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General Economics


This website, created by the Council for Economic Education, is designed to assist teachers in economics by providing detailed and approved lesson plans as well as cyber lessons, web links, current events, data, and tools to help teachers search for economic lessons and articles on the internet.

Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco's website provides valuable resources about the central bank of the United States. It provides current articles as well as teacher resources and student activities on the subject of the monetary system and economics.

Foundation for Teaching Economics: Lesson Plans

This site offers award-winning lesson plans on economic topics. There is also a section on economic forces in American History, which offers background on the development of our economic system.

National Council on Economic Education

The National Council on Economic Education website helps students and educators learn about economics and the changing global economy. Items that are available for use include programs, items, information on the origins of NCEE, links to state councils and universities, and the contributors to the website. It also includes highlights such as AP Economics prep and lesson plans.

Resources for Teaching Economics˜delemeeg/games/
  This site offers different games you can use to teach economics. This site contains hundreds of games that can be incorporated into the classroom. The site is an excellent resource for teachers trying to break away from traditional lecture classes.

The Stock Market Game
  The Stock Market Game website is designed to help students learn about the stock market and how investing works in a global economy. Access is limited because it is designed for students and teachers who register, but it gives an overview of the site, as well as needed computer specifications for use of the system. The students are able to act as investors and to develop portfolios, manage budgets, and make crucial decisions to sell, buy, or hold stocks and investments. The site is well-maintained.