Thesis Process

MA in English Thesis Planning Timeline

First Year of Program

  • ENG 672 – this course provides the theoretical background that will enable you to recognize and exploit your analytical perspective.

Between 6 and 15 credits

  • Apply for Candidacy for the Master’s Degree
    • Must be formally admitted to MA program (all pre-grad requirements met) 
    • Must have completed at least six department approved graduate courses with a grade of B or better
    • Must have cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better
    • Form is online and should be completed and submitted to Graduate Coordinator

15 Credits – or the summer before you hope to graduate

Penultimate Semester

  • Lighten course load to make room for thesis work.
  • Early in the term: Get prospectus approved by thesis advisor.
  • Once you have found a primary reader who has agreed to work with you on the prospectus, revise the prospectus under your reader’s guidance.
  • End of Term – Submit the prospectus to the graduate coordinator.
  • Start working on your thesis.

Ultimate Semester

  • Lighten course load to make room for thesis work.
  • Enroll in ENG 687, Thesis Writing.
  • Research, write, consult, revise.
  • Submit the completed thesis at least 2 months prior to your anticipated graduation.
  • Complete the Master’s Thesis Cover Sheet (See Grad Handbook for details)
  • Get thesis advisor to sign completed form.
  • Submit form to Graduate Coordinator.
  • Prepare thesis for library binding.