���������������������������������������������� ����������������������� FACULTY SENATE MINUTES #9

����������������������������������� ������������������������� ��������������������� February 17, 2009 


The ninth meeting of the Faculty Senate 2008�2009 was called to order by Chair William Buxton on Tuesday, February 17, 2009 at 1:10 PM in the Park Center Hall of Fame Room.


SENATORS AND MEMBERS PRESENT:B. Buxton, K. Lawrence, J. Duncan, J. Shedd, I. Jubran, D. Miller, T. Phillips, J. Reese, J. Walkuski,

J. Governali, J. Hendrick, A. Dahlman, D. Harrington, T. Vigars, E. McCabe, S. Snell, M. Dwyer, M. Rainsford, A. Rossi, M. Prus, R. Franco, G. Sharer, R. Kendrick, S. Anderson, T. Phillips


SENATORS AND MEMBERS ABSENT:N. Helsper, H. Botwinick, D. West, O. White, J. Rayle, B. Langhans, T. Slack, D. Videto, M. Ware,

E. Bitterbaum, R. Franco, W. Shaut, R. Collings


GUESTS PRESENT: J. Mosher, D. Ritchie, M. Kelly


IAPPROVAL OF THE MINUTES: The minutes were approved from February 3, 2009. There was a question from the floor regarding the format of the minutes and a response from the chair.




The Faculty Senate voted on the LRPC Proposal amendment to item �III Proposed Procedures to be Used by the LRPC (for approval by Faculty������ Senate): item a, line 4, �This will be accomplished through a web-based survey and will be reflective of the new SUNY Cortland Mission Statement,

if possible. (Approved).{SEE Appendix 2)


The Faculty Senate voted on the LRPC Proposal, item�III, Proposed Procedures to be Used by the LRPC (for approval by Faculty Senate) as amended(Approved) {SEE Appendix 2)



Chair Buxton opened the meeting by reporting that J. Walkuski has resigned as chair of the Faculty Affairs Committee and R. Collings has been elected to replace him.The next item of business was a report that in an effort to improve communication with the college community and promote transparency of actions, committees are urged to announce their meeting times to the campus community in a timely manner and, if possible, general topics of discussion for that meeting. The chair announced that this can be done by sending an announcement to the Faculty Senate secretary, Barbara Kissel, who will forward the announcements to the Faculty Senate listserv. Chair Buxton indicated he is making that request with the recognition that committee work is time consuming and it is sometimes difficult for committee chairs to make agendas very much in advance of meeting times. Buxton reported that efforts on the part of committees to let the general public know of their meetings and topics will be appreciated.There was a suggestion from the floor that a timeframe be established and e-mail announcements be sent out on a specified basis weekly.The chair indicated that the details will be worked out once the faculty senate committee meeting times are established.


The third item of business is that the ad hoc committee to make recommendations for a professional affairs committee will hold their first meeting this Thursday. He reported that elections are complete and he has been invited to attend to provide some continuity to the meeting in terms of how the Faculty Senate will give them direction as how to proceed in the coming months.


IV. VICE CHAIR: K. Lawrence � no report.


V. TREASURER�S REPORT:J. Shedd � The Treasurer reported there was $1751.00in the Senate treasury and that there was a good response to the call for dues. He encouraged Senators to continue to pay their dues which help fund the Faculty Senate Memorial Scholarship.


VI.SECRETARY�S REPORT: K. Lawrence � no report.


VII.PRESIDENT�S REPORT: ��M. Prus gave a brief report in the absence of President Bitterbaum..




Student Affairs Committee - T. Phillips � no report.


Faculty Affairs CommitteeR. Collings � No report (absent)


Long-Range Planning CommitteeC. Cirmo � No report (absent)


Educational Policy Committee � R. Kendrick, Chair � M. Kelly reported for R. Kendrick who was absent that the EPC committee is currently working on reviewing the Curriculum Change Guide for clarity.Provost M. Prus mentioned the need for clarification of the curriculum review process. In response to a question from J. Governali regarding what would be the next course of action after the EPC process, whether it would come back to the Faculty Senate and require a faculty referendum, M. Kelly replied that she would check into it.


Student Affairs Committee � T. Phillips, Chair � no report.


College Research Committee � P. Ducey (absent) � no report.


