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General Education

Anti-Plagiarism Website
  This website is dedicated to combating plagiarism. It explains what constitutes plagiarism, how to spot it, how to properly cite sources and the importance of copyright laws. There is also a nine-question quiz where you are given examples of writing and students can determine whether plagiarism has occurred or not.

Ed Helper Now

This site is a great tool in creating informational games on certain subject areas, which could be used in the classroom or as a homework assignment. This site allows for teachers to create such activities much faster than it would take otherwise. The authors of Ed-Helper are teachers who designed a website with many creative ideas for teaching various topics.

Education World: The Educator's Best Friend

This site offers a wide array of resources useful to teachers. There are lesson plans, ideas for teaching holiday topics, and a lesson plan of the day. The site goes on with technology tips, current events ideas, subject content as well as classroom management issues.

NOVA Online Teachers Site
  This website is great for both current events and historical information. It allows teachers to watch current programming and tie that into class lectures by using This Week's Teacher's Guide. Teachers are also able to find historical information and lesson planning ideas. For technology ready classroom, the site allows for some videos to be viewed online. The site also provides a Weekly E-Mail Bulletin, which allows teachers to receive updates. The site is organized, user-friendly and provides great resources for teachers and students.

Oswego City School District
  This site is a good source for looking at New York State standards and curriculum for grade K-12. The site also offers standardized test prep and Regents test preps. Very easy headings for teachers and students to use. Despite the fact that it is a district website, it provides great educational resources and links to other websites.

This publisher's website is an award-winning portal for school-based professionals including teachers, administrators, and librarians. offers lesson plans and lesson ideas for all grades and all subjects. There are also online activities and teaching strategies for educators.


"TeachersFirst" provides a portal to web resources useful for teachers at all grade levels.

TeAchnology: A Web Portal for Educators is a great time-saver for teachers of all grade levels. The site contains lesson plans and teacher resources as well as a rubric, worksheet and classroom management generator. Just input your data and the website will automatically format these documents for you. Crafts, worksheets, lesson plans, teaching tools and curriculum materials are only a fraction of what this site offers.

The Educators Reference Desk

This is a good source of education information for all ages. It provides links to issues such as family life, subjects, and teaching. Furthermore, the site has tabs for access to lesson plans, a question archive and the ERIC database. The site is founded by the Information Institution of Syracuse.

The New York Times Learning Network
  This site provides information for teachers including the latest news in the field of education. This site also contains ideas for lesson plans, a lesson plan archive and other classroom activities. The website includes a site guide, ideas for discussing current events in the classroom and links to other online resources.