People with degrees in sociology are employed throughout all sectors of the economy. Sociology provides solid training and insights that employers are hungry for.

Maybe you’d like to major in sociology, combine it with a pre-law program, add sociology as a second major, or maybe just minor in it – whichever path you choose, you can be sure that sociology opens the way for a lifetime of adventurous and fulfilling careers. And, importantly, in today’s flexible labor markets, where people shift careers frequently, sociology is one of the few degrees that retains relevancy in your next job, whatever it is.

Jobs and careers come and go but sociology is a lifetime investment.

Sociology can be a valuable degree to have if you’re interested in being a:

  • Human resources and personnel specialist
  • Police Officer, Detective, FBI agent, etc. Attorney
  • Businessperson
  • Judge
  • International aid worker
  • Market analyst
  • Civil rights activist
  • Policy analyst
  • Researcher and public opinion scientist
  • Advertising agent
  • Child welfare case worker
  • Journalist
  • Preservationist
  • Writer or Author
  • International relations specialist
  • Editor
  • Corrections Officer
  • Financial Specialist
  • Banker
  • Bureau official
  • Insurance agent
  • Investigator
  • City manager
  • Salesperson
  • Manager
  • Public administration
  • Politician
  • Parole officer
  • Teacher
  • College Professor
  • Environmentalist
  • Spokesperson
  • Public relations specialist
  • Conservationist
  • Substance abuse counselor

People with degrees in sociology have found themselves in the most diverse and unexpected lines of work:

  • Firefighters and land developers
  • Actors and Movie Stars
  • Musicians
  • Chefs

Many famous people have been sociology majors in college:

  • Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Saul Alinsky (pioneering community organizer)
  • Deborah Winger (actor)
  • Dinah Shore (actor)
  • Saul Bellow (Nobel Prize for literature)
  • Robin Williams (actor)
  • Dan Akroyd (1/2 of the Blues Brothers, actor)
  • Ronald Reagan (President of the United States)
  • Paul Shaffer (bandleader on the David Letterman Show)
  • Alonzo Mourning (NBA all-Star basketball player)
  • Joe Theisman (NFL Hall of Fame quarterback)
  • Brian Jordan (MLB baseball player)
  • Ahmad Rashad (sportscaster and former football star)
  • Richard Barajas (Chief Justice, Texas Supreme Court)
  • Shirley Chisholm (first black woman elected to Congress)
  • Maxine Waters (Congresswoman from Los Angeles)
  • Barbara Milkulski (U.S. Senator)

According to the American Sociological Association, 80% of majors graduating from baccalaureate-only departments, like Cortland, “report strong overall satisfaction” with their educational experience as sociology majors.

Sociology is one of the most exciting fields of study you’re going to find on campus. The ASA found that 95% of undergraduate sociology majors were attracted to the field by the power of our concepts and our style of thinking (what we refer to as the ‘sociological imagination’). Few courses on campus are as intellectually stimulating as those found in the sociology department.

Sociology is the ultimate multidisciplinary pursuit often blending history, psychology, economics, politics, anthropology, criminology, and philosophy, among other disciplines.

A degree in sociology compliments your other academic and career objectives: not only is sociology a great major but it works great as a second major, a minor, or a second minor. With a little planning you could make sociology a vital and important part of your education.

What are SUNY/Cortland Sociology majors doing with their degrees today? Here’s just a tiny sample of what more than 1500 are up to today:

  • Deputy Sheriff
  • Area Coordinator
  • Higher Education
  • Operations Management
  • Social Worker; PACE CNY
  • Sociology Professor
  • Foster Care/Adoption Social Worker
  • Youth Advocate Program
  • ABA Therapist/Special Educator
  • Administrator at Nursing Home
  • Inspector General NYC Dept. of Investigations
  • Writing children's books
  • DSS, Child Protective Caseworker
  • Foster Care Family Consultant
  • Correctional Treatment Specialist
  • Certified Social worker
  • Staff Development Coordinator at Dept. of Social Services
  • Family Therapist
  • Community Integration Advocate/ Systems Advocate
  • Dentistry
  • Police Officer
  • Caseworker Cortland DSS
  • Sales Glaxo Smith Kline
  • PhD Student in Sociology at S.U.
  • Education Specialist at Berkshire Museum
  • Cultural Resource Manager
  • F.D.N.Y. Firefighter/ Part Time Police Officer
  • Director of Disability Services (Bronx Community College)
  • Case Manager, Eisep Home Care Program, Cayuga Co. Office for Aging
  • District Sales Manager Office Max
  • Child Protective Services Senior Caseworker
  • Senior Sales Consultant
  • Police Officer
  • Family Worker Head Start/ICSD
  • Associate Attorney,Pomeroy, Armstrong, Baranello & Casullo LLP
  • Case Supervisor
  • Professor, Dept. Chair, Human Services & Chemical Dependency Counseling
  • Credit Manager
  • Teacher: 8th grade- American History
  • Juvenile Probation Officer, Florida Dept. of Juvenile Justice
  • Teacher of ESL
  • HIV Program Director in community based health center
  • Police Lieutenant Monroe County Sheriff's Office
  • Lecturer/Ph.D. student
  • Community Care Specialist
  • Sales Executive
  • Educational Consultant, High Priority Schools, CA Dept. Ed.
  • Assistant Director/ Area Coordinator of Residential Life
  • Admission/ Marketing Director at Eden Park Health Care Center
  • Chiropractor
  • Nurse Manager- Neonatal Intensive Care
  • Director of Guidance- Public School System
  • Long Shoreman I.L.W.U.
  • Director of Finance & Administration
  • Children's Activities Coordinator
  • NYS University Police Investigator
  • Sergeant Dept. of Corrections N.Y.S.
  • Assistant Professor/ Coordinator of Human Services Program
  • Graduate Student
  • Manager, Engineering program Management
  • Program Director Alzheimer's Assoc. Long Island Chapter
  • Teacher