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Progressive Era

America's Story from America's Library

This Library of Congress site provides a basic timeline of the Progressive Era, and it features stories about key individuals, events, and institutions of the period.

Cartoons of the Gilded Age and the Progressive Era

This Ohio State University site provides political cartoons on a few topics from the Progressive Era. This can be useful for practicing document-based questions.

Statue of Liberty- Ellis Island Foundation, Inc.

This site allows you to do a variety of things such as search immigration records for relatives and create your own family scrapbook. This site is also helpful because it contains five different personal stories from immigrants and a detailed timeline of immigration.

The Learning Page: The Progressive Era to the New Era-1900 to 1929

In addition to a basic introduction to the Progressive Era, this Library of Congress site offers detail and documents on topics including, but not limited to, conservation, immigration, and prohibition.

The Tenement as History and Housing

This site, created by PBS affiliate WNET, tells the story of New York City tenements and their residents, complete with photographs. It also describes the history of immigration and gives you a story of one particular building.

The Tenement Museum

New York City's Tenement Museum tells the story of working-class immigrants on the Lower East Side. The website features activities and documents for the classroom.

Women in the Progressive Era

This National Park Service website is a portal to parks where women made history. The page provides a brief history of women in the Progressive Era.