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General Government

Analysis and Interpretation of the U. S. Constitution: Annotations of Cases Decided by the Supreme Court of the U.S.

The Congressional Research Service Library of Congress prepares this site. It provides a copy of the Constitution. It also describes the decisions that have affected the amendments of the Constitution, and provides easy-to-understand interpretation of the document. It is an excellent source from which to copy particular articles, sections, and/or the entire Constitution.

Congress for kids

This is a good source for providing school children with general and simplified information about the U.S federal government. This is a helpful site for learning about the Constitution, the branches of government, and elections. It offers a tour of the federal government and how it works. The information is clear and concise. It also offers quizzes on each section.

Core Documents of United States Democracy
  This site has access to the cornerstone documents of American democracy, including the Constitution, Federalist Papers, and The Declaration of Independence. For each document interpretations are available. The site also offers detailed information on the three branches of government, bills, decisions etc.

  This is the United States Government Official Web Portal, with links to sites into all areas of government, applications, information, statistics etc. It breaks down the three branches and enumerates their individual powers.

Information on the House of Representatives
  This site provides a wide array of information pertaining to the U.S. House of Representatives including: bills currently on the floor, a schedule of hearings, past bills, and information on how the House of Representatives operates. One can also do a committee search, and find particular representatives listed by name and state.

Information on the Presidency and the White House

This site provides a large amount of information on the office of the president, past presidents, the current administration, and the White House. There are biographies of each president and First Lady, 360-degree video tours of the White House, and articles on art, architecture, and daily life in the White House.

Information on the Senate
  This site is useful for information pertaining to the U.S. Senate, including names of and contact information for all current senators, a list of all the committees and current articles from each, a history of the Senate, an organizational chart of the power structure relationships in the Senate, a bill search option, and a glossary of terms.

National Constitution Center

This is the website for the newly opened National Constitution Center in Philadelphia. There is a section with educational resources and lesson plan ideas concerning the Constitution. The site also offers links to others websites covering similar historical and educational topics.

The Avalon Project at Yale Law School

This site provides legal and government documents from throughout history. It includes many key U.S. documents such as the Madison Papers and the Constitution.

The Library of Congress Thomas Legislative Information on the Internet
  This site is an excellent reference on the U.S. government, as well as an exhaustive resource on any other social studies topic. This includes historical documents, current legislation, and information on how Congress makes laws.