Schedule of Events

Transformations: A Student Research and Creativity Conference

Friday, April 28, 2017

Old Main

Please note: Classes will be in session as normally scheduled on Friday, April 28.


12:30-1:30 p.m., Keynote Address, Brown Auditorium

“From There to Here”     Michael J. Bond '75, M.D.

Medical Director of Advanced Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery, Orlando, Florida


1:45-2:30 p.m.                                   Concurrent Sessions I

 2:30-3 p.m.                                        Poster Session A, Colloquium (Room 220) and 2nd Floor Atrium

 3-4 p.m.                                             Concurrent Sessions II

 4-4:30 p.m.                                       Poster Session B, Colloquium (Room 220) and 2nd Floor Atrium

 4:30-5:30 p.m.                                  Concurrent Sessions III

Light refreshments will be available 2:30-4:30 p.m. in the first floor main lobby.

PLEASE NOTE: Food and beverages are NOT allowed in classrooms.



1:45-2:30 p.m.

Brown Auditorium
Moderator: James Hokanson, Associate Professor, Kinesiology

Usage Profile of Cardio Machines at the Student Life Center: the First Step to Turning Human Power into Electricity

Presenter:                    Jonathan Thomas, Senior, Exercise Science

Faculty Mentor:           Jeffrey Bauer, Kinesiology

Using the Quadmill as a Method of Training to Reduce the Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease

Presenters:                  Maura Mills, Senior, Exercise Science

                                    Peter Voorhees, Senior, Exercise Science

                                    Jillian Leggiero, Freshman, Biomedical Sciences

                                    Jessica Degina, Senior, Exercise Science

Faculty Mentor:           Jeffrey Bauer, Kinesiology

Elevated AlterG Treadmill Temperature during Exercise: an Environmental Constraint

Presenter:                   Casey Austin, Graduate, Exercise Science

Faculty Mentor:          James Hokanson, Kinesiology


Room G-09

Moderator: Christopher McRoberts, Distinguished Professor, Geology;

Director, Undergraduate Research Council


*Reviving the Art and Science of Azul Maya Ceramics

Presenter:                    Kelly McKenna, Senior, Art History

Faculty Mentor:           Jeremiah Donovan, Art and Art History


*Examining the Gender Wage Gap

Presenter:                    Alyssa Smeding, Senior, Business Economics/Human Resource Management

Faculty Mentor:           Kathleen Burke, Economics


* Çadir Höyük: Stability or Change at the End of the Hittite Empire?

Presenter:                    Anna Gorall, Junior, Archaeology/International Studies

Faculty Mentor:           Sharon Steadman, Sociology/Anthropology


* Denotes students who received 2016 Undergraduate Research Council Summer Research 


Room G-25

Moderator: Laura Davies, Assistant Professor, English;

Director, Writing Programs


2016 Outstanding Writing Awards


The House at 4 Crawford St.

Presenter:                    James David Warner, Senior, History

Faculty Mentor:           Randi Storch, History


300 Lanterns

Presenter:                    Sheila Gustafson, Graduate, Adolescence English Education

Faculty Mentor:           Laura Davies, English


The Politics of Misogyny

Presenter:                    Sara Sampson, Junior, Professional Writing

Faculty Mentor:           Kevin Rutherford, English


Fake News Manipulate the Public

Presenter:                    Jamie-Lee Minkley, Sophomore, Communication Studies

Faculty Mentor:           Gailanne Mackenzie, English


Coming Times

Presenter:                    Jahniece McCollum, Junior, Professional Writing

Faculty Mentor:           Bernard Earley


The Flower

Presenter:                    Christina Langer, Junior, Sociology

Faculty Mentor:           Mario Hernandez, English


Men’s Eyes Were Made to Look: the Cinematic Circumscription of Juliet’s Body in Two Adaptations

of Romeo and Juliet

Presenter:                    Joseph Mogavero, Senior, Adolescence English Education



2:30-3 p.m.

