�������������������������� April 17, 2007


1. CALL TO ORDER:  The thirteenth meeting of the Faculty Senate for 2006-2007 was called to order at 1:15 PM on April 3, 2007 in the Hall of Fame Room in the Park Center by Vice Chair Karla Alwes.


SENATORS AND MEMBERS PRESENT: K. Alwes, R. Spitzer, J. Governali, J. Hendrick, J. Rayle, J. Mosher, D. Sidebottom, J. Sitterly, B. Tobin,

D. Ritchie, J. Walkuski, P. Schroeder, K. Boyes, S. Brown, C. Schacht, E. Bitterbaum, R. Peagler, J. Cottone, G. Clarke, D. Ritchie, S. Anderson, M. McGuire


SENATORS AND MEMBERS ABSENT: M. King, E. McCabe, D. Berger, K. Lawrence, P. Quaglio, G. Zarate, D. Miller, D. West, L. Anderson, J. Casciani, E. Jampole, V. Marty, T. Slack, M. Ware, B. Schecter, E. Davis-Russell, R. Franco, W. Shaut, M. Connell


GUESTS: G. Levine, N. Aumann, P. Koryzno, R. Olsson, M. Prus, E. Caffarella



The Minutes from April 17, 2007 were approved.



There was a vote to approve the Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) Proposed Process for Input Regarding Divisional Strategic Plans (Passed)


There was a vote to approve the Long Range Planning Committee motion regarding the appointment of three year staggered terms (Passed)


There was a vote to approve the resolution submitted by R. Spitzer regarding the Virginia Tech tragedy (Passed)



Vice Chair Alwes conducted the meeting in the absence of Chairman King who was unable to attend.The Long Range Planning Committee proposals, held over from a prior Senate meeting, were held during the Chair's report to ensure that its business would be concluded.



K. Alwes - No report.



E. McCabe �  No report.



D. Berger - No report.



The President gave a brief report.



There was a question from R. Spitzer regarding a student who worked in one of the Fitness Facilities on campus who had discovered that undergraduate students were being given faculty staff permits and when inquired was told not to pursue it and quit.


The other issue regarded the Colloquin Room in Old Main where it was rumored that they would be cutting back their services, providing less variety and no hot foods.


The third item from D. Ritchie involved the snowstorm and the college's ability to post the information regarding classes being cancelled in a timely manner.




Long Range Planning Committee � D. Ritchie - No report {SEE Old Business, Chair's Report}


Educational Policy Committee � J. Cottone gave a brief report.


Student Affairs Committee � M. Connell, Chair � No report (absent)


Faculty Affairs Committee � G. Clarke, Chair � No report.


College Research Committee � G. Clarke gave a brief report.


General Education Committee � M. McGuire gave a brief report.


Committee on Committees � E. McCabe (absent) - No report.



R. Spitzer gave a brief report addressing allegations that he had made disparaging comments regarding his departmental secretary at the last meeting. He explained that he had obtained the tapes from the previous meeting on April 3 and made a transcription, to set the record straight.He announced that D. Dintino was an excellent person and secretary and made it clear that no such discourse had ever taken place {SEE Appendix 1)


R. Spitzer brought forth a motion regarding the Virginia Tech tragedy and asked that it be forwarded to the institution.


XII. SUNY SENATOR�S REPORT � M. Ware � K. Alwes announced, in the absence of SUNY Senator Ware, that the next Senate Plenary will be at Brockport from April 26-28 and if anyone had questions or concerns to please e-mail Ware and she would make a report at the next Senate meeting.



K. Boyes gave a brief report regarding student elections and Festivus.



The Faculty Senate Long-Range Planning Committee Proposed Process for Input Regarding Divisional Strategic Plans was discussed and voted on along with the motion regarding staggering three year appointed terms during the Chair's report.



There was no new business.


Respectfully Submitted:


Barbara Kissel

Recording Secretary


The following reports are appended to the minutes in the order they are submitted:


(1) There was a vote to approve the Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) Proposed Process for Input Regarding Divisional Strategic Plans.


(2) There was a vote to approve the Long Range Planning Committee motion regarding the appointment of three year staggered terms.


(3) Verbatim Transcription of R. Spitzer's comments during Area Senator's report at April 3, 2007 Faculty Senate meeting submitted by R. Spitzer


(4) There was a vote to approve the resolution submitted by R. Spitzer regarding the Virginia Tech tragedy.





Faculty Senate Long-Range Planning Committee

����������� ��� Proposed Process for Input Regarding Divisional Strategic Plans


In accordance with College Handbook section D.3(d), it is the responsibility of the Long-Range Planning Committee (LRPC) to �determine the procedure whereby faculty and student input is obtained regarding long-range plans. The procedure developed shall be subject to approval by the Senate, and to mandatory review every two years.�


Since �long range� plans � in the recent past only two-three years in length and consisting of objectives developed jointly by the administration and college community � have been replaced by five-year divisional strategic plans developed by each of the vice-presidents and their staffs, the process has to be changed. The following process is proposed for each divisional strategic plan:


1.The LRPC receives a draft five-year divisional strategic plan from the Vice President near the beginning of the five-year cycle.


