���������������������������������� September 30, 2008


1. CALL TO ORDER:  The third meeting of the Faculty Senate for 2008-2009 was called to order at 1:10 PM on September 30, 2008 in the Jacobus Lounge, Brockway Hall by Chair William Buxton.


SENATORS AND MEMBERS PRESENTB. Buxton, K. Lawrence, J. Duncan, J. Shedd, I. Jubran, N. Helsper, H. Botwinick, D. West, D. Miller,

J. Reese, J. Governali, J. Hendrick, J. Rayle, B. Langhans, A. Dahlman, D. Harrington, T. Vigars, E. McCabe, T. Slack, D. Videto, S. Snell, M. Dwyer,

M. Rainsford, M. Rainsford, C. Hahl, E. Bitterbaum, M. Prus, R. Franco, G. Sharer, W. Shaut, R. Kendrick, T. Phillips, D. Miller, P. Koryzno,

S. Anderson




GUESTS PRESENT: G. Levine, L. Atkins, S. Burwood, K. Alwes



The minutes from September 16, 2008 were approved.



There was a vote to approve the committee recommendation from the Committee on Committees [SEE Appendix 1)


There was a vote to approve the proposal to create an ad hoc committee to review and make recommendations on the Professional Affairs Committee (Approved)



Chair Buxton had no report.



K. Lawrence � No report.



J. Duncan - No report.



J. Shedd � No report.



President Bitterbaum gave a lengthy and detailed report regarding the severe budget situation impacting the future of the SUNY institutions, as well as SUNY Cortland in particular. One of the outcomes reported by President Bitterbaum was that there would be no future searches, including the Deans searches, and he reported that the Interim Deans have agreed to continue serving.


D. Miller expressed to the President that good ideas are needed and made some suggestions regarding measures to encourage savings, including having the campus start 1-2 weeks later each semester.The lights were turned off in the room by Senator Miller in support of energy conservation.


President Bitterbaum commended Miller, reported on savings ideas, and also announced a possibility of a four day work week in the summer.


D. West asked a question about looking into savings concerning campus bus services.


The President responded that bus services on campus have been reviewed at different times.


B. Buxton asked about student fees which seem to go up every year.


President Bitterbaum replied that, because there has been no tuition increase for 13 years, the SUNY System has found other ways, including raising fees, to collect needed revenue.��� He indicated this is problematic since, if a tuition increase is approved, other funds may be taken away.


Senator Dahlman asked a question on a different topic about the upcoming Cortaca Jug game concerning issues of safety, especially in light of two recently reported incidents on campus.

President Bitterbaum responded in full to both incidents.He expressed his outrage, in particular, to one of them involving serious injuries to two students and went into detail concerning the seriousness of the situation, possible motives and how it is being dealt with.




Long Range Planning Committee � No report.


Educational Policy Committee � R. Kendrick, Chair � Chair Kendrick reported that the EPC is continuing its discussion of the policies affecting overlaps between majors, minors and concentrations. Ginny Levine, Assistant to the President, prepared a packet of materials on SUNY and college policies on this issue that will be distributed to committee members at the meeting on Thursday.Jerry O�Callaghan, Associate Dean of Arts and Sciences, and Scott Anderson, chair of Geography, will be at the meeting on Thursday to discuss their views of the overlap issue.The EPC meets again on Thursday, October 2, 2 to 3 p.m. in Old Main room 218.Bob Spitzer will be presiding at the meeting in the absence of Chair Kendrick who will be away at a three-day workshop.


Student Affairs Committee � T. Phillips, Chair � No report.


Faculty Affairs Committee � J. Walkuski, Chair � No report (absent).


College Research Committee � No report.


General Education Committee � D. Miller, Chair � No report.




Committee on Committees -J. Barry, Chair � B. Buxton read the report from the Committee on Committees. The committee nomination was approved. {SEE Appendix 1)


XI. AREA SENATOR�S REPORTS: J. Rayle reported that although he worked hard to fill the current vacant seat in Education he was unsuccessful in his attempts, however Senator Rayle indicated he will continue in his efforts.


XII. SUNY SENATOR�S REPORT � M. Ware � No report (absent.)



The students had no report.



