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Social Philosophy Lobbies for SUNY March 9, 2010

Hello – March 9, Mecke, Andy and Kathy as well as several social philosophy students went with the UUP (faculty and professionals union) and NYPIRG to rally for SUNY and against cutbacks and differential tuition for SUNY colleges. We went in teams to lobby NYS Senators and Assembly members. We faculty were so proud to be associated with such fine Cortland students. Talk to your friends to find out what their experience was like.

The Cortland contingentAlbany Picturewas over 40 and the largest from any SUNY school in the state!

This was the second time since 2000 that social philosophy students took their concerns to the state government. Several years ago the philosophy club went to protest the Rockefeller Drug Laws.

Here’s the message from our UUP President about our success:

Thanks to all who helped make Tuesday's higher education rally/advocacy day in Albany a great success. Cortland was well-represented, with more than 40 students and UUP members from our campus in attendance. Our legislators undoubtedly saw an impressive sample of our campus community and our SAVE SUNY message was delivered with conviction.

The UUP members who attended put a lot of time and effort into preparing for discussion with legislators and devoted a full and very long day to the trip.

Our students were eager to learn about the political process and embraced the opportunity to tell legislators how important their SUNY education is to them. I'm sure all of you would have been proud to see how articulate, honest, and insightful they were.

Some of us ran into President Bitterbaum during the course of our travels through the halls of the Legislative Office Building. He was there for a meeting of campus presidents. Students really appreciated the fact that he stopped to talk with them. His encouragement meant a great deal.

All in all, it was a day of learning, community-building, and heart-felt advocacy for the SUNY system.

Special thanks to UUP's chapter assistant, Boodie McGinnis, for all the work she did in helping to make arrangements for the trip.

Special thanks to all those who helped spread the word about the trip, encouraging and supporting students and colleagues. We filled the bus because of their efforts.

Special thanks to Dawn Van Hall, whose incredible home-baked goodies were very well received during the long bus ride.

Special thanks to NYPIRG, our co-sponsor for the event.

Special thanks to the students and UUP members who have participated in previous Tuesday advocacy days in Albany and those who are signed up (or are yet to sign up) for the rest of our advocacy trips.

As a speaker at the rally reminded us yesterday - "Those who are silent will not be heard."

In solidarity,
Jamie Dangler
UUP Cortland Chapter President

The Philosophy Department at SUNY Cortland sponsors and co-sponsors events on campus.

Highlights of the last few years have been a conference on "Prisons and Punishment" in 2001 and a Conference "Engaging Philosophy" in 2004. These conferences attract academics and students from a wide variety of backgrounds in discussing major issues of social importance.

Concerned Philosophers for Peace 21st Annual Conference was held at SUNY Cortland. October 30th - November 2nd, 2008

The department will be hosting the American Philosophical Practitioners Association on August 22 - 23, 2009 for a  certification program for Philosophical Counselors.