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Colonial America

A to Z Teacher Stuff: Colonial America

This site provides links to websites with worksheets and items that can be easily printed off. They also include many thorough unit and lesson plans.

Kid Info

This website is a large collection of informational links about colonial life in America. This is a great reference source for teachers looking for interesting information on the subject. There are links to statistical information, clothing, currency, origins of slavery, and a lot more. It is a large site. As a result, not all the links are of great quality, but the variety is good.

Pilgrim Hall Museum

This is the website of a museum located in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Its mission is to "educate the public about the significance of the Pilgrim experience by interpreting and preserving an evolving collection." Not only does it offer information about Thanksgiving, but it provides a window into the everyday life of a Pilgrim. The site offers documents and images of everything from Pilgrim furniture to portraits.