The proposal to form an ad hoc committee to review and make recommendations on a Professional Affairs Committee was introduced by Professional Senator Vigars. She mentioned that there was an attempt to closely match the numbers on the ad hoc committee to professional representation in areas across the campus.{SEE Appendix 2)



The three items from the Review of Governance Report Part 1 proposed by Senator H. Botwinick, as presented in a memo from him, were discussed:1) The addition of two full time lecturers as voting positions in the Senate;2) The adoption of all changes to the Faculty Affairs Committee recommended in part two of the Review of Governance Report as outlined in that report on pages three and four; 3) The adoption of all changes to the General Education Committee recommendations in Part Two of the Governance Report as outlined in pages eight and nine in the detailed grid for Senate Standing Committee {SEE Appendix 3)


There was a lengthy and detailed discussion involving all three items, resulting in the need for clarification of ambiguities pertaining to the above, and requirement of additional supporting information, hopefully, to be presented and addressed at the next Senate meeting.It was discussed and decided that Senator Botwinick would meet with other interested parties to work on the language and what is specifically being proposed according to the Review of Governance Report and the College Handbook.


Respectfully Submitted:


Barbara Kissel

Recording Secretary


The following reports are appended to the minutes in the order they are submitted:


(1)   Committee on Committees report submitted by J. Barry


(2)   Proposal to form an ad hoc committee to review and make recommendations for the Professional Affairs Committee, submitted by A. Dahlman and T. Vigars


(3)   Three recommendations from the Review of Governance Report submitted by H. Botwinick





Committee on Committees � Report to the Faculty Senate

September 30, 2008

submitted by J . Barry, Chair

Item # 1

  • The ballots for the search committees for the Dean of Arts & Sciences & the Dean of Professional Studies were tallied.The results are attached.
  • The searches have now been put on hold and committee members have been notified.


Item #2

  • A call for nominations was been issued for two vacancies on the ad hoc committee for external review (Math/Science and School of Professional Studies).
  • Susan Wilson was been nominated from the School of Professional Studies and can be elected by vote of the Faculty Senate Secretary (ballot sent to Secretary).


Item #3

  • The Committee recommends the following appointment:


Committee on Teaching Effectiveness - Katina Sayers-Walker representing Education (2008-2012)

This requires confirmation by the Faculty Senate.

Item #4

  • Updated committee list is attached, and remaining vacancies are listed below:


Committee on Committees, (2007-09) ���������������� Soc/Beh Sci.

Committee on Teaching Effectiveness (2005-09)����������� Soc/Beh Sci.

Student Affairs Committee (2008-10)������������������� Fine Arts/Humanities

Faculty Senate Officers (Elected:1 yr. Term) 2008-2009

  • Buxton, Bill ����������������������������� Chair

Lawrence, Kathy��������������������� Vice-Chair

��� ������� Duncan, Janet�������������� Secretary

�� �������� Shedd, John���������������������������� Treasurer (no more than 2 successive terms)


Faculty Senate Steering Committee 2007-08

  • Buxton, Bill������������������������������ Chair

Lawrence, Kathy��������������������� Vice-Chair

��� ������� Duncan, Janet�������������� Secretary

�� �������� Shedd, John���������������������������� Treasurer (no more than 2 successive terms)

����������� Anderson, Steve���������������������� Parliamentarian (appointed)

����������������������������������������������������������� 08-09�� Educational Policy Committee Chair

����������������������������������������������������������� 08-09�� General Education Committee Chair

����������������������������������������������������������� 08-09�� Long Range Planning Committee Chair

����������������������������������������������������������� 08-09 Faculty Affairs Committee Chair

����������������������������������������������������������� 08-09�� Student Affairs Committee Chair

SUNY Senator(Elected: 3 yr. term)

����������� Ware, Mary���������������������������� 2006-09���������� At large

SUNY Senator � Alternate (Elected: 3 yr. term)

����������� Phillips, Tim����������������������������� 2006-09���������� At large

Auxiliary Services Corporation (Elected:3 yr. term) � (C. on C. does NOT run election for MC reps)

Jordak, Ingrid�������������������������� 2006-09���������� Academic/Professional Faculty

Patrick, Ben���������������������������� 2007-10���������� Academic/Professional Faculty

Ritchie, David�������������� 2007-10���������� Academic/Professional Faculty

Steck, Henry��������������������������� 2008-11���������� Academic/Professional Faculty

McCarthy, Matthew���������������� 2008-11���������� Academic/Professional Faculty

Barry, Joanne�������������� 2008-09���������� m/c

Franco, Raymond�������������������� 2008-09���������� m/c

�������� Shaut, William������������� 2008-09���������� m/c

College Curriculum Review Committee (Appointed: 2 yr. term)����

����������� Pittman, Damien���������������������� 2008-10���������� Math/Sci���������

