February 27, 2007


1. CALL TO ORDER:  The tenth meeting of the Faculty Senate for 2006-2007 was called to order at 1:15 PM on February 27, 2007 in the Hall of Fame Room, Park Center by Chair Melvyn King.


SENATORS AND MEMBERS PRESENTM. King, K. Alwes, E. McCabe, D. Berger, I. Jubran, P. Quaglio, R.Spitzer, D. West, J. Governali, J. Hendrick, E. Jampole, J. Mosher, D. Sidebottom, V. Marty, B. Tobin, T. Slack, J. Walkuski, M. Ware, B. Schecter, P. Schroeder, C. Schacht, E. Davis-Russell, R. Franco, R. Peagler, J. Cottone, G. Clark


SENATORS AND MEMBERS ABSENT: K. Lawrence, G. Zarate, D. Miller, L. Anderson, J. Casciani, J. Rayle, J. Sitterly, D. Ritchie, K. Boyes, S. Brown, E. Bitterbaum, W. Shaut, S. Anderson, M. Connell


GUESTS PRESENT: G. Levine, N. Aumann, R. Olsson, M. Prus, E. Caffarella, Y. Murnane, J. Wilson



The Minutes from February 13, 2007 were approved.



There was a vote to approve the resolution recognizing and honoring the accomplishments in the life and career of colleague Bill Griffen. (Approved){SEE Appendix 1)


There was an amendment to the resolution honoring Bill Griffen that it be sent to his family in whatever way deemed appropriate (Approved)


There was a vote to approve the nominations from the Committee on Committees (Approved) {See Appendix 2}


There was a vote that the Faculty Senate should appoint an ad hoc committee whose charge should be to develop for faculty input a template related to external review of scholarly publications as part of the process of promotion from associate professor to full professor (Approved)



Chairman King reported on external peer review for promotion from associate professor to full professor which emanated from the memorandum of understanding.



E. McCabe � No report.



D. Berger reported on the Senate Treasury balance of $933.00.



Provost Davis-Russell gave a report for President Bitterbaum who was away in Albany at SUNY Day.




Long Range Planning Committee � D. Ritchie, no report.


Educational Policy Committee � J. Cottone, no report.


Student Affairs Committee � M. Connell, Chair � no report.


Faculty Affairs Committee � G. Clarke, Chair � No report


College Research Committee � There was a report from committee member G. Clarke.


General Education Committee � M. McGuire, Chair � no report.




Committee on Committees - E. McCabe � The nominations were approved

From Committee on Committees {SEE Appendix 2}



The Faculty Senate Long Range Planning Committee Proposed Process for Input regarding Divisional Strategic plans was introduced by co-chair Janet Ford for discussion and vote at the next Faculty Senate meeting on March 20. {SEE Appendix 3)



There was a report from J. Walkuski from the Graduate Faculty Committee


There was a report from R. Spitzer regarding external peer review.


XII. SUNY SENATOR�S REPORT � M. Ware � No report.



C. Schact gave a report on behalf of Katie Boyes who was unable to attend the meeting.


Respectfully Submitted:


Barbara Kissel

Recording Secretary


The following reports are appended to the minutes in the order they are submitted:


(1)  Resolution honoring the late emeritus professor William Griffen, submitted by K. Alwes


(2) Committee on Committee's report, E. McCabe


(3) Faculty Senate Long Range Planning Committee Proposed Process for Input Regarding Divisional Strategic Plans submitted by J. Ford, co-chair.



����������������������������������������������������������� APPENDIX 1

Resolution honoring the late emeritus professor William Griffen


To the Faculty Senate for approval, from the Joint Chairs Council of February 19, 2007:


WHEREAS Bill Griffen, Professor Emeritus of Foundations and Social Advocacy, gave 51 years of commitment and

friendship to his colleagues and students at Cortland, becoming the longest-serving faculty member in the SUNY

system; and


WHEREAS Bill Griffen livedhis adult life advocating the causes essential to us all that emanate from the fight for

social justice; and


WHEREAS Bill Griffen was a dedicated and active member of the SUNY Cortland Faculty Senate throughout

his career, always at the center of the important issues under consideration;


BE IT RESOLVED that the SUNY Cortland Faculty Senate hereby recognizes and honors the accomplishments that

make up the life and career of our colleague, Bill Griffen.


����������������������������������������������� ����������� APPENDIX 2

Committee on Committees � Report to the Faculty Senate

����������������������������������������������� ������� February 27, 2007



Item # 1


The Committee on Committees has issued a call for nominations for committee vacancies due to a resignation and a nomination withdrawal.The Committee seeks the Senate�s confirmation of the following recommendation:



��� General Education Committee � At large; complete unexpired term (2005-07)John Hartsock


Item #2


A call for nominations has been issued for the Search Committee for the Director of Institutional Research and

Assessment.Nominations received are:


��� Four members elected by and from the faculty/professional staff (any combination of academic

faculty including librarians, and/or professional staff including management/confidential) � Joy Hendrick,

Mark Prus

��� One member elected by and from the classified staff reporting within the area

��� One student member


In accordance with the procedures (Section 240.03), �in the event there are insufficient nominees received by the

published deadline, individuals will be appointed by the president or the appropriate vice president to fill the vacancies

in accordance with the established committee composition.�



����������������������������������������������� ���������� APPENDIX 3

Faculty Senate Long-Range Planning Committee

����������� �������� Proposed Process for Input Regarding Divisional Strategic Plans


In accordance with College Handbook section D.3(d), it is the responsibility of the Long-Range Planning Committee (LRPC) to �determine the procedure whereby faculty and student input is obtained regarding long-range plans. The procedure developed shall be subject to approval by the Senate, and to mandatory review every two years.�


Since �long range� plans � in the recent past only two-three years in length and consisting of objectives developed jointly by the administration and college community � have been replaced by five-year divisional strategic plans developed by each of the vice-presidents and their staffs, the process has to be changed. The following process is

proposed for each divisional strategic plan:


1.The LRPC receives a draft five-year divisional strategic plan from the Vice President near the beginning of the five-year cycle.


2.After a brief period for review, the LRPC meets with the Vice President to discuss what priority each of the objectives in the strategic plan has been given.


3.The LRPC will publicize the draft strategic plan, highlighting priorities, to encourage input from faculty, staff, and students.The strategic plan will be publicized via e-mail and through notices in media outlets such as The Bulletin and The Dragon Chronicle.


4.The LRPC, in conjunction with the Vice President, will announce an open meeting to discuss the plan and receive input from the campus community.


5.Based on the results of this meeting, the LRPC will provide specific feedback to the Vice President, with copy to the Faculty Senate and the campus community.


6.As part of their response back to the LRPC, the Vice President will provide any updates to the plan to the LRPC and to the campus community.


7.On at least an annual basis in the spring of each year, the Vice President will inform the LRPC of further updates to the plan and progress and accomplishments under the strategic plan.


8.�� The LRPC will then publish an annual review of the updates/accomplishments of the various strategic plans to the Faculty Senate and to the campus community.