Thesis Binding

English Department M.A. Thesis Submission Guidelines

SUNY Cortland Memorial Library serves as a liaison between the author of the thesis and the bindery. The College maintains a collection of theses written by its students to preserve the scholarship of SUNY Cortland.

Requirements for Copies

The College requires 3 paper copies (2 of which will need to be bound) and 1 electronic copy of the thesis, as follows: 

  • 2 for the library (1 for binding and 1 electronic copy)
  • 1 for the department (a bound copy)
  • 1 for the advisor (a permanent unbound hard copy for your advisement file)

Electronic copies should be in either WORD or PDF format and should be submitted via email attachment to the English M.A. coordinator:

A signed “Permission to Copy” release form should also be submitted.

Format Requirements:

For best binding quality, margins should be set at 1.25” and text should be printed on good quality 25% cotton bond, acid free paper.

Each bound copy needs to be collated in this order:

  • blank sheet of paper
  • title page (see the attached example)
  • a signature page          

The signature page must be signed by the thesis advisor and the MA coordinator before the thesis is dropped off at the library for binding.  

The signature page should contain the following information:

Master of Arts Thesis, English Department

SUNY Cortland

Student Signature:   _______________________

Thesis Title:  ____________________________

Thesis Advisor:   _________________________

MA Coordinator:  ________________________

  • blank page
  • text of the thesis

It is the student’s responsibility to deliver the thesis to the library for binding. Theses should be delivered to Maaike Oldeman in room 236 of the Memorial Library. Theses are bound as received. Neither the Library nor the Bindery proofread submissions.


  • Each thesis is $19.75 per copy.
  • Price is determined by the bindery and is subject to change.  To confirm charges, contact Maaike Oldemans, Technical Services Librarian, at 607-753-2227 or by e-mail at
  • Payment by check is due at the time of binding. Make checks payable to SUNY Cortland Memorial Library.

Additional Information: An author can submit additional copies to be bound for personal distribution. Theses are bound in black buckram with gold lettering. The title is printed on the front cover and the author’s name appears vertically on the spine.

Turn-around time:  Bindery runs on a four-week schedule, meaning bindery items are shipped in bulk once every month. The Technical Services Librarian will notify all authors when theses have been returned from bindery. It is the author’s responsibility to pick up and distribute theses upon return from the bindery.  

Master’s Thesis Cover Sheet

The unbound copy for your advisement file should include a cover sheet with the following information:

  • Your Name
  • Title of Your Thesis  
  • Name of Thesis Supervisor
  • Submission of Thesis Date

You must also complete the “Master’s Thesis Registration of Completion Form” below.

[Sample Title Page]




“that queer air of sociability”:  Cultural Anxiety and Queering in James’s

The Aspern Papers




Ashley Rose Abbott



A Thesis

Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements

For the Master of Arts in English



Department of English, School of Arts and Sciences





May 2014




[Sample Signature Page]



Master of Arts Thesis, English Department

SUNY Cortland



Student Signature: ______________________________________________________________

Thesis Title:  __________________________________________________________________

Thesis Advisor’s Signature: ______________________________________________________

MA Coordinator’s Signature:  ____________________________________________________


                                                                                                                                                                  English Department





Master’s Thesis

Registration of Completion

Department of English


Instructions: Upon successful completion of the master’s thesis, the student will complete this form and file it with the Graduate MA Coordinator of English.  The title of the master’s thesis registered on this form should be exactly as it appears on the thesis.  After the form is completed and signed, a copy will be sent to the Registrar’s Office so that the thesis title can be recorded on the student’s official transcript; a copy will also be send to the Associate Dean of Arts and Sciences.


Student ID Number: C00_____________________________



                   Last                                      First                                          Middle Initial


Permanent Mailing Address: ___________________________________________________






Title of Master’s Thesis: _______________________________________________________








Thesis Director’s Signature: ____________________________________________________


Graduate Coordinator’s Signature: _______________________________________________


Date: ____________________________________





Permission to Copy




I grant The State University of New York College at Cortland the non-exclusive right to use this work for the University’s own purposes and to make single copies of the work available to the public on a not-for-profit basis if copies are not otherwise available.





Signature                                                                                                        Date



Print Name

Checklist—MA Thesis Preparation


Instructions for Final Draft



  I have produced three paper copies (two of which will be bound) and one electronic copy.


  The two copies for binding are printed with 1.25-inch margins on 25% cotton-bond, acid-free paper.  They are assembled as follows:


  • Blank sheet of paper
  • Title page
  • Signature page
  • Blank page
  • Text of thesis  (Please remember to number your pages.)


   The third paper copy has been provided to the MA coordinator for placement in my permanent advisement file and is accompanied by a “Master’s Thesis Registration of Completion” form.


   The electronic copy (in WORD or PDF) has been provided to the MA coordinator in an e-mail attachment.


   I have collected signatures from my thesis advisor and the MA coordinator for the signature page.


   After collecting signatures, I have delivered the two copies for binding to the library, room 236, along with the “Permission to Copy” form and a check made payable to SUNY Cortland Memorial Library.  (Bound copies are $19.75 each.)


  I acknowledge that it will take approximately one month before bound copies are returned to the library from the bindery and that it will be my responsibility to pick up and distribute theses when they are ready.