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General Geography

CIA the World Factbook

This website provides important information on all of the countries in the world. Some of this information includes the country’s flag, pictures of the country,  information on their system of government, information on their military, and international disputes the country is facing. There are many maps that are useful for Power Points or to print out for students. This site can be very useful for students who have to do research on nations around the world.

National Geographic

This website is a great source for maps and current events resources. It also has a link to "History and Culture" that contains fantastic photos that can be used to supplement lessons. There is also a link, within the education section of the website, to lesson plans based on the National Geography Standards.

The Association of American Geographers

The AAG provides educational materials in its Education section.

The National Council for Geographic Education (NCGE)

This site provides the national standards for teaching geography.

U.S. State Maps and Quizzes
  The site provides a great source of U.S. state maps and information. By clicking on an individual state a map comes up highlighting a variety of information pertaining to that state. Each map also includes a state quiz. The site is part of a larger site entitled by the Enchanted Learning Software Company.