Rayl, Susan����������������������������� 2007-09���������� Professional Studies

����������� Harms, Daniel�������������� 2007-09���������� Library

����������� Ouellette, Judith����������������������� 2007-09���������� Soc/Beh Sci

����������� Kelly, Michelle������������ 2007-09���������� Education

  • Benton, Cindy������������� 2008-10���������� Education

Costell Corbin, Carol��� 2008-10���������� Professional Staff

����������� Lawrence, Kathy��������������������� 2008-10���������� Fine Arts/Humanities

����������� Reese, Jim������������������������������� 2008-10���������� Professional Studies

����������� Barduhn, Marley���������������������� Ex Officio�������� Assoc. Dean designee for Education

����������� O�Callaghan, Jerry������������������� Ex Officio�������� Assoc. Dean designee for Arts & Sciences

����������� Gravani, Eileen������������ Ex Officio�������� Assoc. Dean designee for Professional Studies

����������� Avery, Gradin�������������������������� Ex Officio�������� Assoc. Provost, Enrollment Management & Curriculum

����������� Baylinson, Kelsey�������������������� currentStudent

����������� VanTassle, Christine���� currentStudent

College Research Committee (Appointed: 3 yr. term) [Qualifications: should have received grant from external funding or reviewed grants from an outside agency.]

Wisch, Barbara����������������������� 2008-11���������� Fine Arts/Humanities

  • Ducey, Peter��������������������������� 2006-09���������� Math/Sci


Hodges, Bonni������������� 2006-09���������� Professional Studies

Kraebel, Kim�������������������������� 2007-10���������� Soc/Beh Sci

����������� Klotz, Laurie��������������������������� 2007-10���������� Professional Staff

Stratton, Susan������������ 2007-10���������� Education

Herrmann, Gretchen���� 2008-11���������� Library

Henderson-Harr, AmySponsored Programs [Ex Officio]

����������� Clarke, Glen���������������������������� Sponsored Programs [Ex Officio]

Committee on Committees (Elected: 2 yr. term)

Hollister, Amanda�������������������� 2007-09���������� Library

  • Barry, Joanne�������������� 2007-09���������� M/C


Gascon, Christopher���� 2007-09���������� Fine Arts/Humanities

����������� _____________��������������������� 2007-09���������� Soc/Beh Sci

Gleason, Gayle������������ 2008-10���������� Math/Sci

����������� Coffey, Kate��������������������������� 2008-10���������� Professional Studies

����������� Janes, Jennifer������������� 2008-10���������� Professional Staff

Kudela, Emilie������������� 2008-10���������� Education

����������� Kissel, Barbara������������ Ex Officio�������� Faculty Senate designee

����������� Baylinson, Kelsey�������������������� currentStudent

Committee on Teaching Awards (Appointed: 3 yr. term/ term runs January through December)(minimum 5 yrs. teaching at SUNY Cortland)

  • Hodges, Bonni������������� 2006-08���������� Professional Studies

Shedd, John���������������������������� 2006-08���������� Arts and Sciences

Knight, Denise������������������������� 2007-09���������� Arts & Sciences�����������

����������� Benton, Cindy������������� 2007-09���������� Education

Shedd, John���������������������������� 2009-11���������� Arts & Sciences

Buxton, Bill������������������������������ currentFaculty Senate Vice Chair

����������� Levine, Virginia������������ Ex Officio�������� President�s Office��������

����������� Baylinson, Kelsey�������������������� currentStudent

Committee on Teaching Effectiveness (Appointed: 4 yr. term) (no consecutive terms)

������� ��� Sayers-Walker, Katina*���������� 2004-08���������� Education

Conklin, Patricia���������������������� 2005-09���������� Math/Sci

����������� __________________����������� 2005-09���������� Soc/Beh Sci

  • Stearns, Karen������������ 2006-10���������� Fine Arts/Humanities


Trunfio, Tony��������������� 2007-11���������� Professional Studies

Platt, Laura������������������������������ currentStudent �����������

Murphy, Amber����������������������� currentStudent

����������� __________________����������� currentStudent

����������� *pending confirmation

Educational Policy Committee (Appointed: 2 yr. term)