Colloquium (Room 220) and 2nd Floor Atrium

Phylogenetic Considerations of Invasive Terrestrial Flatworms in the Genus Bipalium

Presenter:                    Timothy Duerr, Senior, Biology

Faculty Mentors:         Peter Ducey, Biological Sciences

                                    Patricia Conklin, Biological Sciences

Structural and Biochemical Characterization of 6-Hydroxynicotinic Acid 3-Monooxygenase

Presenter:                    Vladimir Leshkevich, Senior, Biology/Biochemistry

Faculty Mentor:           Katherine Hicks, Chemistry


Structure Determination of a Family of Bioactive Lipids Isolated from the Larvae of the Argentine Cactus Moth, Cactoblastis cactorum

Presenters:                  Danielle Cervasio, Senior, Biology

                                    Tyler Schwertfeger, Junior, Chemistry

Faculty Mentor:           Frank Rossi, Chemistry


Using LC-MS/MS Proteomic Techniques to Investigate Hexanoic Acid Production from a Diverse Microbial Community Exhibiting a Reverse Beta Oxidation Pathway

Presenter:                    Kristen Kircher, Junior, Biochemistry

Faculty Mentor:           Jeffrey Werner, Chemistry

An Examination of How the Portrayal of Psychopaths in Comedic and Dramatic Movies Align

with the Clinical Definition of Psychopathy

Presenters:                  Marguerite Ammerman, Sophomore, Psychology

                                    Antonia Marsala, Junior, Psychology

                                    Alexandra Frederick, Senior, Psychology

Faculty Mentor:           Karen Davis, Psychology


The Influence of Geosocial Networking Apps (GSNs) on College Student Sexual Risk Behavior

Presenters:                  Taylor Gordon, Senior, Psychology

                                    Ellen Beckwith, Senior, Psychology

                                    Tiffany Soto, Senior, Psychology

Faculty Mentor:           Katherine Bonafide, Psychology

Electroencephalography during Behavioral Observation as a Predicator of Accuracy in Personality Judgment

Presenters:                  Alyssa Cino, Senior, Psychology

                                    Christy Brewer, Senior, Psychology

                                    Stefania Buta, Senior, Psychology

                                    Jeremy Collings, Freshman, Conservation Biology

                                    Candice Jaimungal, Senior, Psychology

                                    Lindsey LeClair, Senior, Psychology

                                    Marla Hairston, Sophomore, Psychology

Faculty Mentors:         Leslie Eaton, Psychology

                                    Raymond Collings, Psychology

Effects of Environmental Scenery on Resiliency and Recovery Using EEG

Presenters:                  Lindsey LeClair, Senior, Psychology

                                    Jeremy Collings, Freshman, Conservation Biology

                                    Stefania Buta, Senior, Psychology

                                    Michael Staversky, Senior, Psychology

                                    Alyssa Cino, Senior, Psychology

                                    Christy Brewer, Senior, Psychology

Faculty Mentor:           Leslie Eaton, Psychology


Are ADHD Screeners Safe to Use?

Presenter:                    Kristin Spedden, Senior, Psychology

Faculty Mentor:           Benjamin J. Lovett, Psychology


The Effect of Environmental Enrichment on Nicotine Primed Ethanol Consumption in Male and Female Rats

Presenters:                  Makenzie Schrader, Senior, Biomedical Sciences

                                    Morgan Christie, Senior, Psychology

                                    Kaleigh Richer, Senior, Psychology

                                    Morghen Axtell, Senior, Psychology

Faculty Mentor:           Joshua Peck, Psychology


Using Technology with Heart

Presenters:                  Gina Parrino, Senior, Childhood/Early Childhood Education

                                    Shelby Ingrassia, Senior, Childhood/Early Childhood Education

                                    Gretchen Krzykowski, Senior, Childhood/Early Childhood Education

Faculty Mentor:           Shufang Strause, Childhood/Early Childhood Education


Voice Use Awareness Among Undergraduate Communication Disorders and Sciences Students

Presenter:                    Emma Triolo, Senior, Speech and Hearing Science

Faculty Mentor:           Irena Vincent, Communication Disorders and Sciences


*Equity Valuation Model for Apple, Inc.

Presenter:                    Patrick Viscome, Senior, Business Economics

Faculty Mentor:           Timothy Phillips, Economics


* Denotes students who received 2016 Undergraduate Research Council Summer Research



3-4 p.m.

