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April 17, 2012


April 17, 2012

The thirteenth meeting of the Faculty Senate 2011-2012 was called to order by Chair Timothy Phillips on Tuesday, April 17, 2012 at 1:15 PM in Park Center, Hall of Fame Room.

SENATORS AND MEMBERS PRESENT:  T. Phillips, J. Hendrick, C. Schubert, D. West, W. Miller, R. Kendrick, J. Hartsock, J. Walkuski, A. Dearie, K. Polasek, O. White, L. Lin, R. Borden, T. Vigars, H. Lindh, K. Pristash, E. McCabe, D.  Berger, E. Owens, J. Piperato, L. Weber, E. Durgin, E. Bitterbaum, M. Prus, G. Sharer

SENATORS AND MEMBERS ABSENT:  R. Grantham, D. Miller, J. Alemzadeh,  B. Wodi, J. Rayle, M. Chandler, T. Slack, P. Schroeder, R. Franco, W. Shaut, P. Ducey, A. Kuiken, R. Spitzer, A. Fitz-Gibbon, G. Clarke, S. Anderson


I. APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES:   The Minutes from April 3, 2012 were approved.


The Committee on Committees nomination for a committee vacancy was approved (Approved)



The Chair reported that members of the Steering Committee met with Middle States representatives recently.  He congratulated Ginny Levine and Lynn Anderson, the college community, and others for their extensive work and participation in the review.

As a result of the Open Meeting on April 3, and the discussion regarding streaming videos, Information Resources will be leaving the VCR’s on campus, with no provision for repairs if they break.  Amy Berg will be meeting to facilitate resources with departments.

In response to a discussion at the last Steering Committee meeting, the administration revealed plans to bus in contractors from the 281 parking lot to free up parking space when construction work commences in the Fall.

Chair Phillips finally reported on the results of the recent elections by Committee on Committees, and congratulated John Hartsock, Vice Chair; Regina Grantham, Treasurer; and Elizabeth Owens, Part-Time Senator, also indicating that there have been many write-in results for Secretary. He reported that Joanne Barry will be contacting those individuals to determine their interest in serving.

IV. VICE CHAIR:  J. Hendrick – The Vice Chair gave a report which is appended to the minutes (Appendix 1)

V. TREASURER’S REPORT  R. Grantham – No report (absent)

VI. SECRETARY’S REPORT:  No report (absent)

VII.  PRESIDENT’S REPORT:   The President gave a brief report.


Student Affairs CommitteeJ. Walkuski reported that the Faculty/Staff talent show to raise money for the Faculty Senate Memorial Scholarship has been postponed until the fall semester due to scheduling difficulties. 

Academic Faculty Affairs Committee – E. McCabe – No report.

Long-Range Planning Committee – T. Phillips reported that he called the committee together in the Fall in an attempt to reinvigorate them, without success.  He announced that it was an important committee and that, hopefully, the committee will be working and conducting its business in the future.

Educational Policy Committee –  R. Spitzer –  D. West reported that the EPC Committee met last Friday and discussed the course retake policy at SUNY Cortland.  There is another meeting scheduled on April 27 regarding this topic.

Professional Affairs Committee  –.G. Clarke – No report (absent)



Committee on Teaching EffectivenessJ. Walkuski reported on the recent Sandwich Seminar held on April 12 on assessment of teaching at SUNY Cortland and the Purdue System.  There will be another Sandwich Seminar on April 25, looking at different modalities of assessment of teaching, and different models available.

Chair Phillips announced that on May 1 the CTE Committee will be reporting on the assessment of teaching at SUNY Cortland and displaying possibilities regarding instruments.

Committee on Committees – J. Barry – T. Phillips gave the report and a nomination for a committee vacancy was approved (Appendix 2)

College Research Committee  – P. Ducey – No report (absent)


General Education Committee – A. Kuiken – No report (absent)

Graduate Faculty Executive Committee – J. Alemzadeh – No report (absent)


O. White reported from his area that as a part of expanding our international program into the Kingdom of Thailand he will be taking six SUNY Cortland and two TC3 students to Thailand in August 2012.  They will experience visiting universities and helping him with a professional development workshop for Thai teachers.   The trip will last two weeks.


XI. SUNY SENATOR’S REPORT – D. Berger – The SUNY Senator asked anybody who was interested in bringing issues forward to contact him via e-mail for the upcoming SUNY UFS Plenary at Geneseo.  He also encouraged individuals to become involved in the University Faculty Senate committees, explaining that travel was not always required, with work often being conducted often by telephone and the Internet. 

