendrick announced that the number of remaining Senate is limited and committees need to bring their reports for action by the end of the semester. 

Respectfully Submitted,

Barbara Kissel

Recording Secretary

The following report was appended to the minutes:

                                                                APPENDIX 1

                               Committee on Committee’s Report, submitted by J. Barry, Chair 

Report to the Faculty Senate - March 5, 2013 

Item #1: 

An election was held as follows: 

? Senator – Library (spring 2013 sabbatical replacement – David Ritchie elected

 Item #2: 

The Committee on Committees recommends the following appointment which requires confirmation by the Senate: 

   GE Committee, Fine Arts & Humanities (2012-14, complete unexpired term) – Jenn McNamara

Respectfully submitted, 

Joanne Barry 

Chair, Committee on Committees