Room 120

Moderator: Timothy Delaune, Assistant Professor, Political Science

Moot Court Oral Argument Demonstration: DeNolf v. Olympus

Presenters:                  Michael Braun, Senior, Political Science

                                    Kayla Ernisse, Senior, Political Science

                                    Matthew Mavrogian, Junior, Political Science

                                    Tyler Savino, Senior, Political Science

Faculty Mentor:           Timothy Delaune, Political Science


Room 209

Moderator: Mark Sutherlin, Assistant Professor, Kinesiology


Do Lower Body Positive Pressure Treadmills Influence the Stride Length of Individuals with Lower Body Skeletal Asymmetry?

Presenter:                    Eli Feathers, Senior, Exercise Science

Faculty Mentor:           Mark Sutherlin, Kinesiology


Effect of Exercise Intensity on Speech, Psychological, and Physiological Measures

Presenter:                    Sarah Fuller, Senior, Speech and Hearing Sciences

Faculty Mentors:         Eileen Gravani, School of Professional Studies

                                    Erik Lind, Kinesiology

                                    Kevin Dames, Kinesiology


The Relationship between Physical Activity Patterns and Nutritional Knowledge

Presenters:                  Jonathan Thomas, Senior, Kinesiology

                                    Shannon Daly, Senior, Kinesiology

Faculty Mentors:         Deborah VanLangen, Kinesiology

                                    Katherine Polasek, Kinesiology


Room 230

Moderator: Mark Dodds, Professor, Sport Management

Concussions in Sports

Presenters:                  Ayana Flores, Junior, Sport Management

                                    Drazen Zack, Senior, Sport Management

                                    Jack Travers, Junior, Sport Management

                                    Andrew Goldblatt, Sport Management                                 

Faculty Mentor:           Mark Dodds, Sport Management


Generating Fractal Images Using Iterated Function Systems

Presenter:                    Matthew Metcalf, Senior, Mathematics/Physics

Faculty Mentor:           Isa Jubran, Mathematics


The Implications of Popular Media’s Portrayal of Psychopathy for Mental Health Professionals Working in the Legal Arena

Presenter:                    Matthew McLain, Senior, Psychology

Faculty Mentor:           Karen Davis, Psychology


Room G-24

Moderator: Scott Moranda, Associate Professor, History


Undergraduate Research in History

A Controversial History: The Integration of Schools in Buffalo, NY

Presenter:                    Claire Leggett, Junior, History/Art History

Faculty Mentor:           Gigi Peterson, History


84679: Finding the Voice amongst the Crowd, Interning with KHRCA

Presenter:                    Gillian Farnan, Junior, History

Faculty Mentor:           Gigi Peterson, History


The House at 4 Crawford Street: Espionage and Anti-Communist Panic in Senator Lusk’s


Presenter:                     James Warner, Senior, History

Faculty Mentor:           Randi Storch, History


Room G-12

Moderator: Christopher McRoberts, Distinguished Professor, Geology;

Director, Undergraduate Research Council

*Bryophytes of Hoxie Gorge

Presenter:                    Adam Hocking, Senior, Biology

Faculty Mentor:           Timothy Baroni, Biological Sciences


* Examination of Biodegradable Jute Matting as a Management Option for the Invasive Aquatic Plant, Variable-Leaf Milfoil (Myriophyllum heterophyllum)

Presenter:                    Quintin Casella, Senior, Conservation Biology

Faculty Mentor:           Angela M. Pagano, Biological Sciences


*Emergency Contraceptive Dispensation in College Health Centers

Presenter:                    Caitlin Rasefske, Senior, Exercise Science

Faculty Mentor:           Jena Nicols Curtis, Health

*Run Economy of Trained Endurance Runners on the Lower Body Positive Pressure Treadmill

Presenter:                    Allison Schumann, Senior, Exercise Science

Faculty Mentor:           James Hokanson, Kinesiology


* Denotes students who received 2016 Undergraduate Research Council Summer Research




4-4:30 p.m.

