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Regina B. Grantham
Professional Studies Building Main office: Room 2201 Cortland, NY 13045
Phone: 607-753-5423
Fax: 607-753-5940

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Course Detail

EDU 596 - Organization of Speech/Language/Hearing Programs in the Schools

Historical, social and legal foundation for establishing and providing speech/language/hearing services within the curricula of different school settings. Emphasis on legal and professional concerns including eligibility issues for the Individualized Family Service Plan and Individualized Education Plan; the impact of language-based learning disabilities on classroom performance, particularly reading and writing, curricular development and instructional planning strategies for various populations, differentiated instruction within the classroom, classroom/behavioral management and the role of ASHA in the schools. Applying concepts to specific cases and employing collaboration with parents and other school based professionals are addressed. Not open to those having credit for EDU 496.

(3 cr. hr.)

Frequency code B = offered at least once per year
Additional frequency code descriptions can be found in the Terminology Guide.