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General Social Studies

EduSolution: Educational Resources

This site features Regents exam preparation and lesson plan resources. There are lesson plans and classroom techniques for teachers of every subject. The author of the website is a New York City public high school teacher Levi Anthony, who sits on the Executive Board of the New York State Council for the Social Studies.

History Teacher. Net
  This site provides an overwhelming amount of resources for teachers. Not only does the site break down information by class (Global Studies, U.S. History, Advanced Placement classes), the main page has a number of important links. There are links to major government websites and newspapers. The author of the webpage provides current events information and teaching materials.

Lesson Plans and Resources for Social Studies Teachers˜hcedu013/
  This award winning website provides lesson plans for a wide range of subjects. It also provides resources for teachers, online activities, website links to the NCSS educational standards and a curriculum framework.

National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS)
  Teachers at all levels will find this site useful because it provides curriculum guides, national standards, schedules of conferences and strategies to use when covering current affairs. The site also offers lesson plans for some of the harder to teach topics. While this site is very useful, it also contains many resources that are not available to teachers, and the membership dues are expensive.

PBS Teachers

This site is good for teachers for lesson plans, and also provides the National Standards along with the objectives! It tells teachers what skills they should be working on with their students in each grade level. It also has activities relating to different social studies topics.


This site is great for review for the Regents exam. Good tool for young teachers to find out the information that the state believes to be important for the students to learn. The site is not affiliated with the New York State Education Department, but it is a creation of the Oswego City School District Regents Exam Prep Center.

Social Studies

This site is filled with helpful information for teachers. The site has access to sites that contain old Regents exams, rubrics, sample test, and other useful tools for teachers. It is a huge time saver for creating lessons and units. The author of the website is The N.Y. State Education Department.

Teaching with Documents

This site is excellent for history teachers, as it allows them to develop Document Based Questions. It is easy to copy the document into a Word file and modify it to fit the exact lesson or activity being prepped. The author is Peter Pappas, who taught for 34 years and works with school districts to improve Social Studies education.