Colloquium (Room 220) and 2nd Floor Atrium

Taxonomy of New Bacterial Species, Spirosoma-like #209, from Cortland Tap Water

Presenters:                  Ayomide Ola, Senior, Biomedical Sciences

                                    Brittany Aragona, Senior, Biology  

Faculty Mentor:           Christa Chatfield, Biological Sciences


A Study of the Relationship between the Proteins VTC3 and GME in the Arabidopsis Ascorbic Acid Biosynthetic Pathway

Presenter:                    Melanie van Vliet, Senior, Biology

Faculty Mentor:           Patricia Conklin, Biological Sciences


The Use of DivIVA to Confirm the Interaction between Two Arabidopsis Proteins (GME and VTC3) Involved in the Synthesis of Ascorbic Acid in Plants

Presenter:                    Kayla Skinner, Junior, Biology

Faculty Mentor:           Patricia Conklin, Biological Sciences

White-tailed Deer and Invasive Earthworms: How Do They Affect New York Ecosystems?

Presenters:                  Gabriella Cerrati, Senior, Conservation Biology

                                    Kaila Babcock, Senior, Biology

Faculty Mentor:           Andrea Davalos, Biological Sciences


Predation Behavior of Invasive Species Bipalium adventitium

Presenters:                  Emily Strongreen, Senior, Biology

                                    Carly Markowitz, Senior, Biology

Faculty Mentor:           Peter Ducey, Biological Sciences


The Role of the Innate Immune System in Controlling JC Polyomavirus Infectivity, as Determined Using the CRISPR/Cas9 System

Presenters:                  Corrine Edick, Senior, Biology

                                    Elise Sedlacek, Senior, Biology

Faculty Mentor:           Christian Nelson, Biological Sciences


Characterization of the Effects of an Optimized Antiviral Compound on JC Polyomavirus Infectivity

Presenter:                    Tashania Treasure, Junior, Biomedical Science

Faculty Mentor:           Christian Nelson, Biological Sciences


Construction of a Low-Cost Fluorescent Microscope for Use in Undergraduate Teaching Laboratories

Presenter:                    Peter Voorhees, Senior, Biology/Exercise Science

Faculty Mentor:           Christian Nelson, Biological Sciences


Kinetic Characterization of Two Variant Enzymes of Camploybacter jejuni Agmatine Deiminase

Presenters:                  Ashley Jackson, Senior, Biochemistry

                                    Anna Szostek, Senior, Biology

Faculty Mentor:           Katherine Hicks, Chemistry

Analyzing the Volumetric Core-to-Rim Ratio of Chondrules with Fine-Grained Rims

Presenters:                  Andrew Duval, Junior, Chemistry

                                    Adam Vodicka, Senior, Biology

Faculty Mentor:           Melissa Morris, Physics


Language as a Tool for Empowering Individuals with Disabilities

Presenter:                    Fiona Hayden, Junior, Inclusive Special Education

Faculty Mentor:           Carrie Rood, Foundations and Social Advocacy

Wearing Multiple Hats: Master’s Candidates’ Action Research to Improve Teaching and Learning in the Professional Development School

Presenters:                  Kelsey Bennett, Graduate, MST Childhood Education

                                    Torrie VanDerzee, Graduate, MST Childhood Education

                                    Alexis Crawford, Graduate, MST Childhood Education

                                    Douglas LaFlamme, Graduate, MST Childhood Education

                                    Julia T. Moore, Graduate, MST Childhood Education

                                    Cora Moyer, Graduate, MST Childhood Education

                                    Mai T. Nguyen-Vo, Graduate, MST Childhood Education

                                    Jessie M. Nye, Graduate, MST Childhood Education

                                    Kristen Marie Owens, Graduate, MST Childhood Education

                                    Eric Pacicca, Graduate, MST Childhood Education

                                    Parveen E. Paul, Graduate, MST Childhood Education

                                    Emilie V. Sullivan, Graduate, MST Childhood Education

                                    Inna Yanchuk, Graduate, MST Childhood Education                         

Faculty Mentors:         Cynthia J. Benton, Childhood/Early Childhood Education, MST Coordinator