Kelly, Michelle������������ 2007-09���������� Education

����������� Lachance, Andrea������������������� 2007-09���������� Education

  • Kendrick, Richard������������������� 2007-09���������� Arts & Sciences

Ford, Janet������������������������������ 2007-09���������� Professional Studies

Spitzer, Bob���������������������������� 2008-10���������� Arts & Sciences

������� ��� Douglas, Gretchen������������������� 2008-10���������� Library

Anderson, Lynn����������������������� 2008-10���������� Professional Studies

����������� Yacavone, Mark��������������������� 2008-10���������� Professional Staff

����������� Barclay, David������������� 2008-10���������� Academic Faculty at large

Prus, Mark������������������������������ Ex Officio�������� Provost

Margine, Donna����������������������� Ex Officio�������� Registrar

________________��� Ex Officio�������� Graduate Faculty Executive Committee designee

����������� Dwyer, Melissa����������������������� currentStudent

����������� ________________��� currentStudent

Facilities and Master Plan Oversight Committee (Appointed: 3 yr. term)

����������� Cirmo, Chris���������������������������� 2008-11���������� At Large

����������� Sternfeld, John������������� 2007-10���������� At Large (this seat will not exist after this term)*

*two committees were collapsed into one; creating confusion about seats � will revert back

to one seat at the end of 2010

Faculty Affairs Committee (appointed: 2 yr. term)

Melita, Lorraine����������������������� 2007-09���������� Library

  • Walkuski, Jeff�������������� 2007-09���������� Professional Studies

����������� Moore, Edward����������������������� 2007-09���������� Fine Arts/Humanities

Collings, Raymond������������������� 2007-09���������� Soc/Beh Sci.

Tobin, Brian���������������������������� 2008-10���������� Professional Staff

���������� Rayle, Joseph�������������� 2008-10���������� Education

Emam, Moataz������������ 2008-10���������� Math/Sci

����������� Hahl, Casey����������������������������� currentStudent

����������� __________��������������������������� currentStudent

Faculty Representative to the Student Senate (Elected: 1 yr. term) (no more than 2 successive terms)

����������� Connell, Mark������������� 2008-09���������� At Large

����������� Tobin, Brian���������������������������� 2008-09���������� At Large

General Education Committee (Elected: 2 yr. term)

Chiodo, Anita�������������� 2007-09���������� Library

Worrell, Mark������������������������� 2007-09���������� Academic At Large

Jones, Valerie�������������� 2007-09���������� Professional Staff

Rayle, Joseph�������������� 2008-10���������� Education

Hartsock, John������������ 2008-10���������� Fine Arts/Humanities

  • Miller, David��������������������������� 2008-10���������� Soc/Beh Sci


Hendrick, Joy�������������� 2008-10���������� Professional Studies ����

West, Donna��������������������������� 2008-10���������� Academic At Large

Schubert, Claus����������������������� 2008-10���������� Math/Sci

����������� _____________��������������������� currentStudent

����������� Aumann, Nancy����������������������� ex officio��������� Associate Provost for Academic Affairs

����������� Mattingly, Bruce���������������������� ex officio��������� Dean of Arts & Sciences

����������� Canfield, Merle������������ ex officio��������� Institutional Research & Assessment

Long Range Planning Committee (Appointed: 3 yr. term)

���������� Ritchie, Dave��������������� 2007-09*�������� Library

Sarver, Cynthia������������ 2007-09*�������� Fine Arts/Humanities

Rombach, Kim������������ 2007-10���������� Education

����������� Cirmo, Chris���������������������������� 2007-10���������� Math/Sci

Craft, Diane����������������������������� 2008-11���������� Professional Studies

King, Mel�������������������������������� 2008-11���������� Soc/Beh Sci

����������� Peluso, Josh���������������������������� 2008-11���������� Professional Staff

���� ������ Singer, Danielle������������ currentStudent

����������� Platt, Laura������������������������������ currentStudent

����������� *2-year term to align staggered terms more evenly

Student Affairs Committee (Appointed: 2 yr. term)

Connell, Mark������������� 2007-09���������� Library

����������� Summers, Pamela�������������������� 2007-09���������� Education

  • Phillips, Tim����������������������������� 2007-09���������� Soc/Beh Sci

Zhe-Heimerman, Jeremy���������� 2008-10���������� Professional Staff

��������� Davis, Tim������������������������������� 2008-10���������� Professional Studies

����������� Ahmadi, Aphrodite������������������ 2008-10���������� Math/Sci

������� ��� _____________��������������������� 2008-10���������� Fine Arts/Humanities

����������� Rossi, Anne Marie������������������� currentStudent

����������� Magnanti, Gabrielle������������������ currentStudent

Chair of Committee

Deans� Search Committees

Election Results � Fall 2008

Dean of Arts & Sciences:

