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April 19, 2011


April 19, 2011

The thirteenth meeting of the Faculty Senate 2010-2011 was called to order by Chair David Miller on Tuesday, April 19, 2011 at 1:15 PM in the Hall of Fame Room, Park Center.

Due to the lack of quorum, no official business was conducted.

SENATORS AND MEMBERS PRESENT:  D. Miller, T. Phillips, T. Vigars, R. Grantham, W. Miller, D. Berger, J. Ouellette, S. Wilson, R. Borden, J. Peluso, D. Harrington, K. Pristash, E. McCabe, E. Owens

SENATORS AND MEMBERS ABSENT:  D. Driscoll, D. West, R. Kendrick, J. Alemzadeh, I. Vincent, S. Rayl, S. O. White, B. Buxton, K. Hempson, M. Chandler, T. Slack, J. Hendrick, P. Schroeder, J. Campanaro, A. M. Rossi, W. Michael, R. Franco, G. Sharer, W.Shaut, K. Stearns, A. Thomas, R. Spitzer, A. Fitz-Gibbon, M. Connell

GUESTS PRESENT:  F. Pierce, B. Mattingly, M. Holland

I.  APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES:  Due to the lack of quorum the Minutes from April 5, 2011 were not approved.

II. SENATE ACTIONS:   There were no official Senate actions.

III.  CHAIR’S REPORT:  The chair gave a brief report.

IV. VICE CHAIR:  T. Phillips – No report.

V. TREASURER’S REPORT  R. Grantham – No report.

VI. SECRETARY’S REPORT:  T. Vigars –  No report.

VII.  PRESIDENT’S REPORT:   The President gave a brief report.


Student Affairs Committee  - M. Connell, Chair – No report (absent)

Academic Faculty Affairs Committee  – A. Fitz-Gibbon, Chair – No report (absent)

Long-Range Planning Committee – No report (absent)

Educational Policy Committee –  R. Spitzer, Chair – No report (absent)

Professional Affairs Committee  – G. Clarke, Chair – no report.



Committee on Committees – The Secretary, T. Vigars, read the Committee on Committees report, however, no official action was taken. 

College Research Committee  – P. Ducey, Chair – No report.

General Education Committee – A. Thomas, Chair – No report.

X. AREA SENATOR’S REPORTS:  E. McCabe gave a brief report about a change in status regarding two Academic Library positions which will affect committee structures.  D. Berger gave a report regarding the timing of Personnel Committees and a proposed schedule change. Both items will be considered at the next Faculty Senate Steering Committee on 4/26/11.

XI. SUNY SENATOR’S REPORT – J. Hendrick – T. Phillips reported that J. Hendrick submitted a report, including the recent University Faculty Senate 158th Plenary Report at SUNY Fredonia from April 14-16, 2011, which is appended in full below.

XII. STUDENT SENATOR’S REPORTS:  The students gave a brief report.

XIII. OLD BUSINESS:  There was no Old Business.

XIV. NEW BUSINESSDean Bruce Mattingly gave a PowerPoint presentation on Scholar’s Day and distributed handouts.

Respectfully Submitted,

Barbara Kissel

Recording Secretary

The following reports are appended to the minutes in the order they were submitted:

(1)    Committee on Committee’s report submitted by J. Barry, Chair

(2)    SUNY Senator’s Report, submitted by J. Hendrick, SUNY Senator

(3)    Scholar’s Day PowerPoint Presentation, submitted by B. Mattingly

                                           APPENDIX 1

                                      Committee on Committees Report

                                         Submitted by J. Barry, Chair

              Committee on Committees – Report to the Faculty Senate

                                                                            April 17, 2011

Item #1

A call for nominations was extended for Senators.  Nominations received are noted below. 