2.After a brief period for review, the LRPC meets with the Vice President to discuss what priority each of the objectives in the strategic plan has been given.


3.The LRPC will publicize the draft strategic plan, highlighting priorities, to encourage input

from faculty, staff, and students.The strategic plan will be publicized via

e-mail and through

notices in media outlets such as The Bulletin and The Dragon Chronicle.


4.The LRPC, in conjunction with the Vice President, will announce an open meeting to

discuss the plan and receive input from the campus community.


5.Based on the results of this meeting, the LRPC will provide specific feedback to the

Vice President, with copy to the Faculty Senate and the campus community.


6.As part of their response back to the LRPC, the Vice President will provide any updates to the plan to the LRPC and to the campus community.


7.On at least an annual basis in the spring of each year, the Vice President will inform the LRPC of further updates to the plan and progress and accomplishments under the strategic plan.


8.�� The LRPC will then publish an annual review of the updates/accomplishments of the various strategic plans to the Faculty Senate and to the campus community.



����������������������������������������������� APPENDIX 2

����� Motion regarding staggering of three year appointed terms


The Long-Range Planning Committee introduces the following motion for the April Faculty Senate meeting:



Whereas the Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) members are to be appointed for three-year staggered terms;


And whereas currently four (4) terms end this spring 2007, two (2) terms end in spring 2008; and zero (0) terms end in 2009;


Therefore, be it resolved that, for the current spring 2007 election only, the following two (2) LRPC positions will have a 2-year term to end in 2009, thereby restoring more equally-staggered three-year terms for the LRPC:


-the term for the Fine Arts/humanities representative


-the terms for the Library representative.


���������������������������� ��������� APPENDIX 3

Transcription of Dialogue during Area Senator's report, R. Spitzer




SPITZER: I do have one item, I�m not sure where to direct it, though, it pertains to advisement. I was on sabbatical last semester, so I didn�t do advising, but this semester apparently it�s not possible to obtain a printed copy of the full master schedule of the Fall 07 semester. And I did my first advising yesterday . . . . We have certainly obtained printed copies every semester in the past even though the information is online, can it�even if it cannot be made available printed, can it at least be made available in summary fashion online where it could then be printed because . . . it makes my job more difficult, and it makes it more complicated for the students as well to not have a physical printed copy of the courses to come.Is that something that can be �

BITTERBAUM: That can be done. What I would share with you is that people have forgot � I did make a promise that as far as the catalog was concerned. . . Now as to the, say, the summer schedule, the winter schedule, or the spring, we were supposed to do one for each department, that would be available.I will have to � I made that promise to the faculty and I�m not going back on it; every department would have a hard copy that they could look at.Oh, I�m sorry, go ahead. I was trying to finish the thought, so, the important thing is that every department can have a hard copy of, and that was my understanding, and the Registrar�s Office, if Elizabeth knows something else, I�m sure she�d be happy to share it.The Registrar�s not here � the idea�s not to make it a hardship, right?I will share with you, on a positive note, that our students love having the catalog online. . . .but if it is a difficulty for anyone. . . and I will turn it over to Elizabeth for some additional thoughts.

DAVIS-RUSSELL: When we did this, the secretaries were trained in how to print copies for each department, so your secretary should have been able to print a copy.

SPITZER: If I may follow up, I did make that inquiry and was told � now, maybe there�s been a glitch in information � I did make that inquiry, and our secretary said that she was not able to obtain it in that fashion [as a PDF] to print out.

GOVERNALI:I had the same need that Bob did; the secretaries can do that; because I was able to get, have the secretaries download, we can�t do it, but the secretaries can.

SPITZER:You were able to do it this semester?

GOVERNALI:The secretaries can.��

SPITZER:OK, but this semester?

GOVERNALI:This semester.


BITTERBAUM:Well, if Debbie can�t, why don�t you ask her to ask another secretary

GOVERNALI:Maybe the Health Department.

SPITZER:Thank you.

GOVERNALI:Thank you.

BITTERBAUM:Well, I�ll be curious, any other secretaries for any other departments that are struggling � well, we�ll be happy to work with you �

SPITZER:I�m deeply grateful.

KING:Any other area senator. . . .



������������������������������������� APPENDIX 4

��������� Motion Regarding Virginia Tech Tragedy, R. Spitzer


WHEREAS, the senseless shooting that occurred yesterday, April 16, 2007, on the campus of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, also known as Virginia Tech, resulting in the deaths of more than thirty people, and the injury of nearly thirty, shocks and offends all connected with higher education, as well as the nation; and


WHEREAS, violence is the antithesis of everything for which a university stands, be it therefore


RESOLVED that the entire SUNY Cortland community expresses its grief and outrage at this senseless act of wanton violence, and on behalf of the entire Cortland community, the Faculty Senate wishes to express its sincerest and deepest sympathies with our sister campus, Virginia Tech, and


RESOLVED, that the Senate requests that this Resolution be transmitted to Virginia Tech President Charles Steger, and to the university's faculty governance body or bodies.