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Writing Fellows Student Access

Writing Fellow's Student Information

Who may apply?

Graduate students and undergraduate students who have completed first year courses may apply.

Application procedure

Students must submit letters of recommendation from two faculty members.  They must also provide a current CAPP report and two academic essays, at least four pages each, that represent their best writing. A brief interview is required.  Students who are selected as Writing Fellows must attend a one hour per week training course during their first semester of Fellowing.


Fellows receive a stipend for working with 20-25 students for approximately 60 hours per semester.  The program is funded by the Provost’s office.


Students who are assigned as Writing Fellows have the following responsibilities:

  • Meet with your faculty member before each assignment to learn his/her expectations.
  • Write comments on each paper before meeting with each student.  Use the comments to guide your conference.
  • After each conference, complete progress notes for each student.
  • Submit comments and progress notes to the program coordinator after each writing assignment.
  • Meet with your faculty member after each assignment to discuss how successfully the students fulfilled the assignment.
  • Meet with the program coordinator throughout the semester as instructed.
  • Deliver student questionnaires and complete the Writing Fellows questionnaire at the end of the semester. 

Benefits of being a Writing Fellow

Fellows have the opportunity to develop their own writing and interpersonal communication skills as a result of taking the training and tutoring other students. They can list these accomplishments on the resumes they send to potential employers or to graduate school admissions committees.  Other benefits are working closely with a faculty member who may be willing to write a letter of recommendation and performing a college service for its intrinsic value as well as for resume reporting purposes.

Writing Fellows Coordinator

Direct inquiries to Linda Rosekrans, Learning Commons Writing Center, Memorial Library.