Area of Representation


Outgoing member




D. Driscoll


School of Education



L. Lin

B. Buxton

School of Professional Studies (3 seats)


I. Vincent

S. Wilson


K. Polasek

Professional Staff

(2 seats)


D. Harrington

J. Peluso

H. Lindh

T. Vigars

The Faculty Senate Secretary can be asked to cast a single ballot for the nominations above except for the School of Education Senator since the number of nominations exceeds the number of seats.  The Committee on Committees will issue a ballot for that seat.

Item #2

The Committee on Committees recommends the following committee appointments.  These require Senate confirmation:

Academic Faculty Affairs Committee, Library, 2-year term, Ellen McCabe

College Research Committee, Fine Arts/Humanities, 2-year term, Paul van der Veur

Committee on Teaching Awards, Arts & Sciences at large, Chris Latimer

General Education Committee, Professionals, 2-year term, Abby Thomas

Long Range Planning Committee, Professionals, 3-year term, Jeff Dmochowski

Professional Affairs Committee, Academic Affairs, 3-year term, Glen Clarke

Student Affairs Committee, Library, 2-year term, Mark Connell

Item #3

Nominations were extended and the following nominations were received:  

I.     At Large:

  • Vice-Chair (Phillips) – Joy Hendrick, Susan Wilson
  • Treasurer (Grantham) - Grantham
  • Faculty Representatives to the Student Senate - 2 seats - elected, 1-year terms (vacant) -  B. Tobin

II.    School of Arts & Sciences 

A.    Arts & Sciences At Large

  • Educational Policy Committee - appointed, 2-year term (Darling) - Darling

 B.    Fine Arts & Humanities

  • Academic Faculty Affairs Committee – appointed, 2-year term (Fitz-gibbon) - Alwes

D.    Social/Behavioral Sciences

  • Academic Faculty Affairs Committee – appointed, 2-year term (Haines) - Vittoria

III.    School of Education:

  • Academic Faculty Affairs Committee - appointed, 2-year term (Rayle) - Rayle
  • College Curriculum Review Committee – appointed, 2-year term (Kelly) (no more than two consecutive terms) - Davidenko
  • Educational Policy Committee - appointed, 2-year term, 2 seats (Lachance, Smukler) - Widdall

IV.    School of Professional Studies:

  • Academic Faculty Affairs Committee – appointed, 2-year term (Grantham) - Grantham
  • College Curriculum Review Committee - appointed, 2-year term (Hokanson)

(no more than two consecutive terms) – B. Wilson

  • Long Range Planning Committee – appointed, 3-year term (Craft) – B. Wilson

V.    Library:

  • College Research Committee – appointed, 3-year term (Herrmann) (qualifications:  should have received grant from external funding or reviewed grants from an outside agency) - Herrmann
  • Student Affairs Committee – appointed, 2-year term (Connell) - Connell

The Committee on Committees will issue a ballot for officers and will make recommendations for appointed seats to be confirmed at the next Faculty Senate meeting.

Item #4

The following vacancies received no nominations.  Another call for nominations will be issued at the start of the Fall semester:

At large:

Faculty Senate Secretary

Faculty Rep to the Student Senate (second seat)

GE Committee


Student Affairs Committee

Social/Behavioral Science:

College Curriculum Review Committee

Committee on Committees

Long Range Planning Committee

Student Affairs

School of Education:

Student Affairs Committee

School of Professional Studies:

Committee on Teaching Awards

Educational Policy Committee


College Curriculum Review

General Education Committee

Professional Staff:

College Research Committee

Professional Affairs, Enrollment Management

Professional Affairs, Information Resources

Item #5

A call for nominations was issued for the restructured Committee on Teaching Effectiveness.  The following nominations were received for this appointed committee. The Committee on Committees will make recommendations for appointed seats to be confirmed at the next Faculty Senate meeting.

