Transfer Students

1. SUNY Cortland grants the maximum number of transfer credits possible for courses completed at other accredited colleges. The following guidelines and policies apply to transfer credit evaluation:

Transfer students may receive up to 64 hours of transfer credit from two-year colleges. This maximum credit total includes any 100- or 200-level courses, Advanced Placement, College Level Examination Program, College Proficiency or International Baccalaureate credits. Transfer students from four-year colleges or universities may receive additional credits toward degree requirements at Cortland — up to 79 credits in arts and sciences programs, and up to 83 credits in certification programs. A minimum of 45 hours of course work as well as half of the major, minor and/or concentration must be completed in residency at Cortland to earn a Cortland bachelor’s degree. For more information, visit the Transfer Students Process page.

2. Students transferring into the teacher certification program (Speech and Language Disabilities—SLD) at the junior level will be required to spend an extra semester (a total of five semesters) at SUNY Cortland to satisfy all degree requirements. Four semesters are required for transfers in the non-certification major (Speech and Hearing Science—SHS).