XII. STUDENT SENATOR’S REPORTS:  The students gave a brief report.

XIII. OLD BUSINESS:  - There was no Old Business.

XIV. NEW BUSINESS:  - There was no New Business.


R. Kendrick reported, as an outcome of a report from the President, that the Leadership in Civic Engagement Awards and Scholarships reception is being held Thursday, April 19, where they will we be recognizing 25 students, as well as faculty/staff, and community partners. They will also be awarding seven scholarships (funding made available through the Office of Institutional Advancement), the Don Wilcox Award, and the Cortland Alumni Association Award. In addition, they will be recognizing our 35 AmeriCorps members currently serving the Cortland community, as well as two groups, the SUNY Cortland Emergency Medical Squad and the Eta Sigma Gamma Health Honorary Society.

Respectfully Submitted,

Barbara Kissel

Recording Secretary

The following reports are appended to the minutes in the order they were submitted:

(1)    Vice Chair’s Report, submitted by J. Hendrick, Vice Chair

(2)   Committee on Committees Report, submitted by J. Barry, Chair

                                                          APPENDIX 1

                                                        Vice Chair’s Report

                                             submitted by J. Hendrick, Vice Chair

 Several announcements from the SUNY-wide Faculty Senate:

  • All senators are encouraged to nominate themselves for one of the SUNY-wide senate committees.  The committees include: Diversity Committee, Ethics Committee, Governance Committee, Graduate Committee, Operations Committee, Programs and Award Committee, Student Life Committee and the Undergraduate Academic Programs and Policies Committee.  The self-nomination form can be found on the SUNY Senate website at: The deadline is May 4th.
  • Join other SUNY faculty and maximize the potential for collaborative sustainability-related research and funding!  The Sustainability Research Workshop will be held May 17-18 at SUNY-ESF Campus in Syracuse ( and is hosted by the SUNY Faculty Senate, the Research Foundation for SUNY, and the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry.  Register at:
  • There is a call for proposals out for the Second Annual Critical Issues in Higher Education Conference sponsored by SUNY to be held November 8-9, 2012 in New York City.  The conference is titled: “HARNESSING SYSTEMNESS, DELIVERING PERFORMANCE: Charting a New Path for Higher Education”. The conference will be comprised of plenary and breakout sessions, a networking reception and poster sessions.  A volume of proceedings will be published by SUNY Press, edited by Dr. Jason Lane and Dr. Bruce Johnstone.  Information is available at: 

                                                                APPENDIX 2

Committee on Committees – Report to the Faculty Senate (4/14/2012)

Submitted by J. Barry, Chair

Item #1:


Elections were held for Faculty Senate Officers and a contested Senator seat.  The results are:

Faculty Senate Vice Chair:

                *J. Hartsock (129)

                J. Ouellette (3 write-ins)

                Joy Hendrick (2 write-ins)

                D. Berger ( 1 write-in)

                A. Fitz-Gibbon (1 write-in)

                M. Lessig (1 write-in)

                T. Phillips (1 write-in)

                R. Spitzer (1 write-in)

                S. Steadman (1 write-in)


                (141 of 508 eligible = 27%)

                *denotes elected


Faculty Senate Treasurer:

                *R. Grantham (155)

                S. Anderson (1 write-in)

                S. Comins (1 write-in)

                J. Curtis (1 write-in)

                H. Steck ( 1 write-in)

                S. Zipp (1 write-in)]


                (160 of 508 eligible = 31%)

*denotes elected

Faculty Senate Secretary:

                K. Lawrence (2 write-ins)

                R. Spitzer (2 write-ins)

    K. Alwes (1 write-in)      

                T. Baroni (1 write-in)

                T. Davis (1 write-in)

                M. Gfeller (1 write-in)

                J. Hartsock (1 write-in)

                M. Kennedy (1 write-in)

                E. McCabe (1 write-in)

                E. McDowell-Loudan (1 write-in)

                M. McGuire (1 write-in)

                S. Meyer (1 write-in)

                W. Miller (1 write-in)

                M. Odle (1 write-in)

                K. Polasek (1 write-in)

                R. Storch (1 write-in)

                J. Walkuski (1 write-in)

The Committee on Committees will contact the individuals who received write-in votes to determine if there is anyone willing/able to accept this position.  In the event there is more than one person, an election will be held.

Part-time Senator:

                *E. Owens ( 11)

                B. Schechter (5)

                J. Daugherty (1 write-in)

                (17 of 351 eligible = 4%)

Item #2:


Since the initial call for nominations, we received notice of two additional vacancies:

  • Committee on Teaching Awards, Arts & Sciences  (2012-14) – complete unexpired term (term runs January 1, 2012 through December 31, 2014)
  • Senator, School of Professional Studies (2011-13) – complete unexpired term

Item #3:


The Committee on Committees recommends the following appointment which requires confirmation by the Senate:

            Academic Faculty Affairs Committee, Math/Science, 2012-14 – Moataz Emam

Respectfully submitted,

Joanne Barry

Chair, Committee on Committees