������������� March 20, 2007


1. CALL TO ORDER:  The eleventh meeting of the Faculty Senate for 2006-2007 was called

to order at 1:15 PM on March 20, 2007 in the Hall of Fame Room in the Park Center by Chair Melvyn King.


SENATORS AND MEMBERS PRESENT: M. King, K. Alwes, E. McCabe, D. Berger,

I. Jubran, R. Spitzer, D. Miller, D. West, L. Anderson, J. Governali, J. Hendrick, E. Jampole,

J. Mosher, D. Sidebottom, V. Marty, B. Tobin, D. Ritchie, T. Slack, P. Schroeder, K. Boyes,

S. Brown, C. Schacht, E. Bitterbaum, E. Davis-Russell, R. Franco, R. Peagler, J.Cottone,

G. Clarke, S. Anderson, M. McGuire


SENATORS AND MEMBERS ABSENT: K. Lawrence, P. Quaglio, G. Zarate,

J. Casciani, J. Rayle, J. Sitterly, J. Walkuski, M. Ware,. B. Schechter, W. Shaut, M. Connell


GUESTS: G. Levine, P. Koryzno, R. Olsson, M. Prus, E. Caffarella, Y. Murnane



The Minutes from February 27, 2007 were approved.



There was a vote to forestall the motion regarding the formation of an ad hoc committee to review guidelines pertaining to external peer review (Failed)



Chairman King opened the meeting by bringing forth a resolution to forestall the motion which was approved at the previous meeting on February 27, 2007 calling for formation of an ad hoc committee to review guidelines and set up a template to facilitate the process of outside external peer review.There was a discussion and the motion was voted on and failed.


K. Alwes - No report.



E. McCabe �  No report.



D. Berger - No report.



The President gave a brief report.




Long Range Planning Committee � D. Ritchie - No report.


Educational Policy Committee � J. Cottone - No report.


Student Affairs Committee � M. Connell, Chair � No report (absent)


Faculty Affairs Committee � G. Clarke, Chair � G. Clarke gave a brief report.


College Research Committee � No report.


General Education Committee � M. McGuire, Chair � M. McGuire gave a brief report.


Committee on Committees � E. McCabe gave a brief report {SEE Appendix 3}


Review of Governance Committee - E. McCabe gave a brief status report as a member of the Review of Governance Committee.



R. Spitzer announced the production entitled A Little Night Music by the Performing Arts



XI. SUNY SENATOR�S REPORT � M. Ware � No report



C. Schacht distributed a handout regarding the Annual Student Leadership Recognition Banquet on April 19, 2007 and gave a brief report.



The Faculty Senate Long-Range Planning Committee Proposed Process for Input Regarding the Divisional Strategic Plans was never addressed due to a lack of time and will be an agenda item under old business at the next meeting.



The item of new business involving the resolution from the Steering Committee concerning the current withdrawal policy was not addressed due to a lack of time and will be considered under new business at the next meeting.


Respectfully Submitted:


Barbara Kissel

Recording Secretary


The following reports are appended to the minutes in the order they are submitted:


(1)  Motion from the Faculty Senate Steering Committee involving forestalling the formation of an ad hoc committee on external peer review; Motion from the Faculty Senate Steering Committee involving the current withdrawal policy.


(2) Letter from SGA regarding the Annual Student Leadership Banquet, C. Schacht.


(3) Committee on Committee Report, E. McCabe.


����������������������������������������������������������� Appendix 1

Motion from the Faculty Senate Steering Committee involving forestalling the formation of an ad hoc committee on external peer review; Motion from the Faculty Senate

Steering Committee regarding the current withdrawal policy.




Whereas the motion passed in the February 27th Faculty Senate meeting charged the Faculty Senate Chair with forming an ad hoc committee to develop a template for external review, and


Whereas the Cortland campus is currently in the process of determining the desirability,

applicability, and the form that external review of faculty personnel matters might take at

Cortland, and


Whereas this is an important discussion for the campus to engage in,


Therefore be it resolved that the Faculty Senate should forestall activating the ad hoc committee until the campus has completed this important discussion.




The Faculty Senate charges the Educational Policy Committee to gather objective data in support of the arguments for and against changing the current policy that allows students to withdraw from courses until the last few weeks of the semester without receiving a grade.The Committee should then share those data with the Faculty Senate, along with its evaluation and recommendation.


In the event that work is not complete, the Educational Policy Committee shall deliver a progress report to the full senate at its last meeting of the Spring 2007 semester.


����������������������������������������������������������� Appendix 2

����������������������� Letter from SGA regarding the Annual Student Leadership Banquet


Dear Faculty, Staff, and Students:


The 22nd Annual Leadership Recognition Banquet will be held on Thursday, April 19, 2007.On behalf of the Student Government Association, we ask that you consider nominating deserving individuals that have made a significant impact on the Cortland campus.


Outstanding Student Senator

����� Outstanding Faculty Member

����� Outstanding First Year Student

����� Outstanding Staff Member/Administrator

����� Outstanding Club or Organization

����� Outstanding Student Club Member


The purpose of the Banquet is to recognize students that have assumed leadership roles on campus and in the community throughout the 2006-2007 academic year.The Banquet also aims to acknowledge dedicated faculty and staff that have made significant contributions to the campus.Nominees should be students that have been exemplary role models for their peers.They should have been exhibiting leadership qualities throughout the year and should be rewarded for their efforts to better themselves and SUNY Cortland, which is why we are asking you to help us recognize students of this caliber.


To Nominate an individual for a Student Government Association Leadership Award submit a letter explaining why the student should be recognized and how their service and leadership skills compare with the criteria of the award.Please be specific and detailed, giving the committee as much information as possible to use when reviewing the nominations.


The committee asks that all nominations be submitted by April 11, 2007. Nominations may be submitted to the Student Government Association Office at 217 Corey Union or sent via email to Brown03@cortland.edu



���� Sincerely,

Seth Brown

SGA Vice President


����������������������������������������������������������� Appendix 3

����������������������� �� Committee on Committees - Report to the Faculty Senate


Item # 1


The Committee on Committees has issued a call for nominations for committee vacancies

and officers for the Fall.The full slate of nominations will be presented to the Faculty Senate at its April 3 meeting, with additional nominations being accepted from the floor at that meeting.


Item #2


The ballots for the Vice President for Student Affairs search committee have been distributed.The nominees are:


��� Two members elected by and from the academic faculty:Ron Conklin, Mark Connell, Kevin Halpin, Richard Kendrick, Pamela Summers Susan Wilson


��� Two members elected by and from the professional staff reporting within the area of student affairs:Mike Holland, Cindy Lake,Nan Pasquarello, Keith Smith


��� One member elected by and from the classified staff reporting within the area of

student affairs:�� Marie Blanden, Sue Vleck


��� One member elected by and from management/confidential:Steve Dangler, Nasrin

Parvizi, Paula Warnken, Gail Wood


��� One student member selected by SGA:Seth Brown


Election results will be announced after the March 27 voting deadline.