Photography - SUNY Cortland


Photography is permitted for all ceremonies. However, guests are asked to avoid blocking the view of others. This applies to the College's video services and other media is stationed in various locations. 

Please note that once the singing of the Alma Mater begins, all aisles must be cleared as required by the fire and safety code and guests should return to their seats.

SUNY Cortland has contracted with Grad Images (TM) to take a photograph of each graduate as they walk across the stage. Within five to seven days after the ceremony, Grad Images (TM) will send proofs to each graduate's email address and/or home mailing address. Students are under no obligation to purchase additional prints. SUNY Cortland does not benefit financially from this arrangement. It is provided as a service to the graduates and their families. 

Samples of the photos taken during Commencement are provided below. All students will have a photo taken of them shaking the president's hand (Photo #1 below), receiving their diploma cover from the dean (Photo #2 below) and a headshot with their diploma cover (Photo #3 below). The direction of the picture will vary depending on the side of the stage that the student enters. 

After Graduation- If you would like to order prints, follow instructions below:

GradImages® is the official photographer at your graduation ceremony.   

Your photos will be available to view and order by visiting their website at

Simply enter your last name and SUNY Cortland as your school name

Once you see your name, go to the link to view your photos.

If you need additional help to locate your photos, call our customer service department at 800-261-2576 or email us at 

Photo Samples:

 Photo #1:  Shaking hands with the President

Photo Sample of President Shaking Student Hand

Photo #2:  Receiving your diploma from the Dean.

Student receiving diploma cover












Photo #3:  Formal shot with your diploma cover. 
All students will have this photo taken after completely crossing the stage.

Headshot with Diploma Cover


Graduate students will also have photos taken of the Hooding Ceremony. Sample images are provided below.

Graduate Student Hooding Ceremony Sample


Graduate Student With Hood