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Writing Fellow's Faculty Page

Writing Fellow's Faculty Information

How to apply for a Fellow 

Faculty who are interested in the assistance of a Writing Fellow for the next semester  may apply by filling out the request form:

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How to recommend a student as a Fellow

A faculty member must complete this required form in order to recommend a student:

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What to expect from your Fellow

Writing Fellows will read drafts of papers and give students one-on-one assistance with their revisions.  Fellows can give advice on organization and grammar, but cannot give instruction on subject matter content, nor will they discuss grades.

Faculty responsibilities 

Faculty who are assigned a Writing Fellow are expected to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Meet with the coordinator of the program before being assigned a Fellow.
  • Require at least two papers (minimum of three pages each) written for a grade.
  • Be willing to require all students in your class to participate fully in the Writing Fellows program and assign a grade penalty for students who refuse.
  • Meet with your Writing Fellow before each set of conferences to discuss your assignments and expectations. 
  • Meet with your Fellow after the papers have been graded to discuss how successfully the students fulfilled the assignment.
  • Administer a student questionnaire at the end of the semester and fill out a faculty questionnaire.

It is generally helpful to make it clear to your students that they are expected to work with the Fellow outside of class.  The Fellow needs to have the drafts at least a week before conferences are scheduled, and the students will need at least a week after the conferences to complete their revisions.  Ideally, Fellowing requirements should be clearly laid out in the syllabus.

Writing Fellows Coordinator

Direct inquiries to Linda Rosekrans, Learning Commons Writing Center, Memorial Library. Feel free to contact me at

Classes that had benefitted from Writing Fellows


PSY 231Child  Psychology

SHH 370 Disorders of  Articulation and Language

EDU 471 Foundations    of Modern Education

HIS 313/AAS 336 The African American Experience: 1865-present

PSY 482 Senior   Seminar

ENG 325 American Literature Before 1900

FSA 400 School in American Society

BIO 514 Mammalian Physiology

HLH 494 Assessment and Evaluation of Health Programs

SPE 650 Autism Spectrum Disorders

PHI 382 Marxist Philosophy

HLH 163 The HIV Epidemic

SPE 630 Understanding the Learner with Disabilities

FSA 210 Principles of Inclusive Education