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U.S. Civil War

A Nation Divided
  This site chronicles many major events in the war and offers bulleted descriptions of each. It is great in helping to develop a unit plan or making sure you touch on important events. There are links to valuable maps and pictures that may be used in lessons as well.

American Civil War

This site provides a good overview of major individuals, battles, and other key aspects of the Civil War. It has well-developed biographies on the most important figures of the Civil War, along with several pictures of each individual. The section on the various battlefields is also well-developed, including histories and maps of each battlefield.

Civil War Maps
  This site is a good source of maps for the Civil War era to print and hand out to students. There are various types of maps to show which states were considered the North and the South, and other useful information. Detailed maps of various Civil War battles can be found on this page as well. The items presented on the website can be found in Civil War Maps: An Annotated List of Maps and Atlases in the Library of Congress compiled by Richard W. Stephenson in 1989.

Documents of the Civil War
  This site offers documents that pertain to the Civil War, such as Lincoln?s First Inaugural Address and the Gettysburg Address. There is also a section in this website that contains poems and songs that were relevant during this era. This site would be extremely useful for teaching, especially because it contains cultural aspects of the era.

The American Experience: Reconstruction, The Second Civil War

This PBS site is a good source for the Reconstruction time period. It has many primary source documents, pictures, and timelines. This site also contains a teacher's guide with lesson plans, and activities.

The U.S. Civil War Center

This site provides links to information regarding the Civil War, but it also includes online exhibitions and reviews of books about the Civil War.

The Valley of the Shadow: Two Communities in the American Civil War

The website chronicles two communities during the Civil War and Reconstruction -- one in Pennslyvania and one in Virginia. In addition to maps and narratives of their histories, the site provides diaries, letters, newspapers, and other primary sources.