Department Award Winners

Every year, the History Department honors its top students. Outstanding student teachers (as demonstrated and observed in the classroom) receive the Frank A. Burdick Award for Outstanding Student Teaching. The graduating senior social studies or history major with the highest overall grade point average receives the Walter S. Hanchett Award. The junior history or social studies major with the highest overall grade point average receives the Leonard F. Ralston Award. Other top student teachers receive awards for Excellence in Student Teaching.

This year, we added four new awards to recognize students for their achievements in historical research and writing. Students write longer research papers in HIS 290 (Historical Methods) and HIS 490 (Senior Research Seminar). Members of the faculty judge top papers from these two courses to determine the award winners.

At the Spring 2014 Department Awards Ceremony, the following students received awards.


Walter S. Hanchett Award:   

Hannah Greene 

Leonard F. Ralston Award: 

Kevin Gross 

Outstanding Paper in Historical Methods

Hannah Greene

Honorable Mention in Historical Methods

Steve Fernandez 

Outstanding Senior Seminar Paper

Sarah Talbot

Honorable Mention for Senior Seminar Paper

Ilana McConville 

Frank A. Burdick Awards for Outstanding Student Teaching: 

Melissa Howard

Excellence in Student Teaching:

Ryan Aldrich

Elena Almer

Brice Billard

Andrew Cappiello

Kevin Flynn

Luke Graney

Jeffrey Kravitz

Stephanie Hopkins

Gina Loiacono

Paige McCarthy

Ilana McConville

Jessica Ryan

Lauren Scotti

Megan Sloan

Sarah Talbot

Trisha Thomas

Excellence in Latino & Latin American Studies Award

Lauren Scotti

All College Writers Award

Jonathan Herr

Melissa Howard

Department Paper Awards Finalists

Joseph Barbella

Charlotte Freed

Stephanie Hopkins

Melissa Howard