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Regina B. Grantham
Professional Studies Building Main office: Room 2201 Cortland, NY 13045
Phone: 607-753-5423
Fax: 607-753-5940

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Undergraduate Courses

Graduate Courses

Guidelines for Course Sequencing


Composition requirement
Foreign language
General Education (9-12 cr.)
HLH 110 Personal and Community Health, or
HLH 199 Workshops in Drug Studies
COR 101 The Cortland Experience
SHH 270 Introduction to Communication Disorders
SHH 280 Phonetics


Foreign language
General Education (9-12 cr.)
Math course
SHH 281 Speech Science
SHH 283 Introduction to Hearing Science (SHS only)
SHH 300 Normal Language Development
SHH 370 Articulation and Language Disorders - WI
SHH 371 Voice and Fluency
ENG 201 Introduction to Language Study
PSY 101 General Psychology


Foreign language, if needed
General Education (9-12 cr.)
SHH 360 Teaching Children with Limited English Proficiency
SHH 383 Basic Audiology
SHH 475 Technology in Communication Disorders
SHH 477 Clinical Procedures
SHH 480 Clinical Practicum I
SHH 481 Clinical Practicum II (2 credits)
SHH 483 Aural Rehabilitation 
Psychology elective (normal development)


General Education (any remaining)
PSY 332 Education Psychology
SHH 473 Neuropathologies of Speech and Language 
EDU 496 Organization of Speech and Hearing Programs in the Schools
EDU 488 Student Teaching in Speech and Hearing

* Non-Certification (SHS)

For the non-certification program, the above serves as a general guide, with starred courses omitted
and PSY/MAT 201 or CAP 100 taken during the junior or senior year

Liberal Arts Credit


The bachelor's of science degree requires 60 credits of courses designated *Liberal Arts Credits.*