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Non-Western History

African Collection

This site is created by Stanford University and contains a section called Africa South of the Sahara, Selected Internet Resources. This portal leads to a variety of websites with resources for learning about Africa. There is also a section with newspapers and current news from Africa.

Historical Atlas of the Twentieth Century

Created by a librarian, this site is a good source for maps from world history.

History of Iraq

This website offers hundreds of links and a plethora of information about the country. Browsers can easily find information on various aspects of Iraq, from its geography to present day Iraq. Browsers can also learn more about Iraq's people and their culture.

This website provides educators with resources that help in the teaching of global cultures. Under the link for resources, it includes curriculum development suggestions and resources, including lesson plans.

The Asia Society

This site provides a wealth of resources that can be used in the classroom. Under Resources for Schools, it has lesson plans, maps, readings, photos, and much more. It also contains a section with current event articles, as well as a reference area to look up any questions someone might have. One section is designed specifically for students and contains a range of activities.