College Writing Contest

Each year, the College Writing Committee presents awards for outstanding undergraduate and graduate student writing in seven categories:

  •  The Kathy Lattimore Prize for Academic Writing
  • The Collin Anderson Prize for Creative Nonfiction
  • Academic Writing from a CPN (Composition) Class
  • Fiction (short stories, scripts)
  • Poetry
  • Media (websites, blogs, videos)
  • Non-course Writing (writing in any of the above genres that did not originate in a SUNY Cortland course)


Preference is given to writing assigned in SUNY Cortland courses taken in the calendar year of the contest. Papers written for classes taken between January 2014 and December 2014 are eligible for the 2014 contest. Students may also submit writing that did not originate in a course taken at Cortland, but the committee offers only one generic award for non-course writing. All entries are judged on the basis of originality, clarity, organization, development, and editing.


First place winners receive a cash prize of $100. They have their writing published in a booklet, and they present it at the annual Transformations: A Student Research and Creativity Conference.


We encourage submissions by writers in all majors and at all levels of study. Entries may be submitted by professors or by students themselves. The contest deadline is Friday, December 19, 2014

Students should submit electronic entries only and follow the guidelines below:

  • Type the entry in Word format.
  • Type your ID number on the competition paper itself, but do not type your name on it.
  • Attach your entry to an email message in which the you has provided your name and ID number, the title of the submission, the category of the writing (e.g., academic writing, fiction, creative nonfiction), the course for which the paper was written, and the name of the course professor.
  • Send the message and attachment to

Students may submit multiple submissions in one or more genres; however, each entry must be sent as a separate attachment to an email message. 

For additional information, contact Laura J. Davies at

Contest Winners


Short Stories

Not Here
Collin Anderson 

The Lifestyle of the Visually Impaired
Brenna Filipello

Narcissistic Personality Disorder in Willa Cather?s “Paul?s Case”
Sarah Kane

An untitled piece of science fiction
Amie Whitlock

Lauren Menchini

I Feel It in My Teeth, and Hers, and Hers Too
James Reardon





Robot Music (for people with robot ears)
Brooke Alden Hoffman

Creative Nonfiction

The Butterfly Snatcher
Michael DeVito


A Story About--
Kaitlyn Curtis

Academic Writing

“The light she helped kindle”: Revisiting Emma Hart Willard and the Troy Female Seminary, 1822-1844
Michael Read

 Homework Help
Victoria McGahan

Yevgeny Zamyatin’s We and the Fallacies of Logic in Utopia

Andrew Hamilton




Dust mite discotheque
On Anosmia
Joseph Tutko

Creative Non-Fiction

A Complicated Decision
Erica Brazee

Snapshot: Quick Like a Bunny
Jennifer Ondrako

Short Story

Chasing Satan
Joyce Hansen

Flower of the Field
Krista Merry

Academic Writing

Visual Arts: Effective Means to Enhance Creative Writing Quality
Karen Randle

Needle Exchange Programs: Making a Risky Behavior Safer
Kimberly K. Swan


Creative Nonfiction

My Remington Summer
Savanna Kucerak

Before the Land Was Ours
Jerome M. Degan

The Chess Queen
Diana Gallagher


Concealed Manifesto: A Compilation of Life's Experiences
Philip Bolton Jr.

Research Essay

Finding the Freedoms of Contemporary Free Verse
Allison Porzio


Creative Nonfiction

The Frustrated Dance
Diana Gallagher

Mine to Wander
Amanda Smith

Academic Writing

The British Empire: Catalyst for the Demise of the Zulu Kingdom
Sara Housworth


Where Can I Find the Local Fishmonger
Paul Murray


Maybe I Am . . .
Paul Murray


Creative Nonfiction

Notebook of an Agitator
Don Unger

Academic Writing

Chaucer's "The Miller's Tale" and The Jerry Springer Show: Cheap Laughs, Great Ratings, and Sexual Deviation
Jacqueline Deal

The Trojan Horse Incident
Judd D. Olshan


You Can Never Be Too Rich or Too Dim
Don Unger


Onward: Poetry for the New Millennium
When You're Poor, Life is Punctuated by Pounding

Don Unger


Creative Nonfiction

Dental Malocclusion in Oryctolagus Ciniculus
Lesczyk Krempel

To My Grandmother, the Renegade
Sarah Delarco

The Ghost of Morgan
Tanja Jackisch

Coming Out Crip
Lesczyk Kremple

Academic Writing

Understanding Child Development: Building Effective Teaching Practice
Gerry Ponterio

Mare Reproductive Loss Syndrome
Tina Cooman

Trajan's Markets
Arlette Prothin


Creative Nonfiction

For Leah Camille
Brooke O'Connor

Dark Glory
Mario Hernandez

Getting To Know Myself
Karen E. Gordon


Baby Doll
Les Krempel

Academic Writing

Writing Assessment: Grading to Writing Environments with Portfolio Assessment
Scott D. Stratton

A Woman Not Fit for Our Society: Social Order, Gender and Authority in Late 17th-Century Boston
Adam Brechner

Rent: Reinventing the Musical Genre Through the Limitations of Representation
Rori Nogee

Molecules That Affect Megakaryocyte Development
Sheila Akinyi


Academic Writing

Virginia Woolf's Communist Manifesto for the Soul
Johnny Woodnal

Grandfather's Journey-Views from the Immigrant Path
Susan Evans Pond

Rethinking Contemporary Criticism of Uncle Tom's Cabin: Unraveling the Myth of Transparency
Veronica Margrave