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Learning Communities

Pre-major learning communities are a set of programs designed to help you explore the link between your interests and experiences and academic opportunities at SUNY Cortland. A learning community consists of two to five content courses that address common themes. You will take classes with the same group of students and with highly motivated faculty. As a Pre-Major student, you will select a learning community for the first semester only.

Learning communities lead to greater student satisfaction and success in the first year of college by helping you connect with faculty, learn about the campus, and collaborate with other students.

The fall 2010 learning communities for Pre-Majors include:

  • American History and Music
  • Backgrounds in Art
  • Earth and Sky
  • Forming History
  • Human Communication
  • Learning (In)Deed
  • Molecular World
  • Our Storied Land
  • Outdoor Adventure and Recreation
  • Peace and Justice
  • Play Across Cultures
  • Social Issues in Sport
  • Tech First! Planet Earth
  • World First