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Blackstone's Commentaries on the Laws of England

This website, hosted by Yale University libraries, contains the Blackstone Commentaries on the Laws of England written from 1765 to 1769. It will be useful to students researching legal and English history.

Calvin College German Propaganda Archive

This excellent website includes visual and textual forms of propaganda from both the National Socialist and the Communist East German dictatorships. It will be useful for students researching Nazi German, the German Democratic Republic, communism, or the Cold War.

Cornell University Digital Witchcraft Collection

Cornell University has digitized an immense number of documents related to the witchcraft trials in medieval and early modern Europe.


EuroDocs provides a portal to a wide variety of online primary source collections. This link takes you to list of countries and time periods in Europe. You can follow the links to find primary sources from almost any country in Europe. In the German section, there is an excellent list of links for primary sources related to the Holocaust or National Socialism.

First World War

Within this site one can view a timeline of events, primary documents including diaries and memoirs, and propaganda posters. This site also includes other useful information about individual battles and descriptions of the western front as it is today.

German Federal Archive Digital Image Collection

The Bundesarchiv, or Federal Archive, has digitized many historical images and posters. Students can search by topic or time period for images. While the initial page has been translated into English, some German language skills will be useful here as you explore the database. Not all links on this website are available in both English and German. Images from the Holocaust, World War Two, and other periods of German history can be found here.

German Historical Institute

This website contains maps, images, and textual primary sources translated into English. Eventually, sources will be available for 1871 to the Present. Currently, some time periods have not been completed. Within each time period, sources are organized thematically. It will be useful for those of you researching a topic in German history, the Holocaust, or the Cold War.

German Historical Museum's Image Database

The Germany Historical Museum allows you to search for images from German history. German language skills are required to navigate this site.

German History Documents

This website, created by Dr. Richard Weikart of California State University at Stanislaus, includes a variety of primary sources translated into English. It will be useful for students researching a variety of topics in German history.

Germany Under Reconstruction

This website, created by the University of Wisconsin libraries, provides a variety of digitized documents from the period of reconstruction after World War Two. Documents from all four zones of occupation are included. In addition, documents revealing how Germans looked back on the Nazi period are also included.