Academic Faculty at large, 1-year term – McGuire

School of Education, 1-year term – Shi

School of Professional Studies, 2-year term – Grantham, *Walkuski

Library, 3-year term – Melita

No nominations were received for the following seats and another call for nominations will be issued at the start of the Fall semester:

Academic Faculty at large, 2-year term

School of A&S, 3-year term

Respectfully submitted,

Joanne Barry



*Walkuski to take Academic Faculty At Large seat, 2-year term


                                                                     APPENDIX 2

                                                   SUNY SENATOR’S REPORT

                                          Submitted by J. Hendrick, SUNY Senator



                                                  University Faculty Senate 158th Plenary Report

                                                              SUNY Fredonia – April 14-16, 2011

Friday, April 15, 2011

At 7:00 this morning, we were notified that Monica Rimai was ill and would not be phoning in with the budget report. Thus, the agenda has been updated.

President’s Report – Ken O’Brien

  • Question from floor – What guarantee that SUNY will get the money from a rationale tuition increase?  Response – there is no guarantee.  Chancellors’ plan – maintenance of effort.  Tuition must go to SUNY, otherwise it is not tuition.  There is a consistent voice being presented to the legislature.
  • Question: Is there a Cobleskill visitation update? It is being given on April 27 – to their faculty government president and president.
  • Question: Will there be a rationale tuition increase in the next 2 years?  Response – noone, and I mean no one can predict that.  When people talk about campus reserves, is it “restricted and/or unrestricted”?  Are the research foundation funds included?  We need to be consistent with our messages to SUNY system and to our campus about the message to our legislatures.
  • Question:  what suggestions do you have to campuses if program discontinuance/deactivations are eminent?  If it looks like budget constraints are so severe that it will affect programs, governance needs to be involved in process by which decisions are made. Governance cannot be involved at the table when the decisions are made.  Be involved in developing procedures.  Part of the difficulty now is that we do not know the dollars we have to work with.  How can we do long range or even short term planning? Comments from others: There will be an article in the spring issue Senate Bulletin outlining some procedures and suggestions that some campuses are using.  There are often good cases for discontinuance/deactivation programs to help campuses clean-up programs that may no longer have enrollments, etc.   This is a process of trust and influence of governance on campuses.  Cuts are always going to be difficult – colleagues will start pointing fingers if they are the ones cut.  There will be fallout.
  • Strategic Planning Update – The 3rd round was held in Albany recently (150 people attended) – many people involved thought it was beneficial and were enthusiastic about it.  Good ideas shared and metrics developed.  Look at what we do and how we do it. The process was very valuable in the sharing of what we are doing already on our campuses. How can we enrich people’s lives across NY State?  We lose 30% of ninth graders each year and this puts a burden of everyone in the state.   The metrics will then be used in the SUNY report card.  It will help us to get the word out to everyone in the state as to what we are doing.  Information about this is available at: 

Nominations Committee:  Ken O’Brien was the only candidate.  With no objection, the ballot was cast with 1 candidate – so moved.  Therefore, Ken was reelected and will serve as President for 2011-2013.

University Colleges Sector Meeting

  • Discussion of four budget scenarios presented to campus
  • A sector concern was on maintaining the stabilization fund of up to 25% of the core operation budget (which at this point is unknown).  If it is greater that

Executive Committee Report

o     The Expanded UFS Executive committee met with CFFF Executive committee in March.  Discussed strategies for engaging in the current national discourse surrounding higher education, strengthening shared governance, holding a conference on higher education, student mobility.  The UFS also met afterwards and reviewed the ad hoc Grade appeals committee draft report and discussed budget issues. 

o     The Expanded UFS Executive committee met again yesterday (4/14/11) – refer to Ken Obrien’s report and discussed a resolution regarding the upcoming summit and other resolutions, one on grade appeals and the other on rational tuition increase.  Also discussed were proposed by-law changes.

