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Women in World History

Teacher Vision (Women’s History- Teacher Resources)

Teacher Vision is dedicated to helping teachers or students k-12. This particular section focuses on women’s history. It includes slideshows, printables, references, and lesson plans. Everyone interested can gain access to some of the materials without having an account. Those looking for full access to the resources will need to pay a $49.95 fee for a one year subscription.

Women in World History
  This is a website devoted to recording the role of women in world history. The author Lyn Reese is Berkley graduate who has traveled the world researching prominent women. The website contains content information, a curriculum section specifically for teachers, biographies, primary source documents and book reviews.

Women in World History

This website is provided through George Mason University and is free to those who access it. The site provides primary sources along with reviews of the primary sources. The site also provides fourteen different learning modules on topics pertaining to women throughout world history. These modules include ideas for lessons and strategies for teaching the materials presented within the modules. There is also a section that gives sample DBQ essays and their guidelines which are printable.