4 faculty representatives from Arts & Sciences:

    *Chris Cirmo (44)

    *Mecke Nagel (40)

    *Kathy Lawrence (39)

    *Anne Vittoria (39)

    Henry Steck (29)

    Mel King (23)

    Kevin Halpin (20)

    Karen Zimmerman (17)

    Donna West (12)

    John Hartsock (10)

    Stuart Traub (10)

    Bob Spitzer (2 write-ins)

    Peter Ducey (1 write-in)

    Ralph Dudgeon (1 write-in)

    Judy Ouellette (1 write-in)

 1 representative from Academic Affairs Professionals:

    *Lori Schilcht (37)

    Howard Lindh (11)

    Andrew Mount (4)

 Dean of School of Professional Studies:

 4 faculty representatives from Professional Studies:

    *Regina Grantham (22)

    *Joy Hendrick (21)

    *Jim Reese (21)

    *Tim Davis (16)

    Kate Coffey (15)

 1 representative from Academic Affairs Professionals

    *Donna Margine (29)

    Alyson Dearie (17)

 *Denotes elected

����������������������������������������������������������� APPENDIX 2

Proposal for the ad hoc committee to review and make recommendations for the Professional Affairs Committee

Submitted by A. Dahlman, T. Vigars


Faculty Senate Proposal

Based on the survey conducted by and the recommendation of the Review of Governance Committee, the Professional Senators strongly recommend that the Faculty Senate add a Professional Affairs Committee as an additional Standing Policy Committee of the Senate.The proposed committee would, essentially, provide the functional equivalent of the Faculty Affairs Committee for professionals.

We therefore move that an ad hoc Senate committee be set up in order to determine the make-up and duties of this proposed standing committee for professionals.All members of this ad hoc committee should be professionals, and membership should be elected from the following areas:

Chair elected at large from the professionals

1 rep from Institutional Advancement which includes Alumni Affairs, Publications and Electronic Media, Public Relations, Financial Operations, The Cortland Fund, Leadership Giving, Planned Giving, and Advancement and Information Services.

1 rep from Finance and Management, which includes Finance, Facilities Management, and Human Resources.

2 reps fromStudent Affairs which includes Corey Union and Conferences, Academic Support and Achievement Program, Educational Opportunity Program, Residential Services, Recreational Sports, the Student Development Center, Judicial Affairs, University Police, and Multicultural Affairs.

2 reps from Academic Affairs which includes the School of Education (Center for Educational Exchange & Field Placement), School of Arts and Sciences (Art and Art History, Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Performing Arts, and Physics.) School of Professional Studies (SUNY Youth Sports Coaching Institute and Kinesiology), Research and Sponsored Programs, Athletics, Clark Center for International Education, Faculty Development Center, Graduate Studies, Institutional research and Assessment, Intercultural and Gender Studies, International Programs, and Outdoor and Environmental Education.

1 rep from Information Resources , which includes Academic Computing,Administrative Computing, Classroom Media Services, Memorial Library, and the Center for the Advancement of Technology in Education.

1 rep from Enrollment Management, which includes the Registrar, Admissions, Financial Advisement, and Advisement and Transition.

Pending Senate approval of the ad hoc committee�s recommendations, this proposal would then be placed in a referendum to change the Senate�s committee structure and bylaws.


����������������������������������������������������������� APPENDIX 3

����������� Memo from H. Botwinick to B. Buxton regarding three ROG report Recommendations

From: ������������ Howard Botwinick

Sent:�������������� Monday, September 22, 2008 1:17 P.M.

To:����������������� William Buxton

Subject:���������� Recommendations for Senate

Hi Bill,

As promised, I�d like to recommend that we move the following items from the Review of Governance Report. These pieces should be less controversial and may help to pave the way for more cooperative efforts to revisit other areas.

1)      As of December 2007, SUNY Cortland had 48 full-time lecturers on its payroll.As the Governance Committee Report recommends, I would like to recommend that the Senate add two voting positions to the Senate for full time lecturers.These positions would be elected at large from all full time lecturers.

2)      I recommend that the Senate adopt all changes to the Faculty Affairs Committee which are recommended in Part Two of the Review of Governance Report. (See pages three and four of the detailed grid for Senate Standing Committees.)

3)      I recommend that the Senate adopt all changes to the General Education Committee which are recommended in Part Two of the Governance Report.(See pages 8 and 9 of the detailed grid for Senate Standing Committees.)

Hope this helps.