Resolutions were presented for comments (to be voted on Saturday)

  • Support of a Rational Fiscal Plan for Public Higher Education in NY
  • Resolution on Governor’s May 2011 “Summit” on UB20/20
  • Proposed By-Law changes (Presented and to be voted on at Fall Plenary – special meetings of senate can be electronic or otherwise. )
  • Operation’s Committee Resolution on the appropriate use of System-wide Data
  • Grading Change Policy

Provost Lavallee Report

  • Welcomed our proposed grade change policy resolution
  • Student Mobility and Web site up and received well by students so far

o     Seven additional majors going up on the mobility site (hospitality management, anthropology, health science and health science education, nursing)

o     Data bases will be available for download for use by graduate coordinators

o     Degree audit process at any point along the way ($5 million – DegreeWorks, more visual than CAPP)

o     There are some problems with different academic calendars across SUNY – can at least regional campuses start classes at similar times.  Four year schools start within 8 day period.  CC have 8 day period, but a different 8 day period.

o     Tenure concerns regarding nontraditional scholarship campuses at which scholarship of application is not valued.  Things such innovative instruction begin engaged in scholarship, energy and entrepreneurship (engineering faculty) .

o     Question raised regarding number of credits incoming frosh are bringing in.  New Paltz had an accelerated program for students with all the AP credit, in 2 years, only 3 students signed up for it.

o     Question raised regarding some faculty/departments not interested in allowing courses in mobility areas to transfer in.  There is an appeal process for course(s) not being allowed to transfer in, but campuses will need to supply data to justify reason.

o     Student Mobility Plan – most comprehensive one out there and the only one that has grown out of faculty involvement

Ken – A community fund is being established to help with sending something to senators who have lost close family members (two lost this year).


Discussion of the Four Enacted Budget Scenarios (Ken) 

o     These were not shared with UFS, but were emailed to him yesterday by a faculty member.

o     These are the possible scenarios that campuses may likely receive.

o     Tuition is still to be decided.

Undergraduate Committee (Hendrick)

Two drafts were share and  feedback sought.  The objective is to these documents presented officially at the Fall Plenary: Revised Guide for the Evaluation of Undergraduate Programs, and Best Practice Guidelines for Undergraduate Teaching Assistantships (anyone wanted copies can email me at

Chancellor Zimpher

o     On the way to Fredonia, she stopped at Monroe CC and spoke with the BOT

o     Spoke at the American Association of  Community Colleges (new for her).  SUNY has great presence there.

o     Yesterday she was at Oneonta – for Undergraduate research day.  Capped with $4 million fund raising for STEM

o     Monday she will be at UB – new President Satish Tripathi will be appointed

o     Five summary comments

o     Strategic plan drives  - it is wonderful how each campus can fit within it.  It is critical that we stay within that plan to better the state of NY

§     Important to getting word out

§     Regional economic centers – important

§     Strategic plan is moving forward – May 17th  will release 1st ever report card with 3 sets of metrics (using base year 2008 - 2009)

  • impact on SUNY,
  • competitive NY, and
  • commitment to diversity.

o     National conference in September

o     Budget – a great deal attention has been to giving attention to a rational tuition increase. Have been heavy advocates of that.  Legislatures gave some restoration to CC and hospital proposed cuts. What decisions will be made regarding UB 20/20 and university centers.  The governor is a good advocate for us.

o     The Times is printing lots of our editorials.

o     Is UB 2020 good for the comprehensives? Response – what is good for SUNY is good for everyone.  If it helps the university centers, it should help drive SUNY.  She also mentioned that she is chancellor of the entire SUNY system and ca not just single out any one campus.

Sector reports with Chancellor

o     Campus Governance Leaders

o     What steps is system taking to consolidation of services?

o     With decrease in FT on campus, there are fewer to do the work.  What pressure is being put on campus administration to reward faculty?

o     Campus health (vulcanization) and not result in campus end up fighting against each other

o     Her response:

§     SUNY is discussing this – we do not want the legislature doing this.  Looking at this regionally

§     Vulcanization – sometimes more differences within than across sectors.  She surely hopes this is not the case.  She believes we need to work together – it is systemness.  Should not decompose a system (like Wisconsin).

