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HistoryWiz: Industrialization

This website includes links to sites with resources on the history of industrialization. It also offers a wide variety of pictures from the era that could be used in the classroom.

Illinois Labor History Society

This website proves a curriculum guide for United States labor history. It is created by James D. Brown of the Illinois History Society.

Kheel Center: Catherwood Library, Industrial Labor and Relations

The Kheel Center is a repository of primary sources in the history of industrial and labor relations and maintains a topical guide in the following areas: African American Labor, Radicals and Reactionaries, Agriculture Labor, Women and Work. Over twenty-seven million manuscript letters and documents are currently available in the Kheel Center. Online resources include a collection of labor photos and an online exhibit about the 1911 Triangle Factory Fire with primary sources and other useful resources for the classroom.

Labor History Links

This site is "the most comprehensive bibliography of information, documents and links of U.S. labor history sites on the internet." Labor historian Rosemary Feurer developed the site for the Labor and Working Class History Association. It includes bibliographies, biographies of major labor leaders, teaching resources, and links to sites with primary sources.

Like a Family: The Making of a Southern Cotton Mill World

This website explores the history of labor in the south by focusing on one cotton mill through oral history. This site was created by Dr. James Leloudis and Dr. Kathryn Walbert as a part of the American Historical Association‘s program Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age, funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Southern Labor Studies Association

The Southern Labor Studies Association provides resources for teachers by linking to pages with lesson plans or other materials useful for the classroom.

The Haymarket Affair

The Chicago History Society created this interpretive exhibit to tell the history of the Haymarket Affair, a key moment in Chicago's and the nation's labor history. For a different website that features primary sources from this event, see our Primary Sources section.

The Industrial Revolution at

This site offers many links to Industrial Revolution inventors and inventions. It offers many tools including timelines, resources, and it contains a great deal of content.

The Lemelson Center

This Smithsonian site offers a wide variety of resources on invention and innovation throughout history. It provides educational materials, video and audio clips, articles, and archives of inventions. It is a good source of primary documents and has related website links related to the Industrial Revolution.

What Did Labor Want? Organizing the Working Class, 1850-1924 index.htm

This University of Maryland website provides photographs, timelines, and a basic introduction to labor politics. In addition, it offers primary sources, newspaper coverage, and oral histories from the labor movement, including documents related to black trade unions and their leaders.