                                    Muteb Alquatani, Childhood/Early Childhood Education

                                    Krystal Barber, Childhood/Early Childhood Education

                                    Jeanne Galbraith, Childhood/Early Childhood Education

                                    Beth Klein, Childhood/Early Childhood Education

                                    Lin Lin, Childhood/Early Childhood Education

                                    Joy Mosher, Childhood/Early Childhood Education

                                    Charlotte Pass, Literacy

                                    Shufang Shi Strause, Childhood/Early Childhood Education

                                    Susan Stratton, Childhood/Early Childhood Education

                                    Kimberly Wieczorek, Childhood/Early Childhood Education

                                    Orvil White, Childhood/Early Childhood Education



4:30-5:30 p.m.

Room 120

Moderator: Mecke Nagel, Professor, Philosophy;

Director, Center for Gender and Intercultural Studies


Black Feminist Perspectives on Education, Media, and Black Lives Matter

Presenters:                  Nicole Daniel, Senior, Communication Studies

                                    Jacob Wright, Junior, Social Philosophy/Africana Studies

                                    Stephanie Hector, Senior, Childhood/Early Childhood Education

                                    Jocenelle Sarah Alcime, Senior, Inclusive Childhood Education

Faculty Mentor:           Mecke Nagel, Philosophy       


Room 121

Moderator: Evan Faulkenbury, Assistant Professor, History


Cortland Student Newspapers, 1879-2016

Presenters:                  William McNeill, Junior, History

                                    Brendan Woods, Junior, History

                                    Daniel Bankert, Junior, History

Faculty Mentor:           Evan Faulkenbury, History


State of Officiating

Presenter:                    Jason Blayda, Senior, Sport Management

Faculty Mentor:           Mark Dodds, Sport Management


BeYOUtiful: Body Image in the Media

Presenters:                  Jessie Espinet, Junior, Therapeutic Recreation

                                    Marisa Lobelson, Senior, Therapeutic Recreation

Faculty Mentor:           Susan Barnett, Recreation, Parks and Leisure Studies


Room 209

Moderator: Ryan Fiddler, Assistant Professor, Kinesiology


No Effect of Acute Beetroot Juice Supplementation on Moderate and Vigorous Intensity Aerobic Exercise

Presenters:                  Nathaniel Ashton, Graduate, Exercise Science

                                    Nicole Lindel ’16, Exercise Science

Faculty Mentor:           Ryan Fiddler, Kinesiology


Dominant and Non-Dominant Motor Competence, Physical Activity, and Physical Fitness among College Students

Presenter:                    Patrick Brown, Senior, Exercise Science

Faculty Mentor:           Larissa True, Kinesiology


Room G-09

Moderator:  Geoffrey Bender, Assistant Professor, English

Researching with the Modern Student

Presenters:                  Breanna Soutar, Senior, Adolescent English Education

                                    Emelda Bonilla, Junior, Adolescent English Education

                                    Jenni Diaz, Senior, Adolescent English Education

                                    Shelby Roberts, Senior, Adolescent English Education

Faculty Mentor:           Geoffrey Bender, English


Mind Over Terror Anxiety Regulations Training Through a Biofeedback-Mediated Horror Game

Presenter:                    Morgan Christie, Senior, Psychology/Professional Writing

Faculty Mentor:           Kevin Rutherford, English


Room G-12

Moderator: Christopher McRoberts, Distinguished Professor, Geology;

Director, Undergraduate Research Council


*Analysis of Legionella Pneumophila Attachment to Biofilms of Other Bacterial Species 

Presenter:                    Cassidy Sauer, Senior, Biology

Faculty Mentor:           Christa Chatfield, Biological Sciences


* Neuroprotective Effect of Stem Cells

Presenter:                    Joseph Hannett, Senior, Biomedical Sciences

Faculty Mentor:           Theresa Curtis, Biological Sciences


*Profiles of Psychological Resilience: Electroencephalography of Fixation, Emotional Challenge, and Recovery

Presenter:                    Stefania Buta, Senior, Psychology

Faculty Mentor:           Leslie Eaton, Psychology

* Denotes students who received 2016 Undergraduate Research Council Summer Research