§     Cuts will be allocated – already talked to presidents and CFOs. In the end, will have to find the sweet spot for all campuses. 

o     Health Science Sector

o     3 hospitals underwent accreditation – observation, that involvement in shared governance is a concern

o     Hit with budget cuts – ending up hiring clinicians rather than faculty doing the tripod of activities.

o     Her response:

§     Wants to find a way of assessing effectiveness of SG on campuses

§     We are upside down at colleges and hospitals with PT/FT – they understand how critical that is to campus health

§     We have not yet set the benchmark – what do we want to shoot for, like with PT/FT ratio

o     Special and Statutory Colleges

o     Ceramics – need SUNY to help with website (not on Alfred University web-site

o     Visibility

o     Budget

o     Response

§     Working on brand (more than a logo), therefore need to establish an identity.  New person doing this, and have very little money to do this.  Looking for alumni to tell their story.  Have a web liaison. Social media

o     Technical Colleges

o     Enrollment Cap

o     Will state –op campuses have to support the teaching hospitals?

o     Response

§     We are going to have to absorb the cuts to the hospitals – we are a system.

§     System needs an enrollment management system.  We do need to meet the demand.  If there is data to show greater need for the more nurses, for example, than they can be altered. Since recent history, we increase enrollment and get cuts.  So, why increase enrollments. We will have to decide where gates can open, but it will likely be by program.

§     Research Foundations

  • Manage research projects
  • ????
  • Help to get more grants

o     University Centers

o     Tuition increases on graduate students is of concern for research projects

o     Population growth in administration offices

o     Response;

§     SUNY central – has been taking cuts and is very lean. 

§     Goal of shared services is to cut administrative costs – in some regional areas may consolidate (ie. share HR)

§     Based on study - Graduate tuition varies by sector to still be competitive; we need to be sensitive to market variability.

§     Penalties for reducing enrollment – ?

§     Patents – Research foundation is under full review of this.  Get an innovation strategy to get out of our own way.

o     University Colleges

o     We need more information on budgets

o     Impact on UB 20/20 –

o     Budget scenarios – do comprehensive have larger %

o     How can we help Chancellor

§     SUNY is initiating a reserve policy; we need to redefine how we speak about these funds.  We cannot refer to them as “reserves”; To the public it sounds like rainy day funds.  It does need to be clarified – not helpful with all the confusion.

§     Not sure if comprehensives are getting a bad deal – too early to tell.  SUNY needs to find a sweet spot.  Presidents are our best advocates.

§     UB 20/20 – clear up fog – it is likely more than just discussion of UB

Carol Donato was awarded the Chancellor’s Award for excellence as a Professional by Chancellor Zimpher

Sharon Cramer was award the Chugh Award for excellence in service to the UFS

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Student Assembly Report – Joshua Rich

  • Passed Rational Tuition Increase resolution passed
  • Rally in Albany to voice their opinion
  • Conference – Sustainability and sustainability of SUNY
  • New executive committee for next year.  Julie Gorman from SUNY Cortland – Secretary
  • Goals – continue to work with SUNY and legislature
  • Improvements
  • Continue to utilize opportunities to serve with organizations that they have seats
  • More on their newsletter
  • Questions from the floor related to trying to find ways of increasing connection with alumni

Faculty Council of Community Colleges (Ann Catalano)

  • Gave their service award to Senator Lavelle
  • Continue to review GE – looking for new ways to infuse GE beyond the classroom
  • Endorsed our resolution regarding involvement of faculty governance on program deactivation
  • Next plenary is last weekend in October – in Auburn

CUNY – Chair Sandi Cooper (via phone)

Their chancellor (Goldstein) says he will not retrench, however will curtain number of GE credits at their senior colleges (proposed to be any 30 credits) which will negatively affect liberal arts programs including foreign languages and classics.  A vote will be taken the end of June.  They are very frustrated about the state of affairs in academics. 


