Department Information

Tim Phillips, coordinator
Old Main, Room 137-A
Phone: 607-753-2437

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Program Details

Urban Studies Minor [URB] (Minor)

Timothy Phillips, coordinator
Old Main, Room 124
(607) 753-2438


Arts and Sciences

Minor Offered

Urban Studies

Career Potential

  • Urban planner
  • Transportation analyst
  • Consultant
  • City manager


The interdisciplinary minor in urban studies draws on the resources of the economics, geography, political science and sociology-anthropology departments and may be combined with many of the majors offered by the College. Advisement of students majoring in departments cooperating in urban studies is the responsibility of the urban studies staff members of the respective departments. Students majoring in other departments are advised by advisors assigned from the urban studies staff.

A. Required courses total 12 credit hours.

Prerequisites for these courses must be taken without credit toward the urban studies minor:

  • ECO 393 - Urban Economics (3 cr. hr.)
  • GRY 250 - Urban Geography (3 cr. hr.)
  • POL 326 - State and Local Government (3 cr. hr.)
  • SOC 461 - Urban Sociology (3 cr. hr.)
B. Elective courses

Elective courses total six credit hours and are to be taken for minor credit upon advisement only. They may be taken from the following list of courses, or from outside the cooperating departments with written permission of the advisor. Such electives may be chosen specifically to emphasize general content, planning, techniques, empirical analysis, or whatever focus is desired by the student and advisor. POL 485 and SOC 400 provide field experiences which would be worthwhile electives for the urban studies minor.

  • ECO 383 - Labor Economics (3 cr. hr.) or
  • GRY 324 - Introduction to Cartography and Geographic Information Systems (3 cr. hr.) or
  • GRY 429 - Special Topics in Geography (1-4 cr. hr.) (as appropriate) or
  • GRY 440 - Seminar in Geography (3 cr. hr.) or
  • GRY 470 - Resource Geography (3 cr. hr.)
  • POL 240 - Introduction to Public Administration and Public Policy (3 cr. hr.) or
  • POL 292 - Race and Politics in America (3 cr. hr.) or
  • POL 485 - Field Study in Political Science (1-16 cr. hr.) or
  • POL 492 - Seminar in Political Science (3 cr. hr.) or
  • SOC 351 - The Community (3 cr. hr.) or
  • SOC 352 - U.S. Ethnic Identity and Conflict (3 cr. hr.) or
  • SOC 373 - Deviant Behavior (3 cr. hr.)
Total Credit Hours Required for the Minor: 18