Community Health

Healthcare Management

Human Service Studies


  • Fieldwork Manual

Pre-Fieldwork Placement Planning

  • Application for Fieldwork Placement
  • Prior Felony Inquiry (to be submitted with Fieldwork Application)
  • Meeting Schedule and Application Due Dates
  • Planning your Fieldwork Placement
  • Community Health Clinical Agencies & Non-Clinical Agencies
  • Community Health Agencies in Belize
  • Prior Fieldwork Placements located in other states and countries, both clinical and non-clinical
  • Projects Abroad
  • Health Department Process for Completing HLH. 499 Abroad

Forms During Fieldwork

  • First Week Form
  • Absence Request
  • Mid-semester Evaluation
  • Final Evaluation
  • Overall Final Appraisal
  • College Supervisor Evaluation– Agency Form
  • College Supervisor Evaluation – Student Form

Fieldwork Project Examples

  • Sample Project Report 1
  • Sample Project Report 2
  • Sample Project Report 3