  • Resolution in Support for a 5-year Tuition Plan for SUNY – Passed Unanimously

o     Be it resolved that the SUNY University Faculty Senate strongly supports the State University’s proposal for the enactment of a five-year tuition plan.

  • Resolution Governor’s May 2011 SUNY “Summit” – Passed Unanimously

o     Be it resolved that the University Faculty Senate requests the Governor and political leadership of New York State to work closely with Chancellor Zimpher to expand the scope of the planned May “summit” to include the Board of Trustees’ proposed five-year tuition policy and additional flexibilities for all campuses of the State University of New York.

  • Resolution on appropriate use system-wide data – Passed unanimously as distributed

o     Resolved that the UFS request that the Chancellor established an advisory committee to develop and recommend system-wide policies and practices for gathering data from campuses throughout the system and to make recommendations with respect to appropriate use of that data, and be it further resolved, that the advisory committee have broad representation including representatives from the University Faculty Senate and the Faculty council of Community Colleges.

  • Resolution on Grade Change Authority – Passed unanimously as distributed

o     Be it resolved that the University Faculty Senate urges each campus governance body to ensure that the campus has robust due process procedures by which a student can appeal or grieve a grad, which are clearly publicized to students, and be it further resolved that the University faculty Senate urges each campus governance body to ensure that the campus has robust due process policies that address circumstances and procedures under which a grade change can be made by someone other than the instructor of record, consistent with the principles outlined below.

o     Ken will ask Provost Lavallee to share with Presidents and AVP’s

All resolutions will be forwarded to Chancellor (they will also be published in the Senate Bulletin or email me at if you want a copy)

Highlights from Committee Reports – refer to next Senate Bulletin for committee final reports)

  • Diversity and Cultural Competence

o     Next Stem conference in November 3, 2011 in Albany (

o     McNair conference in Niagara Falls July 14-17 for undergraduate minority students  and other students engaged in undergraduate research who have interest and/or potential for pursuing PhD. to be in academia  ( )

o     Next year will be looking at Title IX across SUNY

  • Ethics Committee
  • Governance Committee
  • Graduate and Research Committee

o     Very successful Graduate Research Symposium in Albany on March 8th – 21/25 campuses with graduate programs participated (two Cortland students presented)

o     Find a SUNY Scholar at Graduate Research Portal at:

  • Operations Committee

o     Reported on many cuts, etc. going on at a sample of 10 campuses

o     Ken would like to have a database of the impact of budget cuts on campuses (from 2009 forward) – A SUNY snapshot:

§     Number of courses offered, number of seats available, FT instructional and non-instructional, PT, etc.

  • Programs and Awards Committee

o     Seeking more funds for Conversations in the Disciplines and encouraging campuses to apply

  • Student Life Committee
  • Undergraduate Committee
    • Planning on next year’s Undergraduate Research Symposia in Albany for some time in late March or early April

      ·     Sector Reps for next year: Slate accepted and approved

  • University Centers – Pete Knuefer
  • University Colleges – Jim McElwaine
  • Health Sciences – Ed Feldman
  • Technology – Karen Spellacy
  • Statutory Colleges – Ron Sarner
  • SUNY CGL – Susan Camp

New Business/Old Business

Elizabeth Bringsjord (Beth) – Go to SUNY Strategic Plan website ( and see what is going on and what the initiatives are.

Meeting adjourned 11:30 am

Respectively submitted,

Joy L. Hendrick

SUNY Senator


I encourage all senate members (and other colleagues) to take advantage of the opportunity to get involved with the University Faculty Senate.  I have thanked former senator Mary Ware a number of times for her encouragement to get involved.  It has and continues to be rewarding.  More information about the charges of the committees mentioned above and the simple application form at the UFS website at: I welcome the opportunity to talk to anyone more about this.