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This compilation of websites is meant for both secondary-level history teachers and college students conducting primary-source research. The categories are divided into two sections. Most categories in the menu are geared toward teachers of history and secondary-level social studies, though sites on general education topics are included as well. The sites found here will provide maps, general historical narratives, online museum exhibits, and classroom materials such as lesson plans. Many of these sites will have a few primary sources as well.

Down below you will find a section of websites (organized by continent) devoted largely to primary sources. These are websites that provide extensive primary sources that could be used for in-depth research on a particular topic. For instance, SUNY Cortland students in HIS 290 or HIS 490 might find these sites useful.

Initial contributions were selected and reviewed by teacher candidates in SUNY Cortland’s Adolescence Education Social Studies, and organized and edited by Graduate Assistant Amanda Koski. Further additions and edits have been made by Assistant Professor Scott Moranda and Graduate Assistant Alison Cleary with contributions from Social Studies students and SUNY Cortland faculty.