General Education Committee � D. Miller, Chair ��� Chair Miller reported that the GE Committee has completed reviews of proposals from each of the following: SOC, WEST and EDU which will be forwarded with a recommendation for approval to the Provost.Chair Miller also reported that the GE Committee is beginning its review of course syllabi in selected categories. The committee is also working in preparation for any end of semester assessments.




Committee on Committees -J. Barry, Chair � No report.



No report.


XII. SUNY SENATOR�S REPORT � M. Ware �SUNY Senator was unable to attend.Her report was not read, but is appended in full, including proceedings from the Winter Session Plenary held in Morrisville February 5�7, three resolutions emanating from that Plenary, along with an announcement regarding the next Senate meeting at the University of Buffalo in April.(SEE Appendix 1)


XIII. STUDENT SENATOR�S REPORTS: The Students gave a brief report.



The Old Business concerning the LRPC Proposal outlining procedures for the period 2008-2010 was discussed. Item III from the handout �III Proposed Procedures to be Used by the LRPC (for approval by Faculty Senate) was discussed in full, voted on and approved.{SEE Senate Actions and Appendix 2)



There was no new business.


Respectfully Submitted:


Barbara Kissel

Recording Secretary


The following reports are appended to the minutes in the order they are submitted:


(1)   SUNY Senator�s report; Resolutions 151-01-1 �Resolution on Assessment Streamlining�; 151-02-1 �Resolution on Consultation and Collaboration; and 151-03-1 Resolution in Support of Graduate Education, Research and Creative Activities, submitted by M. Ware


(2) LRPC Proposal regarding procedures for the period 2008-2010 submitted by C. Cirmo, Chair.




University Faculty Senator�s Preliminary Report

Winter PlenaryFeb 5-7, 2009 � Morrisville,NY

Due to family surgery, your faculty senator, Dr. Mary Ware, cannot be present at the Faculty Senate on Feb. 17, 2009.I will provide this brief report in print and will elaborate at the next meeting.

The Senate Plenary had informational sessions on the budget, the �retirementservice core�, service learning and an extended period for �sharing of concerns�.The predominant topic of conversation was the budget � and in sharing of concerns we found that different campuses (even of our same type) were handling the budget cuts in markedly different ways.

On Saturday several resolutions were passed which will be appended to these Minutes of 2/17/2009.In addition, committee reports (in which much of the work of the senate is accomplished) will be posted to the University Faculty Senate website within the week. Access to that site is via www. Suny.edu. Then search for �Faculty Senate�.

The next senate meeting will be held in early April at University of Buffalo.At that meeting the new President of the Senate will be elected, as Carl Weizelis has completed his two terms.Nominees are Sandra Michael of Binghamton University and Ken O�Brien of SUNY Brockport.


Resolution on Assessment Streamlining

From the University Colleges

University Faculty Senate


Whereas the multiple layers of assessment and accreditation in SUNY represent redundant efforts that have often become counterproductive to teaching and learning, and

Whereas those assessments are a costly use of faculty time and university resources; and,

Whereas those assessments represent a significant and real cost to the State University of New York, draining money from instruction and educational quality; and,

Whereas the UFS is committed to accountability, with evaluations that are efficient, effective, and applicable;

Therefore be it resolved that:

The University Faculty Senate recommends to the Provost that assessment be streamlined to reduce the multiple layers that now exist in SUNY; and that

The Provost should work with the University Faculty Senate in assessment streamlining.

151-01-1Passed without Dissent

Resolution on Assessment Streamlining

February 7, 2009


Resolution on Consultation and Collaboration

From the University Colleges

University Faculty Senate


Whereas the University Faculty Senate recognizes that the current financial crisis creates difficult choices for New York State and the State University; and,

Whereas the University Faculty Senate knows the current budget crisis is threatening the quality of public higher education in New York State; and,

Whereas the University Faculty Senate affirms our continued support for educational quality;

Therefore be it resolved that:

The University Faculty Senate calls for transparency and appropriate consultation between local administration and faculty governance prior to any major decision concerning allocation of resources that affects educational quality and curriculum.

151-02-1Passed without Dissent

Resolution on Consultation and Collaboration

February 7, 2009


Resolution in Support of Graduate Education, Research and Creative Activities

Morrisville Plenary Meeting

February 6, 2009

Whereas, the level of implemented budget cuts substantially weaken the reputation and status of SUNY as an institution of high quality graduate education, research and creative activities by creating the potential for a serious loss of current faculty and making the recruitment of new talent (faculty and graduate students) difficult and by decreasing the ability of faculty to secure desperately needed external funding, and

Whereas, the current budget cuts are so severe that they will undermine New York State�s investment in its future by making it more difficult for graduate students to have access to the programs they require, which will hamper their ability to both graduate in a timely fashion and complete meaningful and productive research and also incurring greater costs for their education, and

Whereas, the current financial crisis that is gripping New York State and the nation, and which is likely to continue for several years, will lead to increased unemployment that will result in an increase in the numbers of citizens seeking to enhance existing job skills by enrolling in SUNY graduate programs,

Therefore, be it resolved, that the University Faculty Senate, as the representative body through which the faculty and professional staff engage in the governance of the University, believes that SUNY should not sustain the same percentage budget reductions as other state agencies, and

Be it further resolved, that the state publicly acknowledges the research activities of SUNY faculty and graduate students as a significant investment in its future and as an engine of economic productivity that New York State sorely needs, and

Be it further resolved, that the faculty and academic and professional staff, who define the university, must be preserved at all costs even during periods of budget shortfalls, and

Be it further resolved, that Governor Paterson and the Legislature should provide to SUNY sufficient funds in continuing years to maintain SUNY as one of the premier institutions of public graduate education and research in the country.


151-03-1Passed without Dissent

Resolution in Support of Graduate Education, Research and Creative Activities

February 7, 2009



LRPC Proposal regarding procedures for the period 2008-2010

Submitted by C. Cirmo, Chair, LRPC Committee

         To: William Buxton, Chair, Faculty Senate

         Fr: Long-Range Planning Committee

         Re: Agenda Item for February 2 meeting of the Faculty Senate

         Date: January 27, 2009

         We respectfully request to be put on the agenda for the February 3 meeting of the Faculty Senate. The agenda item is a proposal for procedures of the Long-Range Planning Committee for the period 2008-2010. In accordance with the College Handbook (Part One, Chapter 150.03, Article VII, Section C.d.1 and 2.), the role and charge of the Long-Range Planning Committee are as follows:

         (I) Handbook Role and Charge to the Long-Range Planning Committee

         1. To consider and recommend to the Senate matters related to current academic plans, long-range planning, and other such matters designated to it by the Senate.

         2. To determine the procedure whereby faculty and student input is obtained regarding long-range plans. The procedure developed shall be subject to approval by the Senate, and to mandatory review every two years.

         As a Faculty Senate Committee, the LRPC has a singular role in representing the academic mission and academic units of the college (i.e., departments, centers, programs). With the creation of the Strategic Planning Steering Committee (SPSC), and its overarching representation of other constituencies at the college (e.g., Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, Facilities, Institutional Advancement, Finance and Management, etc.), the LRPC proposes the following to fulfill this charge.

         (II) Clarification of the Role of the LRPC

         a) Determine common ideals as distilled and synthesized from all available academic unit long-range or strategic plans, mission, vision or other values statements. The LRPC will determine these commonalities while keeping in mind the current (evolving) mission statement of the college (a �bottom-up� process).

         b) Discover, refine, and recommend components and strategies for an academic long-range plan for the college. This reflects the committee's elected representative base as a Faculty Senate committee, as contrasted with Divisional strategic and long-range plans which are best reviewed and represented by the Strategic Planning Steering Committee.

         c) Interpret and present (through qualitative data analysis) collective faculty and student input about what is important for long-range planning for the college.

         (III) Proposed Procedures to be Used by the LRPC (for approval by Faculty Senate)

         a) Ask all academic units and departments to either (i) prioritize and submit to the LRPC aspects of their academic-unit long-range or strategic plans or statements, or (ii) if no formal plan or statements exist, to submit a statement of prioritized strategic values or issues agreed upon by the academic unit. This will be accomplished through a web-based survey and will be reflective of the new SUNY Cortland Mission Statement. This could include the use of an on-line forum (e.g., a �wiki�) or other methods of input such as open forums and/or surveys.

         (b) LRPC will present its findings and recommendations to the Faculty Senate, the Strategic Planning Steering Committee, and the campus community, in the spring of 2009.

         Current Long-Range Planning Committee Membership: Chris Cirmo (chair)-mathematics/sciences; Diane Craft-professional studies; Mel King-social/behavioral sciences; Virginia Levine (ex-officio)-president�s office; Josh Peluso-professionals; Dave Ritchie-library; Kim Rombach-education; Cynthia Sarver-fine arts/humanities; Danielle Singer-student; Second Student (open).