Future Ceremony Dates - SUNY Cortland

Future Ceremony Dates

Students who plan to graduate in May, August or December of a specific year are eligible to walk in the Commencement ceremony held in May of that year. SUNY Cortland does not hold a December ceremony. 

Information posted currently on the Commencement website is specifically for the 2017 ceremony. Please do not rely on the information currently provided as you plan for future ceremonies. While we try not to make any drastic changes, the Graduate and Undergraduate Commencement Committees do review policies and procedures for Commencement each year.   

If you have any specific questions, please contact the Special Events Coordinator for the President's Office, Samantha Howell, at 607-753-5453 or via email at Samantha.howell02@cortland.edu.

Information pertaining to the 2017 Commencement ceremonies is complete, unless otherwise noted.

Graduate Commencement

2018 - Friday, May 11
2019 - Friday, May 17
2020- Friday, May 15

Undergraduate Commencement

2018 - Saturday, May 12
2019 - Saturday, May 18
2020- Saturday, May 16