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Ancient Civilizations

Ancient Greece

This site is created by University Press, Inc. Information on historical periods are organized logically and the information is easy to find.

Exploring Ancient World Cultures

This site contains a brief essay on why it is important to study ancient world history. Also included are selections on ancient China, India, the Near East, Egypt, Greece, Rome, Islam and Medieval Europe. Within each of these sections are links to more in-depth discussions on a variety of related topics such as Hammurabi's Code, literature of the times, and quizzes on related content.

Illustrated History of the Roman Empire

This site is has a broad source of content dealing with the Roman Empire. This website offers maps of the Roman Empire, an online quiz, images and chapters that divide Roman history into subjects such as Society, The Founding and Early Emperors. Some links offer a chronology when selected.

Maecenas: Images of Ancient Greece and Rome

Good site for images of what remains from Greek and Roman Civilizations. The site contains an extensive collection of photographs. Compiled